Once it hits the page though it's got no where to go, but straight to redundancy. Please try again. Trust me, you won't m. Eat this up, mother-rapers!

By using a variety of art styles and storytelling methods, the duo provide a fascinating chronicle of the changing superhero and the black identity in comics. Clever and with blatant satire, I was cracking up, and loving the art-work too! All text © 2001 - You know the gag going in, but that doesn't make it any less effective or funny. Do expect some of the funniest and well done indie comics, push the boundaries of satire and genre on every page. This is possibly one of the funniest/greatest comic books I've ever read. A tribute to the Blaxploitation genre that is funny and sometimes downright inappropriate. It brings in a breath of fresh air every issue. Some of the stories are complete, some not. The art is the only takeaway, the stories are forgettable. His books include STREET ANGEL, The PLAIN Janes, The Guild, Afrodisiac, and Notebook Drawings. He tangles with an alien princess, Hercules, Tricky Dick Nixon and even Death and triumphs over them all. Yet, all is rendered with a clear sense of humor, and where level, intellectually engaged heads prevail, there are sure to be some interesting and potentially valuable correlations made (cultural anthropologists, please take note). This book is a fascinating look at how society can project images of race through a self-referential 'kaleidoscope' of conformity. And, artistically, Afrodisiac LOOKS amazing. Published by AdHouse Books The crew behind Street Angel hits the ghetto with the Afrodisiac- in SuperColor! In other words, Afrodisiac is one of the densest texts one is likely to come across; and while many will doubtless find it a source of uncritical enjoyment, those who do so will be doing themselves a disservice and missing the work's essential character.

The art, the pinups, the covers, the language and art all create a perfect tone. Styled like a retro 70's pulp, Afrodisiac imagines a comic that should have been. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free.

Afrodisiac is, however, unique in that, here, this conscious manipulation is the driving force behind the entire project, and is encoded in the texts as well as the images, with the character of The Afrodisiac acting as a cypher – one that is simultaneously a celebration and an elegy – for the uncritical creation of unabashed power fantasies that was no longer possible in the wake of The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen. It's great to see that story in full color, finely printed glory.

He tangles with an alien princess, Hercules, Tricky Dick Nixon and even Death and somehow overcomes all of them. Certainly, an exploration of the text's Playing in the Dark is warranted, and an old Lou Reed song may come to the mind of readers of a certain age; and, the fact that the power fantasy on display in these pages is of a distinctly sexual nature and is employed in the domination and exploitation of women cannot be ignored.

Everything you ever wanted is in these pages. Absolutely nails the tone, the slang and the jokes associated with the genre. He tangles with an alien princess, Hercules, Tricky Dick Nixon and even Death and somehow overcomes all of them. You cannot read this and not be in love with how much fun graphic novels can be. Through frequent origin changes -- Alan D. Rugg and Maruca survey the decades long existence of the baddest, black hero of them all, Afrodisiac. Brian Maruca is even suspected not to exist (he is most probably an alter-ego of Rugg himself), so how. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Fantastic postmodern rehash of the standard blaxploitation superhero minus the trapping of White guilt syndrome. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Don’t expect a deep treatise on philosophy, or a politically correct story of right and wrong. It was such a pleasure to read with just the right amount of satirical humour. Lock up your daughters, come hell or high water, cause here comes the king of the concrete jungle! It is blaxploitation taken to unabashed extremes. He's the greatest character you never heard of. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Some of the stories are complete, some not. Everything about this is ridiculous. by AdHouse Books.

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