The Land of Mystique‚ Oniland! Only after his massive buff to Intuition (ETA: June 2021), will he incorporate a more distinct identity as a Buster Critical Saber. While he does not have a particularly powerful niche, his performance independent of team setup and his consistency in both surviving and dealing damage land him a well-deserved spot in Tier 1. As Amadeus’s attacks are weak, good timing means really a lot here. – This servant is available from the very start of the game. Yet, while Sherlock offers a significant amount of support on his NP, his skills are largely selfish and mostly serve to help him gain access to his NP. Servants in this tier are extremely enabling and drastically improve the performance for many teams, although their usage is slightly more restricted and less widely applicable, being slightly more specialized than those in EX tier. His inability to boost his Star Gather also hurts his performance as a critical damage dealer, however. They are not necessarily different from their normal selves, but they are notably stronger. There is no denying that MHXA becomes a good Servant down the road, but much of her strength is absent on her initial release. Casters also have a special ability called Territory Creation. Like Spartakus it is best to take him through [Rank Up Quest] for a couple of times. When to consider:・if you got Craft essence that gives 50% NP boost・if you completed training of another attacker・if you are going to farm hard. Her unique combination of cooldown reduction, team NP charge, party heal and a targetable Art’s performance up buff is unmatched in the current state of the game. Also, note that experiences with these servants may vary from player to player, and it is up to you to maximize the potential of your servants. Regardless, Archer of Shinjuku is a solid Archer who can consistently give a passable performance in most scenarios, but does not have enough of a true niche to shine above his more specialized competitors. Along with her lack of survival, Maid Alter is thus difficult to support properly, especially without Skadi to improve her performance. Lancers are agile servants who are skilled with long-range weapons such as spears. His baseline performance can already give most of his Rider peers a run for their money, but he becomes truly ridiculous when properly supported, capable of looping his Noble Phantasm with proper support. He is a 3★ servant that is very reliable with his skills and his Noble Phantasm that deals massive damage.Â. In addition, she can increase her own Attack and provide Stars (albeit chance-based), increase her own Arts Card effectiveness and grant herself Debuff Immunity (not chance-based). you should aim to gather critical stars and use his powerful multi-target NP. The best of the best, these Servants can be put into any team and will vastly improve team performance by a significant margin. Foreigners and Berserkers take double damage from Alter Egos. His skillset is also by no means bad, but he is highly held back by the un-upgraded modifier on his Noble Phantasm, a lack of a Critical Star gathering buff, and the lack of Ruler enemies in general to make use of his class advantage. Check out the Tier List Explanation for a summary on each tier list placement! Unfortunately, at release, her pitiful base stats and poorly fit together skill set drag her usability down immensely in general situations, as her damage is simply too poor to make use of her NP refund while her utility does not hold together well yet. As one of the few Servants with the Foreigner class, Abigail is a welcome Berserker counter for any Master who dreads their otherwise universal class advantage. These Servants are among the best at their role. As of writing, the only known servant of this class is Mashu Kyrielight who is the player’s starting servant. The most unique aspect of BB (Summer) is her Faceless Moon skill, which will lock the currently dealt Command Cards for the next 3 turns. His skills are all short-term buffs and his stats are nothing extraordinary to help carry his weight. Although this is a rare ability among the cast, and has usage in a select few encounters, it is not quite enough to push her to the higher tiers. Will receive a skill upgrade in the future, granting her access to a particularly powerful targetable Star Gathering buff. If you think his passive skills are great, Merlin also possesses three active skills that players can utilize in battle: Merlin’s biggest strength lies in his Noble Phantasm called “Garden of Avalon.” His Noble Phantasm affects all allies making it ideal if you’re finding yourself in a pinch. Servants of this class are usually difficult to come across and are only available during a limited period.Â, Apart from these 13 classes, there is also a Beast class. Also, note that experiences with these servants may vary from player to player, and it is up to you to maximize the potential of your servants. She is extremely self-sufficient with fantastic NP generation and Star generation rates. Yet, she suffers from the general problem most Extra class Servants have: a frequent lack of class advantage. Saber Alter and her Rider counterpart are also very good. A rare trait is her ability to eliminate her weakness against Caster enemies, making her an Assassin that can stand up decently versus Casters. Any servants with a … This class is specific to an AI called BB.Â. There are three classes of servants, namely: Knight Classes, Cavalry Classes, and the Extra Classes. Consider playing Fate/Grand Order and experience one of the best roleplay-gacha games in the market! However, in FGO, you don’t need Rulers to govern over a Holy Grail War. Unfortunately, specialization is generally better over the long run as a Master's roster grows ever larger. However, they lack a true specialization to propel them to the top of the Lancer ladder. Yet, Anastasia does have some major drawbacks, namely her lackluster damage output and poor survivability. The Queen of Heaven’s kit does have a couple of weak points, as her only survivability tool has but a 80% chance to proc, and her massive attack buff can be tricky to fully utilize for less experienced players. Shielders are described as Masters of Defense. Fans of Jeanne d'Arc,dolphins, whales, and other aquatic mammals alike will find her an asset to any Arts team. Regardless of who you end up summoning, servants will not be at their best if the players themselves don’t invest time in growing their servants. She is capable of dealing heavy damage on single enemies and is a great servant if you’re looking for one who emphasizes offense. In works in the Fate franchise, Rulers are administrators and can use Command Spells. Rulers and Berserkers take double damage from Avengers. Her sustained damage is likewise on the weaker side, relying on her NP to do the heavy lifting. Tristan 4★, just like David 3★, has an ability to grant allies immunity, but both are worthwhile to be trained. You can get 50 of them once the maximum level is reached. Iskander is a cannon that often can shoot only once, but hits with a truckload of cannon fire. Furthermore, his access to only a single Buster card reduces his direct damage potential as well as making it more difficult to choose a right teammate for him. An AoE Quick Rider with an NP battery, strong survivability, and team utility, Achilles is a fantastic Servant with a clear and effective gameplan. in their names. But her powerful appearances in numerous films and games throughout the Fate franchise don’t necessarily mean that she is the strongest Saber servant.Â. Cleopatra is easily among the best AoE Assassins in the game. His long-lasting debuff Immunity after his second Interlude will make him more useful for some debuff heavy challenging encounters. Just remember to team her up with two other reliable servants and you will be a force to be reckoned with. Yet, her lack of just sheer Attack stats makes her a second best solution in a game where all-out offense is often more rewarding. He deals great damage and is great if you’re looking for a servant to open up a boss fight before using a more sustainable servant to replace him after he dies in a battle.Â, A popular face in the Fate franchise is the Cú Chulainn, a Lancer servant who is also the best low-rarity lancer that players can get from the general summoning pool. This is the only servant that you cannot sell or use an enhancement for other servants on. However, this also indirectly reduces her damage potential, as she cannot NP-B-B chain. They bear great hatred in the past and continue to carry these feelings as you summon them. it is fine to have this servant remain at level 1. The workhorses, Servants with good performance who will shine with the right team and against the right opponents. But seeing as it’s not the only one in the market, you might want to take a look at some of the best mobile games to cure your boredom. Their team support is so powerful that the most powerful teams revolve around them. However, with this in mind, Rulers are very powerful servants and the servants of this class are very difficult to obtain. Typically they have some weaknesses that can be readily compensated for by supports. By virtue of being an Avenger, Dantes has an extremely high Attack stat. 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