“Fantastic, honored, proud, ecstatic — those are the kind of words I can think of right now,” Baez said. Perseverance is based upon the Mars Science Laboratory heritage architecture, and as such is a … The rover’s astrobiology mission, developed under NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, will search for signs of past microbial life. As our instruments investigate rocks along an ancient lake bottom and select samples to return to Earth, we may very well be reaching back in time to get the information scientists need to say that life has existed elsewhere in the universe.". For more information on Perseverance and its mission, visit the mission website.
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. “It was an amazing launch; very successful,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said during Thursday’s post-launch news conference at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is on its way to the Red Planet to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to send back to Earth. Launch: July 30, 2020, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida Landing: Feb. 18, 2021 Landing Site: Jezero Crater, Mars Mission Duration: At least one Mars year (about 687 Earth days) The data acquired during these flight tests will help the next generation of Mars helicopters provide an aerial dimension to Mars explorations – potentially scouting for rovers and human crews, transporting small payloads, or investigating difficult-to-reach destinations. On a calm, clear, and beautiful Florida day, that’s exactly what happened.

See what NASA and industry leaders have to say about today’s successful Mars 2020 Perseverance rover launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida — and get the latest information on the status of the spacecraft — during a post-launch news conference, beginning at 11:30 a.m. With two days to go until NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover blasts off on its seven-month journey to the Red Planet, everything is proceeding as planned. There is a two-hour launch window. “Our LSP engineering team diligently worked through multiple milestones to achieve launch readiness,” Quinn said. Ingenuity, a twin-rotor, solar-powered helicopter attached to the belly of the rover, will become the first aircraft to fly on another world. "Perseverance is the most capable rover in history because it is standing on the shoulders of our pioneers Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity," said Michael Watkins, director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. “When we started 2020, we knew we were going to have a big year at the spaceport,” Kennedy Deputy Director Janet Petro said. Social Media Lead: NASA's Perseverance rover will seek signs of ancient life by studying Martian terrain that is now inhospitable, but once held flowing rivers and lakes. Vertical lift aircraft, including helicopters, is something NASA researchers have studied since the earliest days of flight.
“COVID has placed a heck of a burden on us to get through this,” Launch Director Omar Baez, LSP, said during Tuesday’s NASA Edge Rollout show. Designed to demonstrate that converting Martian carbon dioxide into oxygen is possible, it could lead to future versions of MOXIE technology that become staples on Mars missions, providing oxygen for rocket fuel and breathable air. The mission addresses high-priority science goals for Mars exploration, including key astrobiology questions concerning the potential for life on Mars. “In 2026, we’re going to launch a mission from Earth to Mars to go pick up those samples and bring them back to Earth,” Bridenstine said.

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