The weightlifters sigh at the tiny bus they’ve been given to ride to the training center. Thanks Lollipip! The chicken restaurant is bustling so Bok-ju arrives to help out, but Dad tells her to go back to school. I think any girl in BJ's situation would've fallen hard for JY, who's like a knight in shining armour. I KNOW RIGHT?! This one is my favorite of the currently-airing dramas right now.

Just like every couple, Jeong Joon Hyung and Kim Bok Joo's relationship isn't perfect. But when it’s his turn, not only does Joon-hyung drop the baton, but he proceeds to run in the wrong direction. And the Lee Jong-seok cameo, ohhhh... the minute the W OST started playing I could feel my heart squeezing in my chest. Comments. the first two eps of this week will be WFKBJ FTW! My Wednesdays and Thursdays are now filled with so much fun and sweetness between this and LOTBS and I'm so grateful.

She can experiment with a more "likeable" character and avoid getting typecasted as the mean, b*tchy characters (though she is so fun in those roles too!).

All cute though haha. exactly, this fat shaming is being ignored because story is oh so cute..tbh, growing up as a chubby person, i really hated it when people gave me that nicknames or call me that..its just hurt and it gives me low self esteem even after i've grown up..i still am not confident honestly.. i just felt terrible that this is being ignored, I was really craving for something uplifting and heartwarming in this gloomy weather, and finally here it is! fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); In the present, it’s Joon-hyung’s turn to save Bok-ju from drowning in the college pool. It could still rise in ratings though but depth and story wise I dunno. She puts her head down and tries to scoot away, but he stands in front of her so that she head-butts his chest. C'mon, any guy would be lucky to have her. AND AND ohemgee, is anyone else head over heels in love with Nam Joo Hyuk and his adorable wide smile with the gums showing?? Bok-ju’s friends are way more excited that she went to elementary school with the handsome swimmer than she is, and she whines that he’s much too tall and cool now. Similarly, NJH's returning to male lead after his stints as supporting characters due to his acting criticisms. And Nan-hee is also SOOO CUTE.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! Together they are as cute as a basket of kitties :D and the story seems perfect for us to enjoy the romance and the laughs.

I think they're both doing a good job of this so far. was HILARIOUS.

She's one of the best but then lee sung kyung makes me forget her bitchy annoying character as inha in citt. I'M IN LOVE WITH NAM JOO HYUK'S GUMS SOMEBODY HELP, Now I need to see the meeting between the Nam Joo-Hyuk & Jo Soo-Hyang characters.... I love highschool dramas like Sassy Go Go so I know I'm gonna fall in love with this show too (who am I kidding, I love this already lol) <3 I HOPE THEY KNOW THAT even if the ratings wouldn't reach record breaking there are fans all over the world rooting for them and for this show :). I didnt plan watching this, but here i am.. With my full expectation for thr next episodes. Thanks so much for the recaps!! hmm i didnt feel outraged at it- this coming from me who struggled with weight issues and was chubby in her teens.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e8f5d93baedb42c I don't think its realistic to expect the ratings to be above 10% but I'm really digging for this drama because it is just too cute!

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