Many, including us, have tried to untangle the convoluted timeline that tenuously ties together The Legend of Zelda games. The same remains true for Breath of the Wild, which acknowledges this long history that continually repeats itself. Link and Riju then stop the Divine Beast from zapping everything, and Link climbs inside. According to prophecy (and Nintendo executive order), there will always be Links, Zeldas, and Hyrule in one form or another. Depending on the game you’re playing, it exists in different forms. An account of Hyrule Kingdoms rise and fall. He's the best archer in all of Hyrule, and he can fly. If you have been playing, but are finding the story a bit complicated or just can’t find certain memories and other exposition in the game, continue on to see the great story that Nintendo has created. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally out, and plenty of players are diving into the wide-open kingdom of Hyrule as they work to push back the evil that Ganon has spread throughout its land. She gives Link her healing power, and readies Ruta to strike Hyrule Castle upon Link's word. Revali's spirit appears to pilot Medoh once more, and give Link his signature move: Revali's Gale. Zelda turns around as if sensing something. The ghostly old king directed Link to Kakariko Village, where he was able to chat with his old, unremembered friend Impa. Their timed strike halves the health of Calamity Ganon, giving Link more of a fair fight. Link’s mission is to travel to each kingdom and regain both allies and the Divine Beasts that were entrusted to each of them: You can of course go straight to Ganon, but since that led to an ending where everyone died, it’s best to get the weapons developed to destroy the evil first.
Unbeknownst to her, this day turns out to be years and years away. She says that she cannot hear the voice inside the Master Sword, but rather than worry about her powers, she says that she's fine if she doesn't have them anymore. There are certain areas of Hyrule that aren't exactly the best for Hylians to go climbing about in. This puts the weight of the world on her shoulders, along with those of Link.

Zelda blamed herself, and the relentless Guardians proved to be too much for even Link.

Leading up to all these events – the return of Ganon, her role as one of the heroes, the death of those she loves – Zelda isn’t the uplifted spirit she can be seen as in several other series entries.

She recognizes that everyone will need support, makes sure everyone knows that Link is the hero who must survive if they are ever to defeat the evil that’s spreading. Likewise, the prophecy also ensured that two heroes would be present each and every time, incarnations of both Zelda and Link.

But, this is The Legend of Zelda, and if there’s one character that lives up to their potential i this game, it’s Zelda.

Just before one could strike the killing blow, Zelda leapt in front of Link, her power finally, finally awakening. To the northwest of the game's massive map is the Hebra region. He is then placed into the bath that he finds himself in when he awakes. Later, up on a hilltop with Hyrule spread out before them, Zelda and Link (well, just Zelda) talk about what to do now. There are blue petals playing on the wind as she looks up at Hyrule Castle, a little less sad than before.

Zelda is also bound to her role as the princess touched by the goddess; sometimes she is the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylia, and other times she is favored with wisdom and mystical power of the goddess Naryu. In the Zora palace, Link regains his memory of Vah Ruta's Champion, the princess Mipha. It worked perfectly the first time, so they figured why fix what ain’t broke. Although trapped, the Calam… The games span decades and feature varying art styles, but the story is always familiar: a warrior named Link comes to the aid of Princess Zelda of Hyrule, and opposing them on the side of darkness, Ganon or Ganondorf greedily plots to gain power. Their work is done, and now that the evil is vanquished, they are free to pass on to the next life. Hyrule knew that Ganon would return, and so they looked to their old strategies to prepare. As soon as the spirit manifested itself in the world, overtaking Hyrule Castle, it fired off its corruption into every machine, killing hundreds and trapping the souls of deceased champions within the beasts they controlled. The forces of all the kingdoms were already mounting an attack against Ganon when it started to spread the corruption. In this timeline, Link is one of the greatest warriors in Hyrule, and is recognized as the Hero of Time who has come before (Zelda clearly references Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, and Twilight Princess) after the Master Sword chooses him. All Link has, in Revali's opinion, is that little sword that seals the darkness. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it had become the pinnacle of technology and civilization, ushering in an era of power and peace. Successfully following the path will allow Link access into the Korok Forest, where the Great Deku Tree slumbers among the mischievous little spirits of the land. Until the next time, because as we've learned, there will always be a next time. They disappear, King Rhoam lingering just for a moment as his daughter walks away. He tries to lock her into a singular role, crushing her spirit. This old guy makes a deal with Link, promising that if he can unlock some shrines, then he'll give Link his paraglider, which would allow him to get out into the wider world rather than just the Great Plateau. The entire Breath of the Wild story explained, © 2020

Let us break down the story and ending for you. Naturally this puts her in danger, but she’s made up her mind. This is the moment that Calamity Ganon decides to appear, shaking the land. How convenient.

With her power awakened, the princess is able to set the stage for another attempt on Calamity Ganon's life another day. That old man you soon run in to seems to be a bit of a jerk at first. She resolves herself to step food on the battlefield, even despite not have the combat skills that everyone else has. Link is given the power of Daruk's Protection, allowing him to summon up a muscle-y force field when needed. Under the gameplay and mechanics, however, is a gripping story that will uncover the events that lead to Ganon’s rise, and Link’s place within this world. The Hylians also created thousands of Guardians, the tentacled automatons you can see in trailers and throughout the game’s world.

Through Link's memories, we learn that history was bound to repeat itself. Revali, in fact, was a little insulted that he wasn't the Chosen One. Just riding around, gathering ingredients and occasionally bashing a Bokoblin is entertaining when set in such a beautiful world. In the lofty village, Link recovers his memories of the haughty Champion Revali, the only champion who didn't take much of a shine to the hero with the Master Sword.

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