One such failure in 2004, resulted in the destruction of the $100 million Ofeq 6 spy satellite. It was first launched on 19 September 1988 (carrying an Ofek-1 satellite payload), making Israel the eighth nation to have an orbital launch capability[2] after the USSR, United States, France, Japan, People's Republic of China, United Kingdom, and India. LK-1 – for 350 kg-class satellites in 700 km circular polar orbits. [10], The first of the Shavit vehicles were a small, 3-stage, solid-propellant booster based on the 2-stage Jericho-II ballistic missile and developed under the general management of Israel Aircraft Industries and in particular its MBT System and Space Technology subsidiary. Israel Military Industries Systems produces the first-stage and second-stage motors, while Rafael is responsible for the third-stage motor.[11]. It was first launched on September 19, 1988 (carrying an Ofeq satellite payload), making Israel the eighth nation to have a space launch capability[2] after the USSR, United States, France, Japan, People's Republic of China, and India. However, Israel is strongly considering using the Shavit for commercial launches as well in the future. The Shavit is also said to be made available for commercial launches in the near future. This Template lists historical, current, and future space rockets that at least once attempted (but not necessarily succeeded in) an orbital launch or that are planned to attempt such a launch in the future. [11] In 2001 a new French joint-venture, LeoLink, between Astrium and Israel Aircraft Industries, was created to market the LK variant. The jewel in the ISA’s crown is their only launch vehicle, The Shavit, making Israel one of only eight countries in the world that both build their own satellites and launch their own launchers. Past launches Mission Date Time; 1: Ofeq 16 Shavit: 06 Jul 2020: 01:00 UTC: 2: Ofek-11 Shavit: 13 Sep 2016: 3: Ofek-10 Shavit: 09 Apr 2014 Shavit small lift launch vehicle produced by Israel from 1982 onwards. Shavit (Hebrew: "comet" – שביט) is a space launch vehicle produced by Israel to launch small satellites into low Earth orbit. Test launches were made from Overberg Test Range near Bredasdorp, 200 km east of Cape Town. The first two stages are based on the nuclear armed Jericho intercontinental ballistic missile, confirming the military’s involvement in the development of its space program. The RSA-3 was produced by the Houwteq (a discontinued division of Denel) company at Grabouw, 30 km east of Cape Town. Israel used IndianPSLV in the subsequent launch, while upgrading the Shavit launcher. All launch vehicles would have had a small monopropellant hydrazine fourth stage. Shavit Rocket. However, the Shavit is launched westward (retrograde orbit) over the Mediterranean Sea to avoid flying and dropping spent rocket stages over populated areas in Israel and neighboring Arab countries. Both first and second stages of the Shavit-2 use the stretched motor design of the Shavit-1 first stage. [18][19] A much heavier ICBM or space launch vehicle, the RSA-4, with a first stage in the Peacekeeper ICBM class but with Jericho-2/RSA-3 upper-stage components was in development. Israel’s geopolitical history notwithstanding, the country’s space agency has had many successful space missions, all thanks to their wonder comet, The Shavit!

Shavit-1 Stages. We have created a browser extension. [24] It is believed that in 2002 development of the LK variant was discontinued. Safir Rocket. All launch vehicles would have had a small monopropellant hydrazine fourth stage. This name is no longer used, and this proposed upgrade configuration is now called Shavit-2. The Shavit rocket is a small lift launch vehicle capable of launching satellites in a retrograde orbit (due to the sea being to the west of Israel, and the undesirable flight route if launching to the east of Israel forcing the rocket to cross over hostile countries).

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