However, his early work was not financially rewarding. [22], In October 2002, Pacino starred in Bertolt Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui for the National Actor's Theater and Complicite. His scenes alone with Ms. Pfeiffer have a precision and honesty that keep the film's maudlin aspects at bay. Schließlich spielen die beiden Hollywood-Stars in einer eigenen Liga. [24] The production was a critical success in which "Pacino grabs and holds the attention like a coiled spring about to snap. [56][57], Pacino won three Golden Globes since 2000; the first being the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2001 for lifetime achievement in motion pictures. [45], Pacino received an Academy Award nomination for playing Big Boy Caprice in the box office hit Dick Tracy in 1990, of which critic Roger Ebert described Pacino as "the scene-stealer". ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. [42], In 1985, Pacino worked on his personal project, The Local Stigmatic, a 1969 Off Broadway play by the English writer Heathcote Williams.

[2] After his success on stage, Pacino made his film debut in 1969 with a brief appearance in Me, Natalie, an independent film starring Patty Duke. [64] The film and Pacino's performance were well received, gaining a favorable rating of 93 percent on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. To finance his acting studies, Pacino took low-paying jobs as a messenger, busboy, janitor, and postal clerk,[1] as well as once working in the mailroom for Commentary magazine. [2][11], In 1962, Pacino's mother died at the age of 43.

Alfredo James Pacino (/pəˈtʃiːnoʊ/; Italian: [paˈtʃiːno]; born April 25, 1940) is an American actor and filmmaker. [17] Martin Bregman saw the play and became Pacino's manager, a partnership that became fruitful in the years to come, as Bregman encouraged Pacino to do The Godfather, Serpico, and Dog Day Afternoon. Wohl niemand sonst hätte Al Pacino (79) so gut ehren können wie Robert De Niro (75). [19], Pacino took the production of The Indian Wants the Bronx to Italy for a performance at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. Pacino directed and starred in Chinese Coffee (2000), Wilde Salomé (2011), and Salomé (2013). Check all the awards won and nominated for by Al Pacino - Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie (2011) , Razzie Award for Worst Screen Couple/Ensemble (2011) , Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor (2011) and more awards…

[7], Pacino began smoking and drinking at age nine, and used marijuana casually at age 13, but he abstained from hard drugs. And that's why I'm here. [16] Pacino and Clayburgh were cast in "Deadly Circle of Violence", an episode of the ABC television series NYPD, premiering November 12, 1968. [8] His two closest friends died from drug abuse at the ages of 19 and 30. Al Pacino Golden Globes: 18 Nominations, 4 Wins, Cecil B. deMille Award Alfredo James “Al” Pacino (born in New York City, April 25, 1940) is one of the most admired actors of American cinema. The film received mixed reviews,[70] and has been described by Pacino as something he "personally couldn't follow". Schließlich spielen die beiden Hollywood-Stars in einer eigenen Liga. [68][69] The Recruit, released in 2003, featured Pacino as a CIA recruiter and co-stars Colin Farrell. "[25], Pacino returned to the stage in the summer of 2010, playing Shylock in the Shakespeare in the Park production, The Merchant of Venice. Pacino currently stars in the Amazon Video web television series Hunters (2020–present). [21], In 1983, Pacino became a major donor for The Mirror Theater Ltd, alongside Dustin Hoffman and Paul Newman, matching a grant from Laurence Rockefeller. He has never been married. That's been the kind of ethos, the way in which theater's perceived, unfortunately. [50] Pacino starred in Michael Mann's Heat (1995), in which he and Robert De Niro appeared on-screen together for the first time (though both Pacino and De Niro starred in The Godfather Part II, they did not share any scenes). He starred in Serpico (1973) and Dog Day Afternoon (1975) directed by Sidney Lumet, Scarface (1983) and Carlito’s Way (1993) by Brian DePalma, Sea of Love (1989) by Harold Becker, Dick Tracy (1990) by Warren Beatty, Frankie & Johnny (1991) by Garry Marshall with Michelle Pfeiffer, Scent of a Woman (1992) by Martin Brest, Heat (1995) with Robert DeNiro and The Insider (1999) with Russell Crowe both directed by Michael Mann, Donnie Brasco (1997) by Mike Newell with Johnny Depp, The Devil’s Advocate (1997) by Taylor Hackford with Keanu Reeves, Any Given Sunday (1999) by Oliver Stone, Insomnia (2002) by Christopher Nolan, The Humbling (2014) by Barry Levinson with Greta Gerwig, Danny Collins (2015).
I was 26, 25 ... he discovered me and became my manager. Alfredo James “Al” Pacino (born in New York City, April 25, 1940) is one of the most admired actors of American cinema. He mounted workshop productions of Crystal Clear, National Anthems and other plays; he appeared in Julius Caesar in 1988 in producer Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival. For his performances in The Godfather, Dick Tracy (1990), Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), and The Irishman (2019), he earned Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominations. "[15], In 2000, Pacino was co-president, along with Ellen Burstyn and Harvey Keitel, of the Actors Studio. Tipps für Promiflash? [29], Pacino starred in the 30th-anniversary Broadway revival of David Mamet's classic play, Glengarry Glen Ross, which ran from October 2012 to January 20, 2013. [110], Not to be confused with the British actor, The Barbara Walters Special, February 29, 2004, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie, Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor, Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, List of awards and nominations received by Al Pacino, "Al Pacino: 'It's never been about money. [47], In 1991, Pacino starred in Frankie and Johnny with Michelle Pfeiffer, who co-starred with Pacino in Scarface. [86][87] Its US premiere on the evening of March 21, 2012, before a full house at the 1,400-seat Castro Theatre in San Francisco's Castro District, marked the 130th anniversary of Oscar Wilde's visit to San Francisco, the event was a benefit for the GLBT Historical Society. Author!, were critically panned. List of awards and nominations received by Al Pacino for his film and stage performances. Read Nominee Profile 2020: Al Pacino, “The Irishman” by Silvia Bizio, Read Ready for My deMille: Profiles in Excellence - Al Pacino, 2001 by Philip Berk. [2][35], Pacino's performance earned him an Academy Award nomination, and offered a prime example of his early acting style. [91][92], Pacino starred in a 2013 HBO biographical picture about record producer Phil Spector's murder trial, titled Phil Spector. [72] In Two for the Money, Pacino portrays a sports gambling agent and mentor for Matthew McConaughey, alongside Rene Russo. [48] Janet Maslin in The New York Times wrote, "Mr. Pacino has not been this uncomplicatedly appealing since his Dog Day Afternoon days, and he makes Johnny's endless enterprise in wooing Frankie a delight. [60][108] Pacino had a ten-year relationship with Argentine actress Lucila Polak from 2008 to 2018. While it was an anticipated return for the two stars, it was not well received by critics. [38] He lost out that year to Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer—a role that Pacino had declined. [59] Shot almost exclusively as a one-on-one conversation between two main characters, the project took nearly three years to complete and was funded entirely by Pacino. Keaton said of Pacino, "Al was simply the most entertaining man... To me, that's, that is the most beautiful face. “Al und ich wurden über die Jahre Freunde”, so Robert. "[14] In another interview he added, "It was exciting to work for him [Lee Strasberg] because he was so interesting when he talked about a scene or talked about people. At this time Pacino returned to the stage. [40] The film did well at the box office, grossing over US$45 million domestically. He gained favorable notice for his first lead role as a heroin addict in The Panic in Needle Park (1971). It closed after 39 performances on March 29, 1969, but Pacino received rave reviews and won the Tony Award on April 20, 1969. [67], He played a publicist in People I Know, a small film that received little attention despite Pacino's well-received performance. [85], He was presented with Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award on September 4, 2011, prior to the premiere of Wilde Salomé, a 2011 American documentary-drama film written, directed by and starring Pacino. In 1985, Al offered the company his production of Hughie by Eugene O'Neill, but the company was unable to do it at the time due to the small cast. [2], His 1985 film Revolution about a fur trapper during the American Revolutionary War, was a commercial and critical failure, which Pacino blamed on a rushed production,[43] resulting in a four-year hiatus from films. Das hätte sie aber nicht davon abgehalten, auf Teufel komm raus um Rollen zu kämpfen. It was directly responsible for getting me to quit all those jobs and just stay acting. [99] Later in 2019, Pacino played Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa, alongside Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, in Martin Scorsese's Netflix film The Irishman, based on the 2004 book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt; this was the first time Pacino was directed by Scorsese, and also received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor nomination. His mother disagreed with his decision and, after an argument, he left home.

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