Loading... Unsubscribe from Anima Gates? BOND 1 Height: 185cm If he uses his NP and all the other 6 Servants are present and Artoria doesn't counter with Excalibur, they all die, which'd be the perfect outcome for Tokiomi. FGO - ARASH Unlimited Stella Works Anima Gates. If translated to English, that would be Arash the Archer. What appeals to me about Arash is that his NP scaling with raw stats is absurd (so max Fou/MLB CEs with 2000+ Atk are huge on him, if you're not … Euryale - Stats, NP, Skill & Review. Hot Topic . Baccanoo!

Fuyuki is much bigger than a village. Hell, just Shinto alone is several times bigger. Since that story had Ozy and male Arthur, both fairly strong Servants, it should be a pretty good benchmark for him dealing with the 4th.

xNaya posted a brief video where you can defeat yourself by bringing two Nobois* and an Arash. if u have skadi and zerkerlot(np3++) why do u still need dante. Arash often smiles at and encourages people. Tweet; Share; Related Featured Articles. Overview Arash, the legendary archer of Iranian mythology, is one of the best Servants for farming and clearing waves.

And that they forgot this bit when they set it for 7 servants being needed to get to the root thereby making them resort to only using it for wishes. Waver, Rynnosuke, and Karyia should be easy to assassinate. * Noboi is my nickname for Nobukatsu. As a warrior for King Manuchehr, who is, dubbed the final king of ancient west Asia, he ended the war between the Persians and Turks that lasted 60 years. Learn all there is to know about 『Arash』 in FGO(Fate/Grand Order)! Although he is endowed with a composed character sufficient enough to instantly and meticul… In a alternative timeline, instead of summoning Gilgamesh Tokiomi gets Arash instead. Even in modern times, he is loved by the people of West Asia.
works, but I thought it only worked because of certain properties of Excalibur.

Arash is one the strongest Archers there is, which is especially impressive given how he essentially has no NP. A cheerful hero, abundant with righteousness.

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Since Arash tanked Arondight the other masters have no way of killing him. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 392.

Music Used : 1. Most Masters in the entire franchise would have no way of killing even an average Archer Class Servant.

They fought in Prototype and he respects him for that.

I'd place him as able to take on most Servants so long as he keeps his distance. I forgot to ask, but what is the status of the grail? Saber Servants Tier List.

Arash is strong enough of a Servant that he doesn't need his NP to match other Servants, even some as strong as the ones in the 4th HGW. Is Arash likely to stab Tokiomi in the back? JavaScript is disabled. Since his sister is …

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Arash (1★) When it comes to farming in FGO we have to talk about this Servant. With no Gilgamesh around to tempt Kirei into evil, Tokiomi will live far longer. Not only that he would have the help of Hundred face Hassan because of Kirei.

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Arash tanking Arondight is a total non-issue regarding the matter of killing him. In place of a Noble Phantasm, he can spam arrows at a ridiculous rate as well. SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. Does Arash have any notable feats in the Fragments of Sky Silver LNs? You can generally expect Servants that debuted in something other than FGO to refer back to events and relationships from their origin series. In regards to the Master who is attempting to regain human history, Arash will probably respond to him with all his powers. Spoilers. Being able to deal over 30,000 damage to single enemies widens his range of use greatly. Even now, he has not forgotten: how he once lived as a hero who saved the people, how he once waged everything for the sake of the people. (Spoilers), So what was the point of the Ushi Berserker subplot in Babylonia?

Only Kerry thought of that.

Well, Arash has that with longer distance. Still, I imagine Stella would cause tons of collateral damage in Fuyuki. Going by Arash’s feats in Fate/Grand Order, Arash’s arrows are insanely strong, capable of pulling an entire multi-ton clay slab with multiple people (and a giant shield) on top of it across 20 kilometers. Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budokai 3. Arash - Stats, NP, Skill & Review. ~ Gun 'n Roses 2. Ozy and Arash don't lay it on too thick though, because among the Prototype gang it's mostly Arthur, Paracelsus, and Jekyll who does that.

He can also be effective as an attack unit for some high-level Quests. Check Out Servant Tier List ! Tokiomi will realize that using Arash's Noble Phantasm is too risky so he will resort to having Arash assassinating the masters. Everyone.

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