There is a fourth faction, a shadowy court that seeks power for it's own hidden agenda; The Court of Tears. Go to the derv camps and slaughter them, they normally range from levels 11-16.

New creatures: Test your combat skills in battles with over 30 new fearsome creatures. This zone generally provides some good, safe hunting, mostly in the northern part of the desert, where adventurers can find non-hostile creatures that don't group together to battle. Players of all classes can collect new creatures and pit them against each other in special arenas in the newly discovered city of Maj'Dul. Don't come to north ro, oasis is generally for higher levels. I am not able to zone into N. Ro. I have also soloed camp 3 with no problems. The Ancient Cyclops spawn was akin to Quillmane's; there were a LOT of crazy theories associated with how to get it to spawn. The Pedestal of Sky(60-65 raid) 5. Off the top of my head: you can zone into either the Tower of Frozen Shadow or Eastern Wastes, you can finish The Lost Map quest, kill Lodizal, etc. Well that's all i need to say. Rather than trying to cater to new subscribers, the EQ2 team has decided to extend the enjoyment of the game for their most dedicated current players. Still a bit of rather tasty eye candy, Desert of Flames takes the game further down that amazing graphical path it was already on. The Poets Palace: Return(60-65 raid) 4. Some spells are sold at the Pirate camp.

", A warrior shouts, "OMG AC IS UP!! Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. you need young gila monster skins and they just don't respawn. There is a lot of flavor text associated with this instance. Ancient cyclops...", a necromancer says, "Spawning the AC is easy, you just have to find the ancient mummy and kill him at exactly 3am. Go to Karanas - aviarks etc in South esp will give you good exp. It builds upon familiar EverQuest lore, and takes place within the desert of Ro and its city, Maj'Dul., Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro. I really like Desert of Flames but the new mob lock system really doesn't work. Can't you see I'm killing madmen here?? Anyone working on the Eight Shawl of the Coldain also goes to Iceclad. Maybe that's just my experience, but the added bonus is the plat collection involved in North Ro. The new game positions Ro as …

The Seven shawl requires from fish from this zone also. The first time we killed him, he dropped the scepter of which I am now the proud owner. ", (upon walking near the class npcs after the madmen are all dead), a warrior says, "Ok, madmen didn't work. i would suggest going to another zone- this is a lil high for you. It's true, my brother's guildmate has totally tested it! Faction is an important aspect in Desert of Flames particularly with the three courts of Maj'Dul: Blades, Coin and Truth. It just makes me wish that the devs would go back and work on this zone. My 13th season Halfling Druid can solo the camp with Dorn if no one else comes along and aggros him while i am medding grrr (you knows who ye isss).

By the way i am a lvl 15 wiz my dear friend reached level 20 easily. However mostly group content. The dal did not object when halflings and humans founded villages, as these pockets of civilization provided respite on the long journey across the sands. Belinda (VoV) [ Eastern Wastes (ToV) Portal ], Since Some one removed the Connected Zones to Eastern Wastes (ToV) I decided to modify the name of the NPC who ports you to Eastern Wastes (ToV).

Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The challenge level is quite high here. I know what it's like to be poor. Showing 25 out of 115. The EQII Team created this fun event in honor of EverQuest's anniversary. ", a druid says, "I'm killing madmen to make the AC spawn! Ha Great Fun.

i need help!

This is the Dervish Assassin's guild. im a lvl 5 hef ranger and i need exp but some of the stuff here (undead-madman) butcher me on sight hhhhhhheeeeeeeeellllllllllppppppppp i think i need a group.

", a warrior says, "Get away! I have the same problem, I beleive it is just the new graphics andd your computer can't handle them. Not sure if they are located elsewhere. I haven't been to cruhsbone (yet) but I have soloed and grouped in north ro and had good success with both.

As the years passed, smaller towns and villages along the coast sprang up such as Sagara in the same bay and smaller villages such as Ojin, Ortallius, and Rathmana, though none would ever become as successful a trade hub as Durekhan had been. Where (LOC) is the zone-in to the new expansion Prophecy of Ro found ...2 hours searching and i still cannot find it. Click here for the full list. Is there ANYTHING to do there? 11 Games Movies TV Video. Do you think that I would be able to hunt here efficiently? NPC's dialogues are very funny, reminding me old days! MINE!!! I'm at my 13th season as a Halfling Druid and have bounced between the hunting grounds of Riverdale, Qeynos and Freeport since my first season and other then Misty Thicket (as a newbie 1-6) haven't found better xp anywhere (including blackburrow). A necromancer shouts, "and AC! I think I better head to North Ro tonight! The group was a little short of enchaters and we got all of dirv 2 on us and it broke our camp. The people who lived in and around the city became known as the Durek and for ages the city sat as the eastern capital for commerce. A necromancer shouts, "Sand giants"
To check the exact dates, log into the game and click the EQ2 button in the bottom right of your screen and choose Calendar from the list of options that opens. good place to camp for starter gear on a new toon. There are plenty of new dungeons to explore as well. It makes sense, right?

Gradually life began to thrive as trade routes were established. Only issue I have is that Crushbone/GFay turned me sour on grouping. I SAW IT FIRST!!! If you don't want to take the boat ride to faydwer, then go hunt the commons. A beastlord shouts, "My cousin's brother's guildmate got him to spawn by using /dance 500 times in a row at precisely 3am." i am a lvl 20 war and i have been in oasis and getting bored should i stay in oasis to fight nothing or is there any exp here in n ro can anyone help me????? Although the lore doesn't exactly fit the current story of EQII, they decided to m… Is anyone else having the same prob? Click here for the full list. It isn't great but its rare. So, it's 9/10 for me. EverQuest 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

The Desert of Ro is a large expanse of desert on the continent of Amaril. Yeah me 2 except nine 2 12 in about a day. He drops a Scarab Ring and 1H blunt weapon called Scepter of Rahotep. You can gauge the danger level of a given mob thanks to the more refined con system. One day I'm going to fly to Canada and open the curtains in your office. I love the combo of planetside in Maj'Duhl but wish there was more purpose to taking over towers than just the one quest. Once you put down at the dock at the Sinking Sands, you can venture through two other large outdoor areas or head towards the massive city of Maj'Dul. Don't train that Terrorantula over here!! They are fast spawns and need 2 tanks. go to Butcherblock or something- not NRo though. Mob level range: 72+ heroic

The first expansion is set within an Arabian Nights theme. The good and evil separation in the game is still pretty meaningless.

A beastlord shouts, "Ancient Cyclops!" A warrior shouts, "Ancient!" This is one of the best places to hunt for people that are levels 10-17. Keep in mind that the start date and end of (most) events is midnight PST, due to the location of the main office of Daybreak. People believed things such as kill every madmen, or only kill the wandering undead, or kill a "cycle" which included Terrorantula, and even to kill a mummy inside a small tower, but only at a certain hour (yes, people seriously tried that). The portal is by the dock in the Sinking Sands at -1444, -226, -407 Copy. Showing 25 out of 456. I've always wanted to see the ability to change the economies by attacking towns and suburbs. Just edit this page and make your mark on EQ2i! I've been camping this guy for like 20 whole minutes! Twelves years passed between the raids upon the coastal villages and the final raid upon the city of Sagara. O well, bye, Edited, Aug 4th 2006 at 9:53pm EDT by Kalysta,, Achievement: Hunter of North Desert of Ro, Achievement: Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem, COTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Topple the Ash Giants, LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: The Palace Grounds, LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact, PoR Level 70 Spell #1: The Key To The Past, PoR Level 70 Spell #2: The Burning Prince, PoR Level 70 Spell #3: Message to the Past, Takish-Hiz: Rescue Ambassador Plauh (Escort), Takish-Hiz: Rescue Explorer Jhenia (Escort), Takish-Hiz: The Sandfall Corridors (Collect Loam Samples), Access to Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance, Access to the Theater of Blood/Plane of Music, Exit From Takish-Hiz: The Antiquated Palace, Exit From Takish-Hiz: The Balancing Chamber, Exit From Takish-Hiz: The Prismatic Corridors, Exit From Takish-Hiz: The River of Recollection, Exit From Takish-Hiz: The Royal Observatory, Exit From Takish-Hiz: The Sandfall Corridors, MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM NO TRADE PRESTIGE AUGMENTATION, MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM NO TRADE AUGMENTATION QUEST ITEM, MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM NO TRADE AUGMENTATION. After clearing walk around the gravestones to get mummies to spawn. on an average day i might see 2. is anyone else having this problem, and if so how do i solve it. Voice-over emotes: Express yourself in a battle or expand your social circle with new voice emotes. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Okay i've read 3 posts on various parts of this board related to this and something needs to be made clear to all you Rahotep hunters... On TT he was killed yesterday and dropped his ring, I wish he dropped his 1hb though.

", a druid says, "I'm calling a GM, this is MY AC!!11!!".

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