National museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan,, Согласно опросу в Тайной экспедиции Сената, «В несвободной стране жил как свободный человек»,, Articles containing Bashkir-language text, Articles containing Russian-language text, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, the order of Salawat Yulayev of the Republic of Bashkortostan was established on 1 June 1998 (Постановление Государственного Собрания РБ от 1 июня 1998 года № ГС-400 «Об утверждении статута ордена Салавата Юлаева»), In 1954, the composers Husain Akhmetov and Nariman Sabitov ballet "Mountain Eagle". Following the defeat of the revolt Salavat Yulaev was captured and banished to penal servitude for life at the Baltic fortress Rogervik (now the city of Paldiski in Estonia). Of great semantic and emotive significance is the following fragment of the legend describing Salavat's meeting with the aksakals: “It’s unbearable,” the aksakals said, “we must protect our land... You are our hope, Salavat!”.

In 1940 a biographical film titled Salavat Yulayev was made in the Soviet Union by director Yakov Protazanov. Lossievsky (in the 19th century).

Salavat's fiery speeches, his poems did not leave people indifferent, inspired them to fight.

Under this manifest local authorities pursued everyone who pronounced the names of the freedom fighter rebels against Russian overlordship.

Dashkova is remembered as one of the first women in Europe to take over the directorship of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Russia.

Salavat Yulaev Ufa live score (and video online live stream*), schedule and results from all . Its premiere took place in 1959 at the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater, in which. A large number of songs about Salawat have been preserved.

яз.). Among the legends there are many stories about the Salawat family, about his relatives ("Salawat`s father", "Mother of Salawat", "Wives of Salawat", "The capture of Salawat", "Marriage of Salawat to a Russian girl", etc.). There was only a small garrison and small number of prisoners. The Bashkirs revolted most actively in the Peasant War of 1773-1775 under the leadership of Emelyan Pugachev. The tsarist administration favored breeders. In the village of Alka, Salavat district, a modern researcher Miras Idelbaev wrote down a text about the poet's written oeuvre: « My father says that Salawat always composed songs, bayits and, wrote them to paper and ... left them to people. The archive of the Ufa branch of the RAS contains several works of the hero poet, recorded by M. Burangulov (Ф. The museum of Salawat Yulayev in the village of Maloyaz (Salavat district of Bashkortostan) stores a copy of the saber of Salawat Yulayev. Russian folklore speaks of the older brothers of Salavat named Suleiman and Rakai. In 1919–1920, the political department of the Bashkir separate cavalry division published the newspaper « Salawat» . Yellow copper pen with the image of a lion's head and jewelry made of small stones. The road home may be obscured by snow, But come spring it shall melt – I'm not dead yet, my Bashkirs!" But they had to perform military service: they guarded the eastern borders of the Russian Empire, participated in the wars waged by Russia. In 1967, the largest equestrian monument in Europe was erected to Salawat Yulayev in the city of Ufa. Salavat asks his supporters to help them go free. Feedback Tverdyshev and I.S.

Salavat as a poet is also mentioned in traditions. These songs are grouped by Bashkir scholar Anur Vakhitov on three topics: “Salawat”, “Salawat-batyr”, “Salawat in penal servitude”. From the poetic works of Salavat and folklore sources, it was possible to find out that the hero had 3 wives. Documents signed by him have been preserved. The club is named after Salavat Yulaev, a national hero of Bashkortostan. Her name is Aznabika in folklore sources. To see Salawat in a dream- fortunately ("Salawat Form"). The documents do not indicate the name of the mother of Salavat. This means that these poems were stored in accessible places for scientists»,- written by A. Usmanov in 1968 (А.Усманов.

Salawat Yulayev (Bashkir: Салауат Юлай-улы; Russian: Салават Юлаев; 16 June 1754  – 8 October 1800)[1] is a Bashkir national hero who participated in Pugachev's Rebellion, warrior, poet and singer.

«In the second half of the 19th century, manuscripts of verses by Salavat were stored in the (state) archive or in the archive of any particular person, and they passed through at least 4 people (Ignatiev, Nefedov and their translators). These stories had an important influence on the formation of the character of Salawat. Despite attempts by the tsarist government to present the Peasant War of 1773–1775 as “an uprising of villains” and its participants as criminals and robbers, folklore emphasizes the liberating character of the war and portrays its participants and leaders as noble fighters for justice and protectors of the oppressed. He was held in general respect among Bashkirs and was a Bauermeister (district foreman). Legal disclaimer Sometimes Salawat comes to special saints (aulia) and warns them of something.

Against the previous submitted register decreased: This month of 26-th date, convicted slave Salawat Yulayev died about which I have the honor of reporting." The biography of Salawat Yulayev was studied by historians, local historians, writers and journalists: Inga Gvozdikova, Victor Sidorov, Radik Vakhitov, Miras Idelbaev, Khairulla Kulmukhametov, Ihsan Zalyaletdinov, Tarhan Zagidullin, Wilmir Safin, Abuzar Saifullin, Stepan Zlobin.
Мужи, седлайте аргамаков… ). Put into irons, they were sent to Moscow. Tekeyevo no longer exists, as it was burned in 1775. For loyal service and courage, Yulay Aznalin was awarded a silver sign in 1772.

In studies of the 50-70s ( XX century) only seven verses of Salawat Yulaev published by R. Ignatiev were mentioned. The defeat of the uprising, the executions of leaders served as material for the creation of ballads- beyetes ( "Song of Salawat", "Unforgettable Salawat", "Salawat Yulay").

On October 27, 1984, a ceremony marked the official completion of “the construction project of the century”, as the Baikal-Amur Mainline (the BAM) was declared operational.…. In his army were people of different nationalities. When you have few friends left, There `s no way out of the thistle. Legends and traditions peculiarly perpetuate the memory of their ancestors. – д. This essay was published in 1880 in the journal Russian Wealth. Salavat Yulayev Salavat Yulay was the national hero of the Bashkir people.

They say that she was an educated woman and had a great influence on her son. Not much is known about Salavat Yulaev today. “According to the Bashkirs of Verkhneuralskiy, the songs of Salavat himself,” wrote the local historian R. Ignatiev, “always ignited the courage of his soldiers ... Salavat’s songs, like improvisation, remained unknown” (Manuscript of the collection of R. Ignatiev «Сказания, сказки и песни, сохранившиеся в рукописях татарской письменности и в устных пересказах у инородцев-магометан Оренбургского края», опубликованного в «Записках Оренбургского отдела ИРГО». On 2 October 1775, their hands and legs chained, Salawat and Yulay were sent on two carts under "protection" to the Baltic fortress Rogervik (nowadays the city of Paldiski in Estonia) for life. Salawat Yulayev was born in the village of Tekeyevo, in Shaytan-Kudeevsky volost of Ufa province of Orenburg Governorate (now Salavatsky District) of Bashkortostan. Visit the site for panoramic views of the area. KHL, Season 2020/2021, Regular Season After years of competing in the low-level divisions the team was invited to the second level of the Soviet League "Class A" in 1964, subsequently getting promotion to the elite group for the 1978-1979, 1980-81, 1982-83, 1985-1986 and 1986-1987 seasons. Epic narrations about the events and people of a long past are called by Bashkirs riweyet, hikeyet, tarikh. Salawat's Poems Published in the 19th Century: In the Russian Empire poems by Salavat Yulaev were printed four times[5]. The translation was made in prose very carefully, while maintaining the meaning of each word. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Personality in Bashkir history: Salavat Yulaev." For example, "Salawat-batyr" about the battle of Salawat with the "king" Kirmasakal («Kirma-sakal»-bearded). Founded in 1961, the club is named after Salavat Yulaev, a national hero of Bashkortostan. By her order all participants of the Pugachev revolt were to be imprisoned forever, and their names should "be condemned to eternal oblivion and deep silence." Several years lasted Yulaya's lawsuit with the breeders Ya.B. Various forms of exploitation by the tsarist administration led to several Bashkir revolts in the 17th and 18th centuries, the largest of which occurred in 1773, led by Salavat Yulay. The last documented mention of Salawat Yulayev is dated 1800. Ignatiev, D.N. Folktales and legends about the Peasant War are an important source for understanding the history of the Bashkir people and its hero Yulay.

"Salawat-batyr", "Yulai and Salawat" give an idea of the hero commander himself and the reasons for the uprising.

The epic "Baik Aidar-sesen" tells about the previous uprisings of the Bashkirs, the atrocities of Murza A. Tevkelev against the Bashkirs. In 1754 Salavat Yulaev was born in the Orenburg province.

29). Many things in modern-day Bashkortostan are named after Yulayev, including a town, a cave, a hockey team, and the republic's State Prize. He wrote in Türks, which used to be a common written language for Turkic peoples.

Ufa Tourism; Ufa Hotels; Ufa Bed and Breakfast; Ufa Vacation Rentals; Ufa Vacation Packages; Flights to Ufa; Ufa Restaurants; Things to Do in Ufa; Ufa Travel Forum 445.- лл. Researchers compared the literal translations of the verses and songs of Salawat discovered by Russian researchers in the 19th century with the lyrics and songs of Salawat preserved among the Bashkirs. The loss of their lands and the growth of taxes and duties caused dissatisfaction among the Bashkirs.

Prince Nikolay Yusupov was one of the most remarkable statesmen and diplomats of his time - and one of the richest. If they went to the fight at once The enemy would run away in horror. In that month they were both dragged by their nostrils, and their foreheads and faces were branded. Four of them coincide with the publications of R. Ignatiev.

The historian Abubakir Usmanov wrote: “For official characteristics, we do not see the living Salavat, lyric poet, warrior poet.

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