Other Endings. She’s held baby wallabies, hiked the grand canyon, swam with sea turtles, and lived in 34 states.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Comment. To get the rest of the endings, you won't need to go any further back than On the Loose. To collect all the endings in Heavy Rain, you need to complete scenes in certain ways so the right conclusions play into the overall outcome of the story. Meet all of those conditions and you'll be rewarded with a fairytale ending. The criteria for the remaining endings is as follows: After completing "Perfect Crime", you will already have: (New Start, Dead Heroine, Uploaded, Unpunished) For the following endings, do them in the order below. Don't jump ahead and do #4 before #2. He's unable to deal with not solving the murders. The more emotionally charged, the murder was the more satisfying justice is. “it is part of the maritime phenomenon which is linked to a fall in seawater surface temperature in the middle and eastern sections of the Pacific Ocean. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Wrongfully accused Ethan is exonerated when his innocence is proven. Each character walks away from this ending alive and well. To unlock this ending, Ethan must reject Madison, and she must survive. “For example, last Saturday, a 70-kilogramme crocodile appeared in an abandoned mining area in Kampung Ladang Sentosa in Kuala Nerus and the reptile was captured by a group of anglers,” he said. If a villain is charismatic enough, they can even win over their own supporters. In a scenario as dark as the main plot, closure is as close to happiness as some characters can ever get. Norman has a couple of happy endings. Danyell has been an assistant to the stars, STEM educator and freelance writer for over 5 years. Ethan chases after him playfully. Here'show to get each one. He vanishes before she can look back up at him. He feels like he broke his own code and got too close to the investigation. She leaves Shaun and Ethan alone to talk. RELATED: Ghost Recon Breakpoint To Have Multiple Endings, But Dialogue Choices Won't Impact Them. Norman leaves behind his ARI stating it won't help him in the real world and It's implied he kicks his drug habit too making this a very happy ending. Heavy Rain: The 11 Best Endings In the Game (And How To Get Them) Heavy Rain is an emotional, strange game, but here are 11 ways in which things work out for the best, and here's out to make it happen. If Shaun is not rescued Lauren has an ending that brings little solace but feels so good. Fredolin said the La Nina phenomenon which usually occurs once in three to five years, affected the country in the past few months and it would continue until the end of this year or next year. Perry seems to understand and he offers to let Blake keep Norman's ARI glasses. She not only survives, but she also thrives. This final act of dishonor against Scott provides closure. Heavy Rain is an emotional, strange game, but here are 11 ways in which things work out for the best, and here's out to make it happen. Once inside the virtual environment, Blake finds a likeness of Norman.

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