Our support desk in Washington, DC primarily serves our North American customers, and our support desks in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany; Madrid, Spain; and Paris, France) primarily serve our European customers. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakfbbb9d1c5d4932c2454d2716404b64ac').innerHTML = ''; Cogent serves over 207 markets in 47 countries across its facilities-based, all-optical IP network. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Gemalto Thales, as the fingerprinting vendor, we have been experiencing several requests from fingerprint site locations offering limited hours or temporary closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Statement Concerning Modern Slavery Act (UK). var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Make sure to have your Customer Account Number or Order Number ready for your call, and include it in the subject line of any email you send. addy529d56e554d45540d95c2bbd4e96fd93 = addy529d56e554d45540d95c2bbd4e96fd93 + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com'; var addy7b07a1484286c85525ecd83a0b601d6d = 'support' + '@'; addyfbbb9d1c5d4932c2454d2716404b64ac = addyfbbb9d1c5d4932c2454d2716404b64ac + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com?subject=Service%20Complaint%20--%20Customer%20ID:'; var addy74d6afb179b09fcff44bbb19c59f525a = 'australia.complaints' + '@'; Acceptable Use Policy - Legal Matters - Privacy Policy - CCPA - GDPR - Contact Cogent Webmaster - Net Neutrality - Statement Concerning Modern Slavery Act (UK) - COVID-19. document.getElementById('cloak6f496bacff0502b56e0c9199d647320c').innerHTML = ''; This website is provided for discussion purposes only. addy6f496bacff0502b56e0c9199d647320c = addy6f496bacff0502b56e0c9199d647320c + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com'; Click here for a message to all fingerprint sites regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation Maintenance Notification: All applicant processing services will be offline for regularly scheduled maintenance every third Saturday of each month. Cogent is one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers, delivering high quality Internet, Ethernet and Colocation services to over 88,100 Enterprise and NetCentric customers. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. var addy_text65a20fad7b48f7a633a0918077603d72 = 'eu-support' + '@' + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak65a20fad7b48f7a633a0918077603d72').innerHTML += ''+addy_text65a20fad7b48f7a633a0918077603d72+'<\/a>'; To monitor the current network status, please visit status.cogentco.com. This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy529d56e554d45540d95c2bbd4e96fd93 = 'eu-support' + '@'; document.getElementById('cloak529d56e554d45540d95c2bbd4e96fd93').innerHTML = ''; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy6deeeecd29ddd9e4a362b4323ed1dc08 = 'support' + '@'; var addy6f496bacff0502b56e0c9199d647320c = 'eu-support' + '@'; var addy_textf7870b7f3121979f6e6558055f6151ce = 'fr-support' + '@' + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakf7870b7f3121979f6e6558055f6151ce').innerHTML += ''+addy_textf7870b7f3121979f6e6558055f6151ce+'<\/a>'; Email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy_text63f61ece747648b9177ecf3a93c81107 = 'eu-support' + '@' + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak63f61ece747648b9177ecf3a93c81107').innerHTML += ''+addy_text63f61ece747648b9177ecf3a93c81107+'<\/a>'; Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy8d61db01245e0f44f611195bb303dda5 = 'eu-support' + '@'; var addy_textcfa4d1ae13ff3774bc714f5874a7bb78 = 'support' + '@' + 'cogentco' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakcfa4d1ae13ff3774bc714f5874a7bb78').innerHTML += ''+addy_textcfa4d1ae13ff3774bc714f5874a7bb78+'<\/a>'; Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots.

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