Join our team and we promise a rewarding experience in return. At Key Stage 3, all learners will have separate specialist teaching of History, Geography, Religious Studies and Citizenship (Life Skills). At the core of the School’s curriculum will be a specialist and obligatory menu at Key Stages 3 and 4 for all pupils of academic subjects leading to the English Baccalaureate and including English, Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Arts and Technology. The Autism Assessment provides educators, therapists, and parents with a tool to accurately assess a student's current abilities and skill … Email:, This website uses cookies to give you the best online experience and to provide site analytics. Mathematical skills will also have a focus on the application of Mathematics. The most able students will complete single sciences in all three disciplines at GCSE Level. The Eden School's Assessment and Curriculum Series provides an expansive range of content for grades Pre-K through 12.

Afrikaans A very small number of pupils will undertake an alternative pathway. The focus is to ensure that every pupil secures a ‘Strong’ or ‘Basic’ Pass in English and Mathematics.

They therefore continue building on firm foundations.

Pupils will acquire, through a range of individualised programmes, insights into social education and experiential community activities; with ‘hands-on’ and participative learning at the fore. Creative skillsParents can contact the school for further information about our curriculum.


EMS Promote the development and nurturing of young leaders. Enrichment within curriculum areas should be aimed at: The enrichment activities will be delivered during: The School will operate a two-year Key Stage 3 and a cycle of 26 periods per week.

As well as the service learning and placements via the Citizenship curriculum, all pupils will aim to undertake 50 hours of voluntary work a year. The detailed design of the Curriculum for the sixth form is yet to be fully finalised, although we have already done a lot of forward planning. Afrikaans First Additional Language Lessons are online, while an educator also assists them and monitors their progress.

The school is well resourced in order to meet the needs of the curriculum. The curriculum will serve the aims of the School and its community. The School will operate a three-year Key Stage 4 and a cycle of 26 periods per week. Computer Applications Technology.

As a free school, we have a lot of flexibility with our curriculum – the subjects, learning methods, levels of study and qualifications that pupils pursue. Mathematics

Weekday evening sessions on particular days of the week when intervention sessions are not usually scheduled; Lessons to celebrate a particular ‘National Day’ or ‘ World Week’ related to an issue of relevance to the curriculum area. For example, Key Stage 4 pupils may have the opportunity to undertake an extended placement working for a charity or for another community organisation. Maths Lit Creative skillsParents can contact the school for further information about our curriculum.

We have a broadly academic curriculum, emphasising the importance of intellectual study and focusing on traditional learning. They will sit GCSEs across years 10 and 11. The organisation of learning and the curriculum will be structured around a series of faculties.

A small number of students will study a (level 2) vocational course in Health and Social Care. Science We are using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. In particular, there will be a strong emphasis on reading and expanding vocabulary. The curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.

The curriculum of Eden Girls’ Coventry provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens, and also helps to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. We use Think Digital College. We are using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. It will reflect national educational developments and university, profession and business priorities nearer the time of opening. Welcome to Eden Boys' School. Pupils at Eden College Durban choose from a wide selection of subjects. Students at KS3 will also study Computer Science, with more able learners being able to progress to studying GCSE Computer Science at KS4. Social Studies Telephone: 024 7622 0937

Encourage pupils’ social participation within their community. This will be a targeted pathway which will ensure SEN pupils, including those supported with an EHC Plan and those newly arrived, are supported in their learning to ensure they make the rapid progress. Tourism Pupils are given the opportunity to participate in the the Duke of Edinburgh Award for students in Year 10 and beyond. Curriculum.

If you do not consent to the, Welcome from the Chair of the Governing Body,, Privacy Policy / Cookies Policy / Terms and Conditions. Learners choose subjects. Our curriculum is broadly based on the English National Curriculum however, we ensure that our curriculum does reflect the needs of our school’s rich culture of diversity and, of course, our home country Ghana. They therefore continue building on firm foundations. They write SACAI end exams and get a Senior Certificate. Religious Education up to GCSE level will include an understanding of the beliefs and practices of major world faiths, such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism, as well as understanding the nature of faith itself and respecting those of all faiths and none. Empower pupils with the necessary skills and abilities to play a full and inclusive role within society, consistent and comfortable with their beliefs and principles. Art lessons will allow learners to explore and develop artistic learning. GCSE Mathematics will be delivered as a linear course, completed in Year 11. Subject content will largely be driven by the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and by specifications of national examinations at Key Stages 4. Our curriculum serves the aims of Star Academies, the Multi-Academy Trust which manages the school: In line with the Star Quality Standards, the School will ensure the curriculum: The curriculum will operate at three levels and will address its pupils’ academic, personal and social development. Aesthetic and creative education will be provided through Art and Performing Arts (which includes Music/Nasheed and Drama lessons) at Key Stage 3. ALP English 8. Business Studies

Pupils will be offered extra time for English and Mathematics where they are performing below nationally expected levels.

Numerical and mathematical skills are a critical aspect of the curriculum. Formal assessments of learning are conducted according to our Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy and targets are shared with pupils and their parents regularly. Geography Learners will also study vocational subjects in across Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 to contribute to a deep and rich curriculum experience. ... understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum. Pupils are given the option to study Cambridge National Sports Studies and the Sports Leadership Award. It is CAPS compliant and Bible based. Give pupils a practical and more successful understanding of their rights and responsibilities in society.

You can change your cookie settings at any time. Online PE.

You can call the school on 0208 523 1810 or email the school ... ©2020 Eden Girls' School, Waltham Forest top.

Kirsten Bailey: ALP English 7. Communication, Mathematical and Scientific Skills.

English Home Language They cover the same subjects as government schools and can transition back into the state system should they need to. Increasing enjoyment within that curriculum area; Providing challenge and developing independent learning in gifted and talented pupils in the curriculum area; Developing the profile of the curriculum area or particular skills and themes within that area; Each curriculum area will develop their enrichment activity in the coming academic year. Pupils will complete nationally and industry recognised awards and qualifications, developing a personalised portfolio to include GCSE, approved high value vocational qualifications and Entry Level and pre-GCSE courses to ensure they are meaningful for pupils and count in the school performance measures. Aspects of Sex and Relationship Education (including awareness of issues such as female genital mutilation, forced marriages and sexual exploitation) will also be delivered through the PSHE (life skills) and Active Citizenship curriculum. The Humanities provision will underpin the School’s drive to develop exemplary citizens who hold an appreciative understanding of British history, promote fundamental British values and challenge all forms of discrimination and extremism.

However, the link below will take you to a library of videos which will hopefully showcase the various faculties across the school. Each faculty will have responsibility for delivering a range of subject areas and will ensure that the quality of learning reaches the highest standards. The curriculum of Eden Girls’ Coventry provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens, and also helps to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. Please enjoy this recording of the Zoom Curriculum Night event. The system is Mastery-based which means learners master a concept before they continue. Numeracy will also be developed across the curriculum as a core skill, particularly Science and Geography so that enhances employability and supports attainment.

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