While the episode is more serious and dangerous than its predecessor, it retains the enchanting mixture of fantasy, challenge, and humor that made the first game a hit with so many fans. The original game was released in 1989 while a VGA remake was released in 1992. Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero is a remake of the Sierra adventure/role-playing game Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero, designed by Lori Ann Cole.

Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers. Also, in the VGA remake, one poison cure pill lasts forever, as long as you don't get stung.

Click here, Social: Twitter | Facebook | The Hero must prevent the war then thwart a demon who may be loosed upon the world. The series was originally titled Hero's Quest. The developers discussed this in the Fall 1992 issue of Sierra's InterAction magazine, and an online chat room: "When we developed the concept for the series," explained Corey, "we wanted some unifying themes for the story. It is not to be confused with, Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero, "Sierra On-Line's Quest for Glory III Blends Role Playing with Adventure", "Quest For Glory Creators Turn To Kickstarter For Hero-U", "RPG Codex Interview: Corey Cole on Quest for Glory and Hero-U (Now on Kickstarter! This is what the creators originally had in mind: However, when Shadows of Darkness was designed, it was thought that it would be too difficult for the hero to go straight from Shapeir to Mordavia and defeat the Dark One. "One of the unifying themes," explained Corey, "is the growth of your character, going from being an adolescent Hero in the first game to being a young man in the second.

[12][18] The games are notable for blending the mechanics of adventure video games and roleplaying video games,[6][19][20] their unique tone which combines pathos and humour,[6][15] and the game systems which were ahead of their time, such as day-night cycles, non-playable characters which adhered to their own schedules within the games, and character improvement through both skill practice and point investiture. Each game varies somewhat from the tradition it is derived from; for example, Baba Yaga, a character borrowed from Slavic folklore, appears in the first game which is based on German mythology. Quest for Glory II is the only game in the series not to have originated or have been remade beyond the EGA graphics engine by Sierra, but AGD Interactive released a VGA fan remake of the game using the Adventure Game Studio engine on August 24, 2008.[13][33]. However, Sierra failed to trademark the name.

z o.o. In the VGA remake, of QFG2, some of the monsters have unique themes. But when push comes to shove, you're the one who's on his own, who has to solve the ultimate mystery. [13][19] Fraser Brown of the Destructoid blog considers the games: "one of the greatest adventure series of all time". "The binary succeed/fail form of adventure game puzzles tended to either make those games too easy or too hard," he wrote, "But most puzzles in Quest For Glory involved some kind of skill check for your hero.

It's a critical component in a series that – from the very beginning – was designed to be a defined quartet of stories, representing an overall saga with a distinct beginning, middle, and end.

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