Palisades Mall - Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines (P206) - Near the front of the store. Second floor. = Robsaka Mobile P217, On the counter next to the Cash Register. Americana Casino - Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack on the counter right next to the coffee dispenser at the front entrance of the restaurant. (SKILL +) Bare-Handed attacks have a significant boost in power. Double Leg Drop KickElbow DropHaymakerSmashJump KickFront KickFoot SweepDouble LariatKarate ChopKnee DropRoundhouseSomersault KickTwo Hand SmashWall KickFootball TacklePunch. = Fortune City Bank U109, Inside the Vault in Security Box #145. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Denyce CallowaySnowflakeLenny MooneyLaShawndra DawkinsGordon DawkinsChad ElchartDoris ElchartEsther AlwinJack EllisKenneth WalshStuart HolmesBrittany BeckKristin HarrisJohn BoogCurtis EllentonBrian ScherbeyKevin MeyersElrod BumpkinsTrixie-Lynn HortonVikki TaylorJared DavisSven BlaaborgCinda SmithJasper SanfordTerri GlassWilla HarrisJeanna SlickFloyd StoneAllen AshBessie KentErica MayesRosa CollinsLinette WatkinsDanni BodineJanus RazoLuz PalmerJessica HoweNevada SlimJacob SkinnerRichard KellyCora RusselSummer ChavezNina SuhrRay TellerWoodrow RutherfordEuropa WestinghouseRandolph AllenBill MontaguDean WayneBibi LoveAllison PerkinsCameron WelchJuan LeeTammy BlaineAndy TalbatRoyce St. JohnWalter MorrisLillian PayneCamille PayneMatthew KussMichael WooWallace HertzogJonathon KilpatrickGretchen PeregrineLance WilliamsMarc CooperEarvin GoodingEric MastersTomomi MiyamotoDeidre Sanchez, Bone Saw Hot Plate IV Pole Medical Tray Microscope Novelty Syringe Organ Cooler Surgical Saw Surgical Scissors. will also do more damage and Franks's throwing speed is increased.1. (CAMERA +) Get a 100% boost from erotica photograph PP. Ground Floor Magazine (Bargaining 1) - (ECONOMY +) Will lower the cost of tiems in the pawn shop by 10%. Slot Ranch Casino - Men's Bathroom by the only open stall found there. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: -Magnius ToS, for those still needing the co-op achievements for this game. For example we need all the special costume locations/requirements, this topics info, and other useful stuff. Magazine (Sports) - (ITEMS +) Sports items have three times the durability. Pretzel Snack Spoiled Bacon Spoiled BBQ Chicken Spoiled BBQ Ribs Spoiled Fish Spoiled Hamburger Spoiled Hot Dog Spoiled Lobster Spoiled Steak Spoiled Sushi Steak Sushi Taco Vodka Whiskey Wine I say don't sticky this, not quite yet. You mean like this? Magazine (Driving) - (ITEM +) 4 Wheel vehicle durability will last three times longer. Palisades Mall - Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines. Underground - Warehouse A. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: Holding more magazines at once will result in more durability! Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: Magazine (Erotica) - (CAMERA +) Get a 100% boost from erotica photograph PP. Royal Flush Plaza - Rags Mags (R212) - In front of the Self Help Book case. Magazine (Gambling 2) - (GAMBLING +) Significant increase when playing Gambling Games. If you find any more let me know and I'll add them to the list. Pretzel Rations Sandwich Snack Soda Spoiled Bacon Spoiled BBQ Chicken Spoiled BBQ Ribs Spoiled Fish Spoiled Hamburger Spoiled Hot Dog Spoiled Lobster Spoiled Steak Spoiled Sushi Steak Sushi Taco Vodka Whiskey Wine Fortune Park - On top of the scaffolding next to the main doors to the Fortune City Hotel. 2" x 4" Ad Board Amplifier Barstool Bench Broom Handle Bucket Bull Skull Cactus Plant Cash Register Centurion Bust Coffee Pot Cooking Pot Crowbar Cushioned Tall Chair Donkey Lamp Electric Guitar Fancy Bench Fancy Painting Fancy Small Chair Fancy Tall Chair Flashlight Folding Chair Funny Painting Garbage Bag Garbage Can Giant Die Gift Shop Lamp Handbag Hanger Highback Oak Chair Indoor Garbage Can Keg (DR2 only) Lamp Large Barrel Large Fern Tree Large Planter Large Potted Plant Large Vase LCD Monitor Lead Pipe Leaf Rake Massager Metal Garbage Can Money Case Moosehead Padded Blue Chair Painting Pan Parasol Patio Chair Peace Art Plastic Bin Plastic Garbage Can Rotating Display Round Potted Plant Sandwich Board Serving Tray Shopping Valuables Small Fern Tree Small Painting Small Potted Plant Small Suitcase Small Vase Speaker Spot Light Steel Shelving Stick Pony Stool Suitcase Swordfish Table Lamp Tiki Torch Tomahawk Vacuum Cleaner Velvet Bar Water Bottle Water Cooler Wheelchair Yellow Tall Chair. Denyce CallowayLaShawndra DawkinsDoris ElchartKristin HarrisCinda SmithTerri GlassWilla HarrisJeanna SlickDanni BodineEuropa WestinghouseLinette WatkinsLuz PalmerTomomi MiyamotoJessica HoweTrixie-Lynn HortonTammy BlaineDeidre SanchezBibi LoveAllison PerkinsCora RusselSummer ChavezNina SuhrLillian PayneCamille PayneEsther AlwinGretchen Peregrine. Do you keep vehicle keys when you restart story/sandbox mode. Magazine bonuses stack multiplicative for weapons, which means if one magazine affects a weapon, it's 3 times the durability, 2 magazines is 9 times, and 3 magazines is a whopping 27 times! Second floor. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: Soldier Clothes - Unlocked by completing the "Save the Girl... Again" Achievement in Story Mode or after defeating Sgt Boykin in Sandbox Mode, Once unlocked it is found in Safe House.3. Are you looking for the locations of the Magazines in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record? Magazine (Domestic) - (ITEM +) Furniture items have three times the durability. Closest entrance is the Americana Casino. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: Protoman Boots - Located in the Ultimate Playhouse in the Palisades Mall, They are next to a bunch of servbot heads.2. Battleaxe Bowie Knife Broadsword Cement Saw Chainsaw Chef Knife Fire Axe Giant Pink Chainsaw Katana Sword Lance Lawn Mower Machete Magician Sword Meat Cleaver Propane Tank Saw Blade Scissors Spear Tomahawk Bone Saw Katana Sickle Surgical Saw. SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. Magazine (Juice Boost) - (ITEM +) Consumed Juices effects last twice as long. The key is found at Tunemakers' Maintenance Room in the Royal Flush Plaza. Magazine (Bargaining 2) - (ECONOMY +) Will lower the cost of items in the pawn shop by 10%. The area is blocked until Case 6-2: Last Stand. Royal Flush Plaza - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Unless they're just playing with my emotions :p. I bought the strategy guide for collector's purposes, but there is a Health 2 magazine. Found lying in a black chair. Silver Strip - Hot Excitorama - Right next to a Blue Oyster Biker Outfit display. (PP +) Get a 10% boost to PP from female survivor related activities. = Rags Mags R212, Up against the main Book Shelves on the left side of the store. Holding more magazines at once will result in more durability!

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