the issue with enemy skill is tho that all enemy skills are hilariously bad and useless.. What Armors are you using on which character? My apologies. If you get a Game Over it puts you back before the last fight (no need to replay entire chapter or anything so drastic). By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. However, you’ll also need to manage your MP because if you use it all earlier in the chapter, then you’ll have none left against the bosses at the end of the chapter and will likely have to start again. After the credits roll, you’ll be kicked back to your options screen, and information panels pop up detailing what you’ve unlocked. Chapter 17 in particular is a HUGE pain. It’s not one of the challenge fights. I'm not biased. The reason being that you’ll want a dedicated healer in a group of 3. Takes ~10 seconds to swap 2 people’s materias to eachother with no hassle. Ive done 16 chapters on hard im on 17th i defeated the marlboro boss Aerith should always be your dedicated healer when she’s with you, but if not then ALWAYS prioritize healing over anything else. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Always smash crates! Yes sorry that’s a mistake on my part. There’s a decent chance they will contain Mako shards which replenish your MP. Steal - is it usually supposed to fail, most of the time. It’s the one where you fight about 20 Corneo lackeys at once. Do you replace one of Tifa and Barret with Aerith’s loadout? Maybe you didn’t buy the ones from the Moogle shop on playthrough 1, but even if you skip those you should be able to get all just from bosses. Can somebody answer my question? Ahh just seen your materia guide and that shows both. After my first playthrough I had only needed 1-2 manuscripts per character tops, which were obtained through boss fights along the way. You can’t use items at all and benches only restore HP (not MP). Getting one of these per character on Hard will unlock Weapon Level 6 and a new core for each weapon which offers a number of useful abilities. After defeating Bahamut you’ll again have to defeat the three lesser Whispers - attack a Whisper until its HP bar is empty, then keep attacking the same Whisper to damage the now-Staggered Whisper Harbinger. Once Sephiroth is Staggered you’ll get some in-battle scenes that sees you transported to a new battlefield, after which Sephiroth will return the favor. So after the 2/3 bridal completion in Chapter 9, wouldnt it be beneficial to do the 3/3 completion right after to get all the manuscripts in 3 and half the others at least before venturing on? ice linked with mp absorb. Deal damage to Sephiroth until he moves on to phase two, where you’ll be joined by one of your allies (for us it was Tifa). Press R1 when you are in the Materia allocation menu to bring up the materia slots for *every* party member. Manage Cookies / Privacy Policy, Write for TechRaptor They spam a move where Cloud gets stunned for about 20 seconds which I can’t seem to deal with. Where did you find the second magnify? So for hard mode, considering we follow your completionist route, that means the hard playthrough makes no sidequests on 3/8/9 which are huge income sources for extended manuscripts (and also exntended weapon lvls or is 6 the max? The first thing you should make sure you do from this screen though is to save. The 11 MATT doesn’t seem to be worth it over stuff like that. Check Out The Weapon Upgrade Guide Here! While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR. When placed on weapons, it gives your attacks elemental damage (8%, 15% or 23% depending on Materia level), whilst on armor it gives you resistance (of 50%, 100% and then absorption). A great tactic I’ve found for Cloud early on in hard mode is using ATB Stagger, First Strike, Steadfast Block, Refocus and Time (Haste) for Materia, combined with Transference Module. However, this is only on one weapon per character. It’s often best to run and save your MP than get involved in a needless scrap. Buy them from Vending Machines, they are available in the late game, e.g. Put it on either Cloud or Aerith. Cloud = Chain Bangle > Tifa/Barret = Cog Bangle > Aerith = Rune Armlet. The next phase is where the battle really picks up, as Sephiroth will use his various “Elemental Infusions” and associated abilities - along with a variety of attacks used in earlier phases.

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