The Egyptian Space Agency announced that it will be organizing a competition to be held in January for the first Egyptian ascent to space. The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), a public economic authority, was established to develop and localize space technology that would help the country build and launch satellites from Egypt.. Egypt’s Female Workforce: History, Evolution, Challenges And The Future, How To Set Up An Evening Routine For A Productive Morning, Burkini Vs. Bikini Social Media Debate On Selective Freedom In Egypt’s North Coast, Gelato Is The Motto: Best Places In Cairo To Get Ice Cream After A Long Workday, Easy-Breezy Creamy Oats for a Healthier Workday, 3 Easy & Healthy Sandwiches to Take to Work, Note to Self: Eating Healthy is the New Happy, Looking For Your New Favorite Food Spot In Sahel? In 2001 India launched a similar initiative that used satellite data to manage water use in farming. The dates of the mission are still undisclosed. Given time the Egypt’s space agency could do the same, especially if it’s placed in Smart Village. wrote that the Ministry of Communication and Information and Technology and the EgSA signed a cooperation agreement to help set up a computer center and “integrated information system for the space agency”. Learn how your comment data is processed. One of its priorities is to have an astronaut in space by 2025. Our vision is to determine the best way in which space technology can contribute to achieving the United Nations goals on improving life on Earth by applying space technologies like Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Remote Sensing (RS), Artificial intelligence.

It presents data and analyses on projects, deals, partnership and investments across the continent. This would help in preparing the infrastructure, a data center, computing equipment, softwares, security devices and storage units for the space agency. There are of course other ways of acquiring fresh water such as the desalination of seawater.

Egypt Approves Establishing Egyptian Space Agency Photograph of Egypt from space by NASA The Council of Ministers has approved on Wednesday establishing a space agency aimed at scientific research following years of preparation, according to …

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The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), a public economic authority, was established to develop and localize space technology that would help the country build and launch satellites from Egypt. We invest in science and technology and the future to improve our capabilities so that one day we can do all of those things; but if we only think about the present then we will stay in the present. admin - August 1, 2020.

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