I did pretty well here with barely any damage taken. 9.0 Master Core can be fought when going though Classic Mode on the highest difficulty, without getting a game over.The battle is separated in 6 segments:Master Hand \u0026 Crazy Hand: You start off fighting against the hands, but unlike a normal battle against the hands you now only have to deal an \"x\" amount of damage to defeat them. Head down the hallway outside your cell and you’ll end up above the room you were just in. She notifies you that she can see what you’re doing through the stone and that you can hear her through it. Recover anything it drops, as it may be a Joy Pendant. It can be defeated by either knocking it out or dealing an \"x\" amount of damage. Luckily for Link though, a little red boat comes to the rescue. Continue up the stairs and you will reach an area full of searchlights. The Second Sister is a character, enemy and the central antagonist in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It got pretty tense at the end.Master Shadow: Master Core's 4th form. If you fall, there is a ladder you can climb to try again. Whichever way you choose, pick up a stick and attack the Bokoblin before it attacks you. Enemies:Green Bokoblin, Moblin, Rat, Helmaroc King She relishes hunting down both Force-sensitives and political dissidents for the Empire. Getting caught is easier than making our way back to where we need to go, so if you fall down or get lost, get yourself caught and continue from where you were. It's mostly about remembering and taking down enemies here. There weren't too many mistakes here, with the exception of the Core's first attack, with I didn't block properly. Master Core / Master Fortress beaten on 9.0 difficulty in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. You will need four of these pieces to receive another heart in your life meter. Master Fortess has four phases:Phase 1: Relatively simple. You will eventually come to a gap that you cannot jump across. Walk straight across the room and head through the door nearby. It's basically a copy of your fighter, except larger. If you stay still while it passes over you, you’ll be safe, but if you move, you’ll get caught. Plasma Wisps can easily be defeatedd be grabbing (and throwing). Pieces of Heart:#1. This is to help prevent yourself from getting caught and thrown in jail. Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players; 4th Äbbelwoi Aces Tournament : Bavaria: DE: 20/10/24: Extended: Other: 12 MUDHORN CASUAL 3 AT RSH Walk over to the barrels on this platform and move behind them to find a chest containing the Compass. Walk around the corner and there will be another gap. Crouch in front of the hole and crawl into it, moving through so you can get back outside your jail cell. Use it to sneak down the path and past the Moblin, heading up the path to the left when you get there. 2.1 Pirate ShipProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 0/44Charts 0/46New in this section You should recognize this as the area where you dropped your sword. Continue straight down this hallway and through the door at the opposite end. Pieces of Heart help you to gain more life, therefore making your quest easier and more manageable. I'm fine with it though.Master Beast: Master Core's 2nd form (on high difficulties that is). Take it slow if necessary and stop if a Moblin comes near you. The game is fairly simple to win. Head back outside and Tetra will tell you to climb up to the lookout post. This room can be very tricky, so don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it your very first try. This one can be quite unexpected due to its fast movements. One is to use your shield and wait for him to attack. Take this Smash Ball thing down ASAP, because when waiting too long he's got a nasty surprise for you...(https://youtu.be/bs5GK4SI2i4)Sunny Crappy on Twitter: twitter.com/sunnycrappys Niko will challenge you to a game and promises you treasure if you succeed. When you get near the stairs Tetra will tell you that there’s a monster running the searchlight up there. As soon as you head towards the staircase you will hear a whistling noise and Tetra will begin talking with you. (If you time it correct of course) -- I had a good beggining but messed up at the end and also got a dead here. Unfortunately due to Tetra’s poor aim you also lose your sword and it lands onto one of the upper floors. It shrinks upon taking damage though. Simply swing across this room and go through the opposite doorway. Once you get the Piece of Heart, head down the hallway towards the Moblins and get caught by them.

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