Shortly after the failure of the negotiations with Boeing, the Morenoites launched a chauvinist manifesto under the headline “An Embraer for Brazilians. Last Thursday, the aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced the dismissal of 2,500 workers in Brazil, including 900 direct layoffs and another 1,600 through voluntary dismissal programs. It was picked up by airlines for use in regions like the Caribbean (island hopping) and regional, remote Australia. The discussions involving the agreement were fully connected to Brazil’s support for US-led regime change operations in Venezuela. The bigger Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia was next introduced in 1985. The union leader at Embraer, Herbert Claros, criticized the company for not having previously negotiated the layoffs with the union, comparing it to a car sale, in which “you don’t impose your price.”, Claros stated: “Embraer workers know that in the last three negotiations on the buyouts the company has forced through and presented only its own proposals.

The Embraer R-99 and P-99 are military versions of the ERJ 145 civil regional jet. In this sordid event, the PSTU made it clear that the “strategic interests of the Brazilian nation” they defend have nothing in common with the interests of the working class; rather, they are based on their intense exploitation. It can carry up to thirty passengers to a range of 1,750 km (1,090 mi, 940 nautical miles). The same essential line is being promoted by the São José dos Campos Metalworkers Union (SMSJC) in response of the layoffs at Embraer. The P-99 also carries four underwing hardpoints, which can be mounted with a variety of torpedoes and/or anti-ship missiles. The Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante, or ‘pioneer’ in English, is one of the smallest Embraer commercial aircraft ever built. The union tried to implement at least one clause: to guarantee the stability of those who didn’t adhere to the buyouts. We use ads to keep our content free. Re-nationalize, now.”, The manifesto states that Embraer “carries the pride of being an accomplishment of Brazilian effort and competence ... the accumulation of five decades of heavy investments, which allowed Brazil to figure among the select group of nations that have the capacity to develop airplanes.”. The P-99/EMB 145 MP is the maritime patrol version of the R-99. In the US alone, the CARES act has allocated US$50 billion to the airline industry. The aircraft also possesses signal intelligence and C3I capabilities., Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) (R-99A). Other large companies in the industry have made massive job cuts in proportions similar to those carried out by Embraer. Let us know in the comments. Lufthansa, based in Germany, announced the slashing of 22,000 jobs. Above all, it demanded the funneling of state resources to the company, arguing that it has a better chance of recovering than its competitors, particularly Boeing. American Airlines, the largest company in the industry, has announced that it will lay off “at least” 40,000 workers, more than half of whom have already entered buyout programs. Airbus announced a restructuring plan involving the slashing of 15,000 jobs globally, 5,000 of them in France, 5,100 in Germany, and 1,700 in the UK. In 2008 the FAB redesignated the R-99B as the R-99. Next up, we have the more prominent ERJ family of aircraft.

Journalist - Working in news media for over a decade with outlets including 9News and the Discovery Channel, Nick is an airline marketing specialist with a Masters level education.

Massive layoffs are also being prepared by the airlines. Working closely with AirAsia, Virgin Australia, Turkish Airlines and others, Nick provides unique insight and analysis on a variety of aviation topics.

Moving to a public company Privatization in 1994.

Embraer workers must join with their comrades around the world to defend their jobs and living conditions, promoting a relentless struggle against the capitalist oligarchy controlling the transnational corporations. Embraer S.A. (Portuguese pronunciation: [ẽmbɾaˈɛɾ]) is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft and provides aeronautical services. Embraer was created by the Brazilian Air Force in 1969, at the height of the regime’s reign of terror. It employs a synthetic aperture radar, combination electro-optical and FLIR systems as well as a multi-spectral scanner. The R-99B/R-99/EMB 145 MULTI INTEL is a remote sensing aircraft. The SMSJC has been controlled for decades by the Morenoites of the Unified Socialist Workers Party (PSTU), which has presided over a protracted decline in the conditions faced by the workers it purports to represent, which, besides at Embraer, includes General Motors and other large companies. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), in a report released in June, estimated an $84 billion loss to the global air transport industry by 2020, declaring it the “worst year in aviation history.”, In its official statement on the layoffs, Embraer claims to have had, in the first half of 2020, a 75 percent decrease in its delivery of aircrafts and a 2.95 billion reais (about US$560 million) loss, which it attributes in part to the failure of its negotiations with Boeing.

The main slogan advanced by the PSTU is the “re-nationalization” of the company. The manifesto attacked the attempt to sell Embraer to Boeing as a deal that “would mainly benefit the American company ... to the detriment of the strategic interests of the Brazilian nation.” And it insisted that “Defending its re-nationalization, now, is the duty of the Brazilians who dream and fight for a sovereign country aware of its power.”. The fact that it was driven by the Brazilian state, which owned 51 percent of its shares and controlled its management, doesn’t change the fact that it was completely oriented to capitalist profit and the reactionary interests of the Brazilian bourgeoisie, subordinated to US imperialism. Satisfied with the below 50 passenger market, Embraer decided to target all the way up to 100 passengers on board its aircraft. It was a turboprop with its propellers facing rearwards. There are three ERJ planes of note: This group of aircraft takes the Bombardier CRJ regional jets head-on in the market place and has been incredibly popular for regional routes like American Eagle and United Express. Sign up to our daily aviation news digest.

It cited a “lack of expectation of the recovery of the air transport sector in the short and medium term.”. The jobs massacre being carried out globally against the working class stands in stark contrast to the multi-billion-dollar state rescue packages for these companies, guaranteeing the income of a parasitic financial oligarchy. Carrying only 19 passengers to a range of 1,852 km (1,151 mi, 1,000 nautical miles), for $5 million was too steep for airlines, and the product never took off (pun intended).

Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. This is a tiny plane with a maximum capacity of 18 passengers. Brasília, Brazil, December 19, 2019 – Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) signed today a memorandum of understanding which enables the study of the potential development of a new light military transport aircraft. The workers in São José dos Campos, the main center of the company in Brazil, went on strike the same day. He pointed out that Boeing has an important part of its revenue linked to “partnerships with the U.S. government, especially in defense and security.” The suggestion, clearly, is that Embraer should enjoy similar “partnerships.”, This appeal to the military is by no means hidden by the PSTU.

It is hardly considered a ‘commercial’ aircraft, but can still fly a decent 1,964 km (1,220 mi, 1,060 nautical miles). The operational capacity of the C-390 on semi-prepared and unpaved air fields is achieved with a highly capable structure. Last Thursday, the aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced the dismissal of 2,500 workers in Brazil, including 900 direct layoffs and another 1,600 through voluntary dismissal programs. Plus, because of the short landing requirements of the aircraft, the planes can operate to island destinations (like in the Bahamas) and also to remote locations. ... Don’t we make deals with other companies? The R-99 series are equipped with Rolls-Royce AE 3007 turbofan engines. Embraer’s military capacity expanded further in 1987 when it bought Aerotec.

[2], Cockpit of a R-99 airplane of the Brazilian Air Force, Data from Suppositions according to EMB 145 family specifications.

Behind this slogan—which has nothing to do with socialism—the PSTU seeks to subordinate the working class to the nationalist bourgeoisie and the Brazilian military. Delta Connection, American Eagle and United Express all feature the Embraer E-Jet family in their regional fleets, and outside of the US, it can be found in the Aeromexico fleet, Helvetic Airways, and Azul Airlines. The study of the International Committee of the Fourth International’s protracted struggle against revisionism, and the building of revolutionary parties in Brazil and throughout Latin America based on this experience, are essential to defeat the attempts to betray the working class and lead it to victory. In recent weeks, it has stated that the layoffs will be larger than previously announced. This next aircraft on the list, the Embraer/FMA CBA 123 Vector (its actual name as it was a joint project between Brazil and Argentina), never made it to production. The companies were impacted by the air travel stoppage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Embraer Embraer EMB family. In Brazilian service, the E-99 and R-99 are based in Anapolis AFB.

1 Greek Radar Aircraft for operation against Libya, "India Receives First EMB-145 AEW&C Aircraft.".

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