Also, make sure to have a drink with you. Boss Bibi (One Hit Wonder) Do note that this room will not open if there are 5 or more survivors left. Chad (Lost…)

The goal is to get the survivor(s) back to the security room.

20,000, Day 1, Sept. 19, 9 pm

Andy is a suicidal man who is hiding on top of slot machines. He is a webmaster and another crew member of the Tape It or Die crew. A man named Andy who climbed onto the roof of his car when it broke down and tried to fight off the zombies surrounding him with a baseball bat.

You can find him at the Palisades Mall, in Cleroux Collection. A big man in a green sweater found tied up in a seat in Theater 4 of the movie theater at the mall. Sven (Code Blue) Make sure you only pick those you received radio call for, if you don’t recognize having called to save them, you may want to re-consider saving them as they may be infected. Like Brittany, he also feels underpaid. She will be accompanying Cora and will join once she does. They will no longer be able to enter the mall and the notebook will list them as Safe. You can find him hiding with Johnny and the other crew members. Shadow of the North Plaza, Day 1, Sept. 19, 11 pm You can find him at the Food Court, inside Cucina Donnacci. Tammy (Stranded Siren) 25,000 He is playing poker with Jessica and Nevada. A middle-aged man who found refuge in the Entrance Plaza with his wife and others. Out of Control, Day 1, Sept. 19, 9 pm Often it is very difficult to get survivors to jump up. There will then be a large message that the survivor has joined.[8]. Stuart (Workers Compensation) He will not join you unless you pay $3,000 for his painting. When a survivor is under attack by a zombie, they will call out your name repeatedly until Frank comes to help them. Frank does not even need to touch any of the furniture blocking the entrance for Burt to begin to die when Frank leaves Al Fresca Plaza, a close proximity to Weber's Garments is enough. 50,000, Chris' Fine Foods, Food Court Case 3-1: The Professor's Past, Colby's Movieland Cinema 4 Frank West encounters Roger and his two sons terrorizing. Not truly believing the helicopter is coming on September 22, he plans on making a run for it with other survivors unless Frank talks him down.

Walter (Twos Company) Just talk to him and he will join. To get back to the security room, the survivor has to jump up on the ledge to go through the air duct.

She was in a tanning booth when she got trapped. They host the show ‘Terror is Reality’ together. Some scoops also require Frank to carry out certain actions, such as delivering items or having a particular survivor in his party.

This hysterical woman was holed up in a jewelry shop, crying for her lost baby. You can find her at the Silver Strip, onstage. They will attack zombies if one gets close enough. Share. Allison (One Hit Wonder) When the Special Forces arrived at the mall, Otis managed to steal one of their helicopters and fly all of the other rescued survivors to safety. Bill (Know When to Fold ‘Em) He will be found with Roger. He knows the security code to the Yucatan Casino Vault and he also knows how to turn the slot machine on.

A death cutscene is shown, showing them being killed by the zombies.

You can give them food to restore their health or you can give them guns for defense purposes.

Ante Up They are also easy for solo escorting, since they can be guided directly by hand. In another game, at 11:47 pm, only after Leah has been killed, does Otis call about Shadow Of The North Plaza. To get survivors to join Frank, Frank has to talk to them with (use ), sometimes there are several parts of the conversation, The sister of the terrorist responsible for the zombie outbreak in Willamette. Lillian (Family Feud) She will open a new, short, route between the Palisades and Royal Flush Plazas. to any survivors in his party. They don't count as survivors in your party during this, although Isabela also accompanies Frank in the two prior categories as a regular survivor. Frank can only escort 8 survivors at once, Otis will not call about a scoop if Frank has the maximum amount of He is a crazy security officer who is murdering the survivors. You can find him at the Slot Ranch Casino stage.

Brad Garrison, Isabela Keyes, and Tad Hawthorne do not count towards this limit as Brad and Isabela are involved in cases and apply differently. She is a soul singer. Frank also can also give food to survivors and they will eat it to regain their health. Photographer's Pride, Day 3, September 21, 12pm You can NEVER EVER save all 54. Boss Slappy (Everyone Knows Slappy) All of the survivors simultaneously stand up at 5:00am. After a light beating, he came to his senses and agreed to be led back the security room. He is a comedian by profession who will be found arguing with Walter. You will have to kill him to save Rebecca. Her boyfriend was presumably shot by officer, Several dozen people, dressed in yellow raincoats and green masks, possibly infected by the virus as they twitch and itch, inhabited the movie theater and the Leisure Park storage room. You can rescue survivors in Dead Rising 2 for some important Prestige Points. They will join you after a quick chat. Survivors will not accept big weapons, such as barbells, trash cans, benches, or any two handed weapon that Frank cannot store in his inventory and has to drop to pick something else up. A young woman dressed in green, held hostage by the psychotic police officer, A selfish young photographer who boasted about his skills and the quality of his pictures. It includes citizens of Willamette as well as out-of-towners. Lovers, Day 2, Sept. 20, 7 am You will need a gun for him to join you. Boss Johnny (Militia Men) Dead Rising 2 Survivors Guide – All Cases, How to Unlock All Survivors. When Lindsay Harris tries to break down the barricade to rescue her dog, Chris tries to stop her but is pushed aside, and is killed by the invading zombies soon after. You can find him at the Fortune City Arena, inside a green room. Cora (Fetching Females) Found panicking and looking for her dog in the Entrance Plaza with other survivors. LaShawndra’s husband Gordon Dawkins ran away from her, which was probably not a good idea since she claims she could have protected him. A cocky helicopter pilot who agreed to fly reporter Frank West to Willamette, Colorado, completely unaware of the zombie outbreak. Despite his efforts to defend himself, he ws attacked and killed by the zombies when they broke in. These are similar to defected survivors except they only appear in Infinity Mode. You can find him at the Royal Flush Plaza, inside Wily Travels. These crazed townspeople were members of the True Eye Cult, led by, A large man crying and hiding behind the counters in a makeup store while a trio of psychopaths try to snipe him. After Frank rescued her sister, both twins agreed to be escorted to safety. This command will prompt the survivors to head towards the indicated location. Use the goal command to tell the survivors where to gather, by holding and pressing the button on the location you want the survivors to gather, such as a door leading into the next area. Certain scoops or "unannounced" survivors are time-sensitive: if Frank takes too long to begin a scoop their health will decrease, and in some cases of large rescues from certain psychopaths they may die off one by one.

Do NOT carry any guns while you approach them as they will shoot at you if you do.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed To Ensure “Every Version Runs Smoothly”. She was seperated from her friend, A gun-toting survivor with a shaved head and camouflage clothing, who took over the.

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