Conos mainly live around Sinanpaşa neighborhood. Although some were family entertainment places, pavyons mostly functioned as adult entertainment clubs, similar to hostess clubs of Japan, with live music, usually two-storey, a stage and a lounge with tables lined up at the main floor and private rooms at the upper floor.

The influence of Mamluk architecture is visible.

In swimming, Erdal Acet of Adana Demirspor is a prominent figure in Adana, who broke the record of swimming Canal La Manche (English Channel) in 9 hours and 2 minutes in 1976. Thus, metropolitan council consists of 35 councilors, ten from Seyhan district, eight from Yüreğir, eight from Çukurova, six from Sarıçam, two from Karaisalı and the metropolitan mayor who is elected directly by the voters. The city currently has no car-free squares or streets other than a few narrow ones. A link brought me to the real page of a real Italian city in Sicily. 38010 Andalo, Italy +390461585836 +390461585570 E-Mail senden.

Without even investigating any falsity of the rumor, the military commander Mustafa Remzi Pasha directed soldiers, together with the bashi-bazouks, towards Armenian quarters and for three days; shot people, destroyed buildings and burned down Christian neighborhoods.

At the festival in 2011, 461 artists from 17 ensembles (10 local and 7 international) performed plays on the stage at the Sabancı Cultural Center. Kizzuwatna (free) 1500s–1420s

[32] At the course of Armenian Genocide, the death rate of the roughly 25,000 Adana Armenians that were deported through out 1915, were a lot lower than the deportees from other regions due to three main factors: No reports of direct killings in and around the city, a portion being deported to Damascus area and having money with them to manage their lives on the way and after arriving to their designated locations.

After a short time under the Ptolemaic dominion, Seleucid Empire took control of the region in 312 BC. 512 species of plants exist in the arboretum.[89]. In women's football, Adana İdmanyurduspor competes in the First Football League, and plays their home games at the Gençlik Stadium.

Many national newspapers have their regional publishing centers in Adana. Wheelchair basketball clubs, Adana Engelliler and Martı Engelliler appear in the first division of the Turkish Wheelchair Basketball League, both playing their home games at the Serinevler Sports Hall. Two irrigation channels in the city flow to the plain, passing through the city center from east to west. Anatolius is mentioned in a letter of Saint John Chrysostom.

[65], Adana is the marketing and distribution center for Çukurova agricultural region, where cotton, wheat, corn, soy bean, barley, grapes and citrus fruits are produced in great quantities. The Bishop Paulinus participated in the First Council of Nicaea in 325. There are 282 public and 12 private primary schools which pupils attend from grades 1 to 8. Bilingual inscriptions of the ninth and eighth centuries found in Mopsuestia were written in hieroglyphic Luwian and Phoenician. Çukobirlik, Turkey's largest producer co-operative, has 36,064 producer members in ten provinces and services from planting to marketing of cotton, peanut, soybean, sunflower and canola.

The uncertain loyalty of the Syennessis during the rebellion of Cyrus the Younger led Artaxerxes II to abolish the Syennesis administration and replace it with a centrally appointed satrap. An estimated 2,000 families of Crypto-Armenians live in Adana, identifying themselves as Arabs, Kurds or Alevis for the last century. [49] Encümen, the executive committee, consists of ten members, five being metropolitan councilors and the other five are the directors at the metropolitan hall who are appointed to the Encümen by the metropolitan mayor.[50]. Semi-democratic provincial governing body, Adana Province Special Administration, has minor powers, dealing mainly with construction and maintenance of primary schools, daycares and other state buildings and some level of social services.

The museum also exhibits the works that were excavated from Misis Tumulus.[93]. Ali Munif immediately deported 250 families from Adana who were accused of insurrection and executed many Armenians daily at Kuruköprü Square. Armenian Principality of Cilicia 1132–1137 (Turkish)", "ÇÜ'de, 2 bin kişilik kültür ve kongre merkezi temeli atıldı (Turkish)", "Adana Ticaret Borsası Tarihçe (Turkish)", "Adana Otel Yatırımcılarının Yeni Gözdesi Oldu", "Adana Tarım Fuarı'na 20 Ülkeden Katılımcı Geliyor", "Türkiye'nin en büyük 500 sanayi kuruluşu arasına Adana'dan sadece 11 firma girdi (Turkish)", "1990'larda kimine göre 2.5 milyon, kimine göre 4.5 milyon Kürt göç ettirildi. Merkez Park (Central Park) is a 33-hectare urban park that is located on both banks of Seyhan river, just north of Sabancı Mosque.

The major ethnic groups in Adana are the Turks, Arabs and Kurds. A rapid bus skips the smaller towns and leads to Catania directly over the highway. The city was hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake (1998 Adana–Ceyhan earthquake) on 27 June 1998. Around 950, the Arab Musa occupied the city of Centuripe and its vicinity, and thenceforth Adrano became part of the emirate of Sicily. Seyhan district is fully within the city limits whereas Yüreğir, Çukurova and Sarıçam districts have rural areas outside the city.

Adana lies in the heart of Cilicia, a distinct geo-cultural region, at a time, was one of the most important regions of the classical world by being crossroads for religions and civilizations. Leitlinien für einen unbeschwerten und entspannten Aufenthalt. [33] A truce arranged on May 28 between the French and the Kemalists, led to the retreat of the French forces south of the Mersin-Osmaniye railroad.

[17][18] No longer a residential bishopric, Adana is today listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see.[19]. The French forces were spread too thinly in Cilicia and the villages that were repatriated came under withering attacks by Turkish Kuva-yi Milliye. The estates and soils of the region were subject to immense disputes between several landowners and noblemen in the following time until the 15th century.

The famous Teatro Bellini (Bellini theatre) dates from that time and testifies to the various diversifications the city underwent in that very period. Abbasid Caliphate 756–965 Recently opened Optimum Outlet is the first mall east of the river and is also the closest to the city center. There is another canal for irrigating the Yüreğir plain to the southeast of the city. There is a tiny community of Roman Catholics and a few Jewish families. Professional volleyball club Adana Toros was promoted to the top flight of the Turkish Men's Volleyball League on 12 April 2016 at the play-off finals in Bursa. Radish salad with tahini is popular and it is found only in the Çukurova region. It remained as the capital of the Ramadanid Emirate until 1608, and then the regional center for the Ottoman Empire, Turkey and shortly for the French Cilicia.

The first traces of settlement in the quarter of Tepebağ, can be traced to the neolithic age. Adana was a Christian bishopric, a suffragan of the metropolitan see of Tarsus, but was raised to the rank of autocephalous archdiocese after 680, the year in which its bishop appeared as a simple bishop at the Third Council of Constantinople, but before its listing in a 10th-century Notitiae Episcopatuum as an archdiocese. Around the same time began the construction of the Monastero di Santa Lucia (Monastery of St Lucy). Adana State Theater opened its stage in 1981 at the Sabancı Cultural Center. [88] Owing to the warm climate, parks and gardens are open all year long without the need of winter maintenance. 1000 craftsmen, state officers and the army personnel were exempted from deportations with their families. Adana ASKİ are the major clubs in Women's Pro-Basketball—both performing in the Turkish Women's Basketball League (TKBL).
One of the famous sweets of Turkey called "Sweet Sausage" originated from Adana.

This page was last edited on 21 June 2020, at 00:51. The park has the tomb of Çoban Dede, a wise man from Karslı Village. One of the famous sweets of Turkey called "Sweet Sausage" originated from Adana. Hürriyet publishes a supplement paper, Hürriyet Çukurova, the most popular regional newspaper, that has circulation of 48,000. First known people living in Adana and the surrounding area were the Luwians. Costs and difficulties associated with the repatriation process, growing Arab nationalism in Syria mandate, forced French High Commissioners to meet with Turkish leader, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, several times in late 1919 and early 1920 which resulted in halting the deployment of extra forces to Cilicia. The city of Adana is mostly flat and the warm weather makes it convenient for all year cycling and walking. He was forced to surrender by the garrison in Adana upon receiving assurances of his personal safety. Shots were fired to the tents that soldiers set at the campground, and a rumor immediately spread that the Armenians had opened fire from a church tower. The streets around Ziyapaşa and the streets of northern Adana, Özal, Demirel and Evren boulevards also have high-end shops.

Für Kunsteisläufer, Hockeyspieler oder Sonntags-Eisläufer, die sich eine Stunde lang vergnügen wollen, steht die neue Eissporthalle innerhalb des komplett ausgestatteten Sportzentrums zur Verfügung. [20] Byzantines defended the region from encroaching Islamic Caliphates throughout the 7th century CE, but it was finally conquered in 704 by the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik. As of 2008[update], Adana has 11 companies in Turkey's top 500 industrial firms. Egypt Eyalet 1833–1840 ADANO: AN AMERICAN EXPERIMENT OF GOOD INTENTIONS In the climax of World War II, the most atrocious military conflict in human history, when the European continent was torn between two belligerent camps, Adano was just a tiny spot on the map. 508-509, "Superficie di Comuni Province e Regioni italiane al 9 ottobre 2011", "Popolazione Residente al 1° Gennaio 2018",, Municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Catania, Populated places established in the 1st millennium BC, Municipalities of the Province of Catania, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Italian-language text, Pages using infobox settlement with image map1 but not image map, Articles containing Sicilian-language text, Articles with dead external links from May 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Transit Corporation runs the metro and the municipal buses. Adana is one of the first industrialized cities, as well as one of the economically developed cities of Turkey. To form a Thughūr on the Byzantine frontier, Cilicia was colonized with the Turkic Sayābija tribe from Khorasan. It is located at the west bank of the Seyhan River. With a 2100-seater amphitheatre, a Chinese Garden, and two cafes, it is the main recreational area of the city.

Adana Metro is a rail rapid transit system that extends 14 kilometres (9 miles) from the north-west to the city center and then to Yüreğir. Altın Koza International Film Festival is one of the top film festivals in Turkey, taking place since 1969. Similar to other cities in Turkey, the culture in some sections in the city are very distinct from each other.

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