Ball mats and roller tracks, used for loading containers, are fitted. The fuel tank capacity of the A310-200 is about 12,700 US Gal. Air india A310 V2 LEC at JNB. The main cargo deck can hold up to 16 standard 2.24m x 3.17m pallets.

The Airbus A310-200F freighter aircraft is a conversion of the A310 wide-bodied airliner by the EADS company, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), based in Dresden. The aircraft has a maximum payload of 40,600kg. The two-crew flight deck has room for a further two crew members or observers. Internal view of the upper deck during conversion. Its maximum cruise speed is 459 knots, and has a climb rate of 2,500 feet per minute. We use them to give you the best experience. The A310-200F freighter has the capacity to carry 39t of freight over a distance up to 5,950km. The Airbus A310-200 can fly up to 41,100 feet. Air Transat Airbus A310 300 Engine Closeup.

The first customer for the A310-300F is Federal Express. The A310 is a shortened development of the Airbus A300 and the second aircraft model of the former Airbus consortium. The launch customer for the A310-200F freighter was Federal Express. The new freighter kits can then be installed. The aircraft is then jacked into a neutral stress position for about four weeks for modification of the airframe. Photo by BriYYZ. First the new upper frame shell section is fitted into place and riveted to the fuselage. The documentation of the conversion is completed prior to handing over the aircraft to the customer.

Passanger capacity in standard 3-class layout for widebodies and 2-class for narrowbodies (including A300, A310). Airbus A310 reviews and traveller comments. The low empty weight and wide body with large fuselage cross-section of the A310 provides fast and efficient cargo handling and good freight volume. It has a take-off distance of 1,860 meters and 1,480 meters for landing. The door is hydraulically operated and controlled electrically. The main cargo deck can hold up to 16 standard 2.24m x 3.17m pallets. There are two refuelling points, one on the outer section undersurface of each wing. Biggles Labelling Limited is the industry's leading internal aircraft placards... Biggles Labelling Limited is the industry's leading internal aircraft placards manufacturer and supplier.

The A300 was a wide-bodymedium-to-long range passenger liner; it holds the distinction of being the first twin-engine wide-body aircraft in the world. The communications include an HF set, two VHF sets and a selective calling set. It has a range of 4,300 nautical miles with a maximum payload of 32,334 kg. Airbus A310 pictures, specifications, cabin configuration. The automatic flight control system includes a flight director and autopilot Flight Control Computer (FCC), a Thrust Control Computer (TCC) and two Flight Augmentation Computers (FAC) which include flight envelope protection. The design was relatively revolutionary for its time and featured a numb…
Airbus’ A310 is the most profitable jetliner in its class, with lower operating costs and better economy than any other airliner in the 200-seat category. The Airbus A310 is a twin-engined medium- to long-range widebody airliner with a capacity of maximum 265 Passengers produced by the European manufacturer Airbus.

Hangar 222 at the EFW facility in Dresden. Engine thrust, MTOW and range (full load) based on best options available. The underfloor hold can carry either 14 LD3 containers or three 2.24m x 3.17m pallets and six LD3 standard containers. The total fuel capacity is 61,070l. EADS and EFW have also delivered the A310-300F conversion of the extended range A310-300 passenger aircraft. EFW has the capacity to carry out 14 aircraft conversions a year. Production of A310 and A300 aircraft ceased in July 2007. This collaborative effort resulted in the production of the consortium's first airliner, known as the Airbus A300. On 26 September 1967, the British, French, and West German governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding to commence the joint development of the 300-seat Airbus A300. Federal Express operates a fleet of 49 A310-200F and six A310-300F freighters. Airbus A310 commercial aircraft. The conversion procedure takes approximately four months. The Airbus shareholder company, EADS, has delivered more than 100 converted A300 and A310 aircraft to customers including L’Aeropostale, Egypt Air, European Air Transport, Farnier, Federal Express, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates Sky Cargo. Omnetics reduces time and cost of connectors designs for application specific systems, Orbex Prime rocket set to transform UK commercial spaceflight, Why we believe workplace health and wellness is important, Clinical Trial Continuity in Asia-Pacific during the COVID-19 pandemic, A sneak peek into Canada’s largest transit expansion, Precision wire for vascular therapy: How EXERA® rises to the challenge. Photo by BriYYZ.

The aircraft is powered by two underwing podded engines, either Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D1, P&W PW4152, P&W PW4156A or one of the General Electric CF6-80 series. The passenger cabin floor is replaced by a higher strength floor for high running loads. The company has the capacity to carry out 14 aircraft freighter conversions per year. The first flight of the aircraft was in January 2001. “The Airbus A310-200F freighter aircraft is a conversion of the A310 wide-bodied airliner.”, “The A310-200F freighter has the capacity to carry 39t of freight over a distance up to 5,950km.”, “The A310 freighter system has a high level of commonality with the Airbus / EADS Multirole Tanker Transport (MRTT).”, 14 x LD3 containers or 3 x 2.24m x 3.17m pallets plus 6 x LD3.

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