It just goes to show you that if you create an entertaining product, update it regularly and listen to your community, it doesn’t matter what country your game comes from. Despite the rather negative sounding review, Azur Lane: Crosswave isn’t a bad game, it’s just nothing particularly special. A select few from each nation were chosen to participate in this rigorous event. The structure seems fair enough, but combat is nothing to write home about with encounters often devolving into circle-strafing around enemies, popping off special attacks and continually blasting with primary fire the whole time. Instead, Crosswave is a wholly separate entity, even though it features many of the same characters from the original mobile offering. As a result, Suruga initially decides to not have anything to do with Shimakaze at first and even develops jealousy toward her shipmate as the rabbit-eared ship girl starts garnering recognition. It never gets to the point where it’s unreadable or filled with typos, but there’s little grace to the dialogue and it’s hard to tell what the hell they’re even jabbering on about at times, especially when scenes devolve into rapid-fire pun-based comedy. Azur Lane: Crosswave Review. The whole “X as female characters” is a curious genre to have risen to prominence in recent years. It combined realistic naval combat and military base management with anime-girl versions of your favourite historical naval cruisers. 3) Do not insult and/or harass users. All Rights Reserved. Unfortunately, the increasing challenge of each battle is never something you can overcome with learned strategies and deft reflexes. Once you learn about the four nations involved in the campaign and understand that military battlecruisers in Azur Lane all happen to look like horny anime girls, you’re ready to go. Azur Lane: Crosswave is a strange title from publisher Idea Factory and is based on a blockbuster hit mobile game in Japan. Support local journalism with an RGJ digital subscription. Azur Lane: Crosswave is essentially a visual novel with some brief moments of action. Calling it an “adventure” might be a bit of a stretch, though. Approximately 8 hours of play were devoted to the single-player mode, and the game was completed. Lemon and ... hold up, did someone say World War II ships and anime girls? It is currently available on PS4 and PC. The landscape of Japanese video game culture is ever-shifting and constantly growing. At some point in time, some person decided, “You know what would be cool? Azur Lane: Crosswave has a well-written story mode that runs as deep as the ocean, but the combat that strings these story scenes together is as shallow as a kiddie pool. That being said, one thing that Crosswave does better than the mobile game is storytelling. Tweet Share Share. Jason Hidalgo covers business and technology for the Reno Gazette Journal, and also reviews video games as part of his Technobubble features. On top of that, 35 other girls are featured in the game as illustration-only support units that can offer you buffs and extra abilities in battle.

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