The three major ways that globalization has effected Italy are: 1) Italy has a high import on food and other products that are used to manufacture goods. Hopefully we will be able to see a change in the near future. Schools and universities across the country are beginning to redesign learning spaces to enable this new model of education, foster more interaction and small group work, and use technology as an enabler. The other things that modern technology affects are human interaction. We need to understand that, in Europe, the impact of the epidemic is currently different in different countries, and at the moment some are more affected than others. The outbreak in a single region or country quickly becomes a common problem. Still, the lockdown came too late, especially in some badly affected areas such as the Bergamo province. and after they are completely created, the shirts are shipped throughout the world for everyone to buy- not just one country. Italy’s political geography has been conditioned by this rugged landscape. Individuals had to travel to centers of learning to get an education. The coalition government of the populist Five Star Movement and the center-left Democratic Party has been much better at enforcing lockdowns than at designing a strategy for what will come later. However, because of the access to information and educational opportunity that technology has enabled, in many classrooms today we see the teacher’s role shifting to the “guide on the side” as students take more responsibility for their own learning using technology to gather relevant information. The coronavirus caught the coalition by surprise. Although Italy is not hurting nor helping themselves they seem to be a pretty stable economy. Even though some countries are not as heavily affected by the virus now, they will suffer consequences from a complete disruption of another country's economy, like what has happened in Italy. It makes culture become more interconnected and causes cultural mixing. No need to be fancy, just an overview. This approach would bring Italy closer to Singapore and South Korea, which have done a better job at containing their outbreaks. These steps should be temporary, in theory, but they could prove hard to reverse — acting as a major disincentive to much-needed inward investment. Italy’s public administration has struggled to distribute subsidies to those affected by the economic crisis. ( Log Out /  The rules in Canada for education are also somewhat strict, you need to be have Canadian citizenship in order to be allowed at school, also to be allowed in school. Very well informed on Italy's globalization system. In the traditional classroom, such as what we see depicted in de Voltolina’s illustration, the teacher is the primary source of information, and the learners passively receive it. Was very impressed to read grapes is a top resource produced in Italy. Well, in reality, things have been changing very quickly during the past few weeks, which is similar to what you're now seeing in the U.S. As the Italian government has introduced even stricter rules on people's movement and interactions, we accordingly decided, unfortunately, to close our building and campus. Italy depends greatly on the economic well-being of many other countries in Europe, because if something does go wrong, Italy is also directly affected. The scene is easily recognizable because of its parallels to the modern day. The Italian government has had a mixed record in handling the pandemic’s early phase. The effect of the epidemic could be more widespread, and as a result we might have a stronger push toward economic and political integration for the EU. Sudden and Total Clarity About the 2020 Election, A Chinese Vaccine Could Save American Lives, Sheldon Adelson’s Last Roll of the Dice May Be His Boldest. The particularly severe outbreak in Italy has centered on the country's northern regions, including the city of Bologna, which is home to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Europe. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Throughout the country, doctors and nurses have struggled with shortages of protective equipment, which have sometimes cost them their lives and helped spread the virus in hospitals. It is because of modern technology, we are able to go anywhere by using transportation technology. We were the victims of our own successful health system in a way. These problems, if sustained, will make it much harder for the country to recover. Political Globalization:        97.71 At the moment, the U.S. has one advantage in responding to the shock in comparison with Europe. The people in Italy benefit from these great opportunities. A 14th century illustration by Laurentius de Voltolina depicts a university lecture in medieval Italy. Italy will need support afterwards as well to deal with its already unwieldy public debt, which will grow substantially. A 14th century illustration by Laurentius de Voltolina depicts a university lecture in medieval Italy. In medieval times, books were rare and only an elite few had access to educational opportunities. The government is considering lifting some of the restrictions it has phased in since the start of March. The problem is we completely underestimated how contagious COVID-19 is and the implications for our demographic structure, with higher numbers of elders. Consider these two questions from author and clinical counselor, John Van Epp: And it’s very hard to control. Economic Globalization:    70.28 These problems, if sustained, will make it much harder for the country to recover. In recent weeks, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic has moved from China and East Asia to Italy and other Western nations including the U.S. There was a general sense that our health system, throughout Europe, was superior and more robust, which would make the virus easier to contain here in comparison with Asia. | People do things about technology every day, such as transporting, and machines factoring, and it made up a chain reaction, and this kind of chain reaction made countries globalizing faster.

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