Esther Zuckerman returns to the podcast to discuss how her friendship with David started on rocky ground, and their eventual bond over lunches.

They're like sacrifices at the altar of a few good movies or at least some good money. Such copies generally contain original recorded sound that will later be re-dubbed, stock footage as placeholders for missing shots or special effects, and animation tests for in-production animated shots or sequences. there’s no score). Of the film’s intended musical version, it was jettisoned after an especially vicious test screening. Guest(s), Credit to blankie Jake McKay for providing the bootleg for review purposes, Griffin's impressions of Albert Brooks, Julie Kavner, and their hypothetical if-they-mated offspring: pretty good, Griffin's impression of Pacino: a little rusty but definitely sharing a common ancestor with Kavner/Brooks/Nolte. Speaking for myself I can attest that, crummy though I’LL DO ANYTHING is, I’d much rather watch it than sit through LA LA LAND again!, "i dont understand you!!!!"".. Phoebe and fellow American Julian Peters meet in Rome, find a lost dog, and agree to return it to Monte Carlo to split the five thousand dollar reward.

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", was reprised six times during the musical, and one reprise was during a childbirth scene where "Wow!" Julie Kavner's character develops some kind of goofy Liar Liar disease.

I’ll confess I was expecting a cinematic outrage on the order of THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED, but in fact I’LL DO ANYTHING in its musical format plays like most all truly bad movies: dreary and dull. Why does Griffin insist on singing the horrid song “You Are The Best?” Is this episode haunted? When estranged (and strange) ex-wife Beth dumps their daughter Jeannie on Matt, father and daughter have a lot of adjusting to do.

Ep I'll Do Anything Brooks claimed he wanted to make a parody of "Hollywood lifestyles and movie clichés" with an old Hollywood musical. It's odd that the film felt the need to explain that the Julie Kavner character's compulsive honesty is a side effect of her medication.

More wedding-reception-band music! A bitter ex-husband wants his former spouse dead. Nick Nolte Albert Brooks Julie Kavner Joely Richardson Tracey Ullman Whittni Wright Robert Joy Rosie O'Donnell Ian McKellen Jeb Brown Joely Fisher Vicki Lewis Anne Heche Angela Alvarado Suzzanne Douglas Maria Pitillo Ken Page Joan Giammarco Joel Thurm Dominik Lukas-Espeleta Justina Hardesty Jake Busey Harry Shearer Patrick Cassidy Woody Harrelson, James L. Brooks Penney Finkelman Cox Polly Platt, 115 mins  

As was his custom, ol' Canyon Jim took several years between Broadcast News and this movie, but he wasn't sitting around idle; he'd used the time to usher "The Simpsons" onto television. This movie is so boring.

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