All websites are published in Australia and are solely subject to Australian law and governed by Fair Use principals for news reporting and research purposes. John F. Kennedy instigated the creation of INTELSAT with his speech to the United Nations on the 25th of September 1961. Transform.”. Intelsat makes the Olympic Games in Sydney available to a record 4 billion people worldwide, as broadcasters use more than 40,000 hours of capacity provided by 10 Intelsat satellites.

INTELSAT was originally formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) and operated from 1964 to 2001 as an intergovernmental consortium owning and managing a constellation of communications satellitesproviding international broadcast services. In 1961 the U.N. General assembly claimed, “communication by means of satellites should be available to the world as soon as practicable on a global and non-discriminatory basis”. Intelsat broadcasts the world’s largest high-definition music event in history, Live Earth. The United States had benefited the most from the privatization along with many but not all the member countries of the international organization. Connect. Addressing concerns about the satellite industry and a potential international capacity glut, Mr. Kullman expressed strong belief that, on the basis of Internet growth alone, user demand will justify industry supply. Read how Intelsat ensured optimal farming conditions and fish vitality while maximizing productivity. With 1997 revenues of over US$960 million, the Intelsat system provides voice/data, video, and Internet services to over 200 countries and territories via satellite. Intelsat combines its industry-leading network of satellite and terrestrial facilities to broadcast the world’s largest high-definition music event in history — a 24-hour, seven continent, 150-performer concert — to a viewing audience of more than two billion. The decision grants INTELSAT full access to the U.S. market to provide satellite services to, from, and within the United States effective upon privatization. The investment aligns the Intelsat satellite fleet with customer requirements, such as broadband infrastructure for air and sea, and high-powered land mass beams for direct-to-home video applications.

On April 12, 1989, Intelsat delivers the first international digital HD transmission between the U.S. and Japan, continuing its role at the forefront of technology innovation. Intelsat broadcasts the world’s largest high-definition music event in history, Intelsat commemorates the founding of the commercial satellite sector. 2001: Intelsat Privatization Intelsat becomes a private company – Intelsat, Ltd. – after 37 years as an intergovernmental organization. Intelsat satellites carries the first-ever live international video broadcast, the TV special “Our World.” The program concludes with the premiere performance of the Beatles singing “All You Need Is Love.”, Intelsat transmits television images of the Apollo 11 moon landing around the world.

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