Buy The Queen of Katwe: A Story of Life, Chess, and One Extraordinary Girl's Dream of Becoming a Grandmaster by Crothers, Tim (ISBN: 9781451657814) from Amazon's Book Store. Mira Nair directs David Oyelowo, Madina Nalwanga, and Esther Lutaaya on the set of. Learn more about the Queen of Katwe true story by watching a Phiona Mutesi interview and documentary below. Phiona is worried that soon the men will start coming after her. “But there was also a vibrancy to it. This website is certified by Health On the Net Foundation (HON) and complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. Also view a Robert Katende documentary directed by Queen of Katwe director Mira Nair. She warns him to leave her daughter alone or she’ll hurt him. Oyelowo is also a man of faith. But even if Katwe isn’t a blockbuster tentpole, the next big movie on his slate might be: director Ava DuVernay’s adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. For children growing up in Katwe, Mutesi's life brings them hope in a place where hope is in short supply. Oyelowo disappears in his roles, from an escaped prisoner in "Captive" to Martin Luther King in "Selma." -ESPN The Magazine, Yes. They just, like their protagonist’s signature move, had to be smart and aggressive. "I think it is the driver for him," Oyelowo said. It’s not about hanging your head and wanting to be saved by somebody who comes from the outside. Phiona lost the match, but Kagramanov commented later that she absorbs things like a sponge and posseses a gift that gives her the potential for greatness. Mutesi's unexplainable rise to chess champion began at this wooden hut in Katwe, where Ketende runs a recreation ministry for children. She and her family had moved to different locations in Katwe six times in four years, once because they were robbed of everything and another time because their hut was crumbling. As a result of the support she receives from her family and community, she's instilled with the confidence and determination she needs to pursue her dream of becoming an international chess champion. Enter: Lupita Nyong’o. Sometime after, she died, which left him feeling very depressed. It’s in a place called Katwe with people with funny names.' She's too scared to get tested. (It also may re-team DuVernay with her Selma star Oyelowo, who says they’re “in talks.”) It’s also another opportunity to bring diversity to the creators working for Disney, even if Nagenda says that’s “not a mission, per se.”, “One of the things in and around diversity or inclusion that I think gets overlooked is people simplify it to something that has to do with race or culture. In the fall of 2010, Phiona was selected to represent Africa at the World Chess Olympiad in Siberia, Russia as the second-seeded player for the Ugandan Team. He was lucky in that his boss at Disney, Sean Bailey, let him spend money on the film without a formal greenlight and without much interference, but Nagenda knew he had to really have the goods if he wanted to get the movie made. Every day Coach Robert and I train to make me a better chess player. Then Crothers’ article developed into a book, which found its way to Walt Disney executive Tendo Nagenda, also of Ugandan descent. Their teacher is Robert Katende (David Oyelowo), a former footballer and engineer, who has taken a position as a sports missionary to help these disadvantaged children. They have little food to eat and Harriet and the children all have to work hard to make a living. Eventually, all the kids helped. Director Mira Nair's movie about a young chess champion from a Ugandan slum is more art house than Mouse House. “Disney didn’t shy away from the reality I was bringing to them,” Nair says. I hope that catches people’s attention as much as the hue of the people onscreen.”, Most days consisted of searching for food and usually a meal of rice and tea. I wanted them to go help me sell maize, instead they would at times go for the game. "I chase great work. She took the title the following two years until the Uganda Chess Federation ran out of money to stage the event the fourth year. It didn't go down well with me then. Such is the case in Disney's upcoming film, Queen of Katwe. For example, the children call Phiona a pig. He helmed a movie about Walt Disney the man—Saving Mr. Banks—and made the studio’s live-action reboot of Cinderella, which garnered critical praise and more than $540 million at the worldwide box office. Birthdays are not recorded anywhere. At eleven, Phiona was junior chess champion of Uganda – then the national champion. The lessons took place inside of Agape Sanctuary, a loosely put together church with a listing roof and crumbling walls. A third match against Khaled Mona, the women's grandmaster from Egypt, also proved fatal, as did a fourth against Angolan Sonia Rosalina. "I'm so happy to have Coach Robert as my coach," Phiona said in 2010 at age 15. Our Story. The hotel marked the first time she ever had her own bed or a flushing toilet. The rights were purchased and production began. It’s a lot more than that for me, and I think for Disney,” he says. Walt Disney Pictures has revealed the colorful first Queen of Katwe poster, which you can check out in the gallery below! Now a Woman Candidate Master, the first step to becoming a chess Grandmaster, Phiona’s international competitions continue to be juxtaposed with the conditions of her home. Robert soon realises that Phiona is a chess prodigy and encourages her to enter tournaments, against her mother’s judgment. A brief documentary about Phiona was made in 2011 by the non-profit organization Silent Images, which you can see below: Starring David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong'o, and Madina Nalwanga, the film depicts the life of Phiona Mutesi, a girl living in Katwe, a slum of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Phiona grew up in the slums of Katwe, a crime-ridden area in the capital city of Kampala, Uganda. (, Yes. I chase David Oyelowo in every film I have seen him in. Her coach, Robert Katende, taught her about both God and chess. They shot primarily in Katwe, vying to bring an authenticity to a story whose truth is one of its most powerful draws. Everyday low … He brought on Nair, who in turn recruited her Reluctant Fundamentalist screenwriter William Wheeler to punch up the script. "He teaches me about chess and God. "My mother could no longer afford to pay my school fees." David Oyelowo, hot off of his turn as Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, was similarly interested in taking on the role of Phiona Mutesi’s chess coach, Robert Katende. Richard is washed from his bed and is seen hanging on by a rope. Disney didn’t shy away from the reality I was bringing to them.

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