Restores HP by, After healing a target, grants Special Resistance for 4 Seconds (reduces the duration of enemy stuns, chills, and freeze by 50%), When attack an enemy outside this unit's normal attack range, there is a 28%, Hitting the target with normal attack deals extra, When attacking, has a 25% chance to bind the target for 3 seconds, Improves own Skill Point recovery rate by +0.3/second, Reduces the target's movement speed for 0.6 seconds when attacking, Each consecutive attack on the same target increases ATK by 6%, Pushes the target towards the attack direction, Immediately pushes all enemies in the two frontal grids towards the attack direction, Buffs the target ally in the next healing, restoring HP by, Buffs all allies within range immediately, restoring HP by, After deployed, all [Medic] Operators' ATK +12%, Immediately restores the HP of all allies by 160%, DP Cost -1; All units that cost 10 or less DP gain +6%, Range expands, but Attack Interval increases slightly, When attacking, has a 10% chance to increase the current damage of that attack by 110%, Throws giant spinning shurikens, the target's Movement Speed reduces by, Attack Interval increases slightly, but ATK +20%, Obtains one of the following buffs permanently when deployed: ATK +15%, When attacking, has a 20% chance to increase the current damage of that attack to 160%, ATK +6%; Attacks enemies with the highest DEF first, 3 seconds after deployment, deal 400% physical damage to all enemies in the surrounding 8 tiles and apply 【Weakening】 effect to them (damage taken is increased by 30%) (When stacked, only the strongest effect becomes active). Healing Defenders can cover multiple roles, especially useful for CC and some Challenge Modes. When Skill is not active, has greatly increased DEF and RES but does not attack. - When compared to a Slower Supporter, her slow has limited up-time (only active during Skills), smaller range, and has no multi-target. The six-star sniper even became a meme thanks to her random outburst of “Apple pie!”. Attack scaling is doubled when attacking flying enemies, + Archetype: Regular attacks deal damage twice.

Also listed are special mentions for the operators that need Loxic Kohl and Grindstone to E2.

We assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. August 2020 new operator : Aciddrop, Jaye, Andreana, Eunectes, Flint, Tomimi, and Thorns. + Talent: When equipped with Skill 1, gains Physical and Arts Dodge. Arknights OST: [Stay Gold] feat.

^ Arknights Toolbox.

The reason I think Eyjafjalla deserves the top spot is because of versatility and how low her DP cost is.

Recruitment Tag Simulator Fixed! Available Tools.

ⓒ Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Games have always been an outlet where I can experience many different worlds and stories.

+ A decent early game Vanguard with flexible Skill that can kill mobs fairly quickly, - Has a hard time killing anything but the lowest armored enemies, - Much weaker than his easy-to-get 3 Star counterpart Lava, + Talent: Increased damage to flying targets makes his attacks really hurt drones, - Weak against anything not flying (he is shooting nerf arrows), + Very cheap to deploy and develop Defender and effective for early game, - Getting max potential Beagle is easier as you don't need to fish for Starter tag, - Very ineffective at fighting anything outside the beginning chapters, - A strong breeze will kill this operator so she needs extra defensive positioning. - Medics and Healing Defenders typically provide more reliable healing, and situations that ban both of those classes is very rare.

The Float Unit will be recalled after the enemies are killed or the skill ends.

The clone has the same skills as Phantom and has a separate redeploy time. A number of humanoid races populate Terra, some with their own unique skills and traits that give them the edge in battle. Liskarm is Stunned for 5 seconds after the skill duration, - Very squishy vs Arts damage if not leveled, Only available when the target's HP is lower than 50%; Can store 4 charge(s), + Talent: When an enemy dies within attack range, recover SP to self and one random ally within attack range. If you’ve been playing Arknights you should know about promoting operators. It is prohibited to use, store, reproduce, display, modify, transmit or distribute the data contained in this website without the explicit prior written permission. She is also very flexible where she can attack one enemy or up to 3 with her Skill 3. Saria’s other Talent allows her to gain more Attack and Defense the longer she stays out. Our Arknights Operators List features list of all operators (characters) found in Arknights, including their stats, class, factions, and other details. July 2020 new operator : Suzuran, Ayerscarpe, Folinic, Beeswax, Chiave, Scene, and Click.

Personally I think Saria is better because of how many roles she can fill. Stats shown are at highest promotion and level possible.

+ Mel serves as a nice Caster assassin for early chapters of the game.

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