He just picked it up and it appears 100% authentic and effortless. A lot of people have fallen away, but you are the people who stayed with it through tremendous effort, relentless resilience and fortitude. “PC: Do you think the character of Red would have been different if it was played by someone other than James? “But I left my room and walked two feet to his, knocked on his door, and he invited me in and offered me a chocolate.

Trey Songz Is Bringing Love ‘Back Home’ To R&B, Blackstarkids Are Ready To Take Charge On ‘Whatever, Man’, On ‘The L.I.B.R.A.,’ T.I. And there certainly is an agenda, in terms of the targets that he’s picking and the direction that he’s taking this little group. PLAYBOY: Considering some of the films you’ve made—Sex, Lies and Videotape; White Palace; Secretary—have women fans come on to you, and do they still?SPADER: Not particularly. Louis told me Anthony Hopkins is so very humble, a kind, giving and warm man and he is all of those things, even though he is held in such high-esteem and is Sir Anthony Hopkins and a fantastic actor, he does not see himself as being special. At the end of the day everyone’s goal is the same: we value everyone’s opinions, those that come from our cast and crew and those that come out of the writers’ room.

Man, how I loved him and Shatner in Boston Legal, especially the way in which Spader would humanize a character that was, well … odd.
First of all, he seemed like he’d be great fun to play in the pilot, but he also seemed like he’d sustain over the course of the season, and even over the course of multiple seasons. Count on things to get exponentially more eccentric, intense and even perverse whenever James Spader is on-screen. He is still living his life away from the FBI and, in subsequent episodes you see small samplings of him still conducting his nefarious affairs.

I had no idea about the character.

Even now, there’s never boys’ night out for me, no poker games or stuff like that. Real-Life James Spader Is Difficult Music

I deeply appreciate that in any actor. PC: But isn’t that what every actor does? Fallon gifted Spader a jazz record on vinyl, which led Spader to reveal he listens to music extremely loudly in his Greenwich Village apartment.

I don’t know a time when sexuality wasn’t the prism through which I saw the world. “I think the way you can do that is to create someone you can never be comfortable with.

I think it’ll be over the lifespan of the show that you start to discover more and more about him. CM: He is a wonderful actor! I love cooking, which I’ve done since I was a kid. The conversations can be frustrating.”, The shit hit the fan when Spader got a two-part script in which the secret FBI black site where Reddington meets his handlers is invaded by assassins aiming to kill him. It’s never safe.

Kind of off-topic and I apologize, but is this the last season? I want to know everything.” But I say, “Well, you can’t. But when I watch something like that, this exquisite performance, and everyone’s watching it – hearing this horrendous story of how Red found Dembe — and I’m sure there are people that are tearing up in the audience when they are hearing this. Everybody wants to see Red, they want to know Red, what’s he going to do next, how is he going to react. James is very active in the whole process. As things unfold, I’m sure that will change and develop.

Everybody from the writers, to Jon Bokenkamp, to the guests on the show are always like, ‘Oh, James is … woah!’.

It’s never been a “career” for me but a series of different jobs.

CM: We work in a very focused way and move through it rather quickly.

I love jazz and have buckets—no, boatloads—of jazz. It’s still early autumn here.

It’s like, ‘Okay, if that doesn’t work for you, what would?’”, Link to full interview: http://www.absolutemusicchat.com/music-qa-sessions/daniel-knauf-on-his-tv-writing-career-and-more/, (Excerpt from interview with Dave Metzger by Paula Courtney originally published April 20, 2017).

I was a terrible student. “I haven’t talked to him today yet,” says Bokencamp, “but last weekend, on his birthday, we were on the phone for two and a half hours, and on Thanksgiving, when I was in Colorado, I was out pacing on the phone for two hours. I don’t sleep particularly well. All rights reserved. BM: I was aware of The Blacklist as an NBC project before he had been cast. This stuff keeps him up at night. If there’s one thing New York City doesn’t need, it's more noise.


I like to get the record out.

He’s a strange bird, but it’s because of his obsessive compulsive disorder: “I rely on a certain routine,” Spader says.

DK: (Laughs) ‘Boggles the imagination’ it was and I was saying, ‘No, actually I think ‘staggers’.’ And James said, ‘No, I like ‘boggles’.’ And I replied, ‘Said the actor to the writer.’ And he just laughed and laughed.

PLAYBOY: Is it better to fantasize or to actually sleep with a co-star?SPADER: I think you can fuck things up, because anticipation and unrequited feelings are very powerful. I have to say, throughout the seasons I’ve come to learn more about him, but I think in the initial introduction it was mostly me sharing my history but later on, through conversations with him, I learned about him, what he likes, what he does; so him sharing details about his life, with me, came much later.

That’s why I say you have to demand that sort of respect right away, right up front. By his own admission a poor student, he ditched high school to head for Manhattan, where he studied acting while working odd jobs including shoveling horse manure at riding stables and mopping floors.

It allows you to dispense of it quite easily when you go home at night, and jump into your own life and spend time with your family. If something malfunctions or it doesn’t perform, James is the guy who is going to end up in the fiery crash.

I have to tie it up tightly in a box, throw it right out the fucking window into a river and let it sink to the bottom. PC: I read there was a scene cut where Red was asking if you had a record player, and handed you records by the likes of Chico Hamilton and Fred Kats and wondered, with James being such a huge music fan, if he was like, ‘Oh you have got to listen to this!’ Or is it not that kind of relationship you share? Ultimately, in acting you’re always pretending you’re angry or a bad guy or that something is down the hall that isn’t actually there.

I like to travel, walk through a city and go to museums and galleries. I ask you this because I know you are a fan of TV show ‘Westworld’.

You do start to see, in subsequent episodes, how he conducts business with the transition from him being a prisoner to working out the parameters of his deal with the FBI and the Department of Justice. And to this day I’m still approached by the largely African and Muslim community, because it is very rare that you see a character speaking Arabic that’s not blowing up something, or being the evil guy, or the bad guy and we don’t see many characters speaking Arabic in an intimate moment, or an honest moment.
“PC: Fans – well okay, usually females who own the Blue Ray of series 3 – have mentioned a lot, in various forums, how much they like the scene that was cut showing James Spader pulling on his trousers. How do I go back there? When David Mamet was doing a television drama called “The Unit”, he said making a film is like running a marathon, but making an hour-long TV drama is like running till you die.”.

At an extremely early age I was always the first one to say, “Let’s play doctor,” with every female neighbor. You will never mistake a James Spader character for anyone else. One of the things I’ve seen him do, which I’m going to incorporate into my own actions is…I have never seen before…usually an actor comes to the set, they have their lines and the first thing you do is, you see the person and the director’s there and you say, ‘Okay, let’s run the lines and create this.’ James will come in, and one the first things he does is he takes in the surroundings of the set, and he will be like, ‘Okay, that lamp would be over here,’ or, ‘that shade should be a different colour,’ or, ‘you know what…the sun would have set,’ or, ‘my hat would have been over there’.

You just must trust me in terms of that.” That’s hard, because you feel like you’re patronizing, but I believe with all my heart that the best way to ruin this character is to tell too much about who and what he is. No copyright infringement intended.

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