but on the flip side, only 4 ships out of the whole US tech line were paper ships.... http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/pastrecords/20190615/eu_2month/average_ship.html, I grabbed some popcorns and read the discussion, I passed some nice and funny moments. Juli 1936 zum Abschluss gebracht – zerschlug sich aber 1937 mit dem Beitritt Italiens zum Antikominternpakt. Dieses Geschütz, von dem ein Musterexemplar vorhanden war, sollte ursprünglich auf den Nachfolgeschiffen der Borodino-Klasse eingerüstet werden – es kam jedoch nie zu einer Bestellung dieser Schiffe. After the end of the war she was only 0.97% complete, with 2,125 metric tons (2,091 long tons) of steel assembled. = Ufficio Progretto, d. h. Büroprojekt). Is that all? Your problem. They had a fixed loading angle of 6° and their rate of fire varied with the time required to re-aim the guns. One pair was on either side of the tower-mast and the aft pair was on each side of the aft funnel. you get crap dispersion on all ranges, only veliky,izmail and sinop seem to get the supposed great dispersion from 12km. and I had 3-4 games where broadsiding Atagos and Baltimores just laughed at me while I kept overpenning them... Had a Mogami cross my bow perfectly broadside at 3.7Km to fire off his torps at me. Construction of the first four ships was plagued with difficulties as the Soviet shipbuilding and related industries were not prepared to build such large ships. Innerhalb der Marine und der zuständigen Schiffbau-Hauptverwaltung war man sich jedoch einig, dass man aufgrund der 15-jährigen Pause im Großkampfschiffbau den Anschluss an technische Entwicklungen nur mit Hilfe des Auslands überwinden könne. The Sovetsky Soyuz is quite an interesting ship in terms of armor. This is the same for all my stats at t10 except win rate, which is lower when solo. Über verschiedene Projektentwürfe kam man schließlich Ende 1936 zum Projekt 21, der unmittelbaren Vorstufe zum späteren Projekt 23. Another arched deck of the same thickness covered the stern aft of the rear transverse bulkhead. Die Mittelartillerie bestand aus zwölf Geschützen des Kalibers 15,2 cm. Anyway, I see no reason to clean this topic up so I'm locking it. The issue was resolved by Premier Stalin at a meeting on 4 July when he agreed to increase displacement to about 56,000 tons. Die unfertigen Großkampfschiffe wurden bis 1931 aufgrund der ökonomischen Situation, fehlender Ressourcen, geänderter taktischer Konzepte und des allgemeinen technischen Fortschritts sukzessive abgewrackt. It can't be that I am just bad at the RU BB style, I did very well in the t6-8 and the t9 plays very similarly. Can people be friendly when discussing in these topics? Die Panzerplattenfertigung musste hingegen erheblich modernisiert werden, um die maximal 495 mm starken Platten überhaupt fertigen zu können.

you get crap dispersion on all ranges, only veliky,izmail and sinop seem to get the supposed great dispersion from 12km and lower! The flag bridge in the tower-mast had 75 mm (3.0 in) of protection. It ranged from 2.0 to 2.6 rounds per minute depending on the elevation. They displaced 59,150 metric tons (58,220 long tons) at standard load and 65,150 metric tons (64,121 long tons) at full load, although weight estimates made in 1940 show that they would have exceeded 60,000 metric tons (59,052 long tons) standard and 67,000 metric tons (65,942 long tons) at full load. Trials with similarly shaped motor launches suggested that the hull's propulsive efficiency would be 1 knot (1.9 km/h; 1.2 mph) less than planned, and this was accepted in the November 1938 revision as a maximum speed of 27.5 knots (50.9 km/h; 31.6 mph). They were given 400 rounds each, 15.6-kilogram (34 lb) high explosive shells. [5], The design of KB-4, the surface ship design bureau of the Baltic Shipyard, was selected for further development although the lead designers were convinced that only a larger ship could fulfill the ambitious requirements. This forced the project to begin again. The main armor belt dropped down to the main deck from the upper deck abreast the aft turret to reduce weight. [27], Construction of all three ships was ordered halted on 10 July 1941, and Sovetsky Soyuz was placed into long-term conservation as the most advanced ship. Sovetsky Soyuz is a Sovetsky Soyuz class Battleship based on the incomplete Soviet vessel Sovetsky Soyuz. Construction of the other three ships was suspended shortly after Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, and never resumed. Luftaufnahme eines deutschen Aufklärungsflugzeuges der, Vgl. The belt was 148.4 meters (486 ft 11 in) long and covered 57% of the total waterline length. Some thought was given to completing her, but this was opposed as she was regarded as obsolete in light of the experience gained during the war. Twelve 56-caliber 100 mm B-34 dual-purpose guns were installd, each with a twin MZ-14 turret, elevating to 85°, depressing to −8°.

https://warship-girls.fandom.com/wiki/Sovetsky_Soyuz?oldid=23694. Their barbettes were 100 mm in thickness, but reduced to 65 mm on their inboard sides. The original deadline for completion of design work by 15 October was missed, and an incomplete version was presented to the navy's Shipbuilding Administration the next month. They were ordered by Stalin in 1938 as a PR stunt, but work wasn't started till 1945. In erster Linie betraf dies die Beschaffung von Plankonstruktionen und Materialmustern. Stalin's expressed desire to see one of the Project 23-class ships completed only delayed the decision to scrap her; this was ordered on 29 May 1948 and was well underway by April 1949. If you division with people who aren't very good at the game, but you play with for the good company, then your stats may go down compared to solo. Of course the Mogami's torpedoes didn't overpen and I went back to port. I have zero drives in a Formula 1 car, but I still know that they are faster than a hundred year old Ford T. Looks like you do not know it and have to drive both to learn. Die defensiven Schutzeinrichtungen orientierten sich an den italienischen Vorbildern. The ship is longer and than the Yamato, having a length of 269 meters; while the Yamato has a length of 263 meters. They fired 15.6-kilogram (34 lb) high explosive shells at a muzzle velocity of 895 m/s (2,940 ft/s); this provided a maximum range of 22,241 meters (24,323 yd) against surface targets, but their maximum range against aerial targets was 9,895 meters (32,464 ft), the limit of their time fuse. Der Unterwasserschutz bestand aus dem italienischen Pugliese-System und sollte eine Schutzbreite von 8,15 m gewährleisten – damit hätte der Rumpf theoretisch Torpedos mit Sprengladungen von ca. The forward conning tower had walls 425 mm thick while the rear conning tower had only 220 mm (8.7 in). Es besaß sowohl äußerlich wie in der inneren Aufteilung größere Ähnlichkeit mit dem zeitgleich bei Ansaldo für die Regia Marina in Bau befindlichen Schlachtschiff Littorio der Littorio-Klasse. Another change was the deletion of the centerline rudder when tests showed that the two wing rudders would not be able to counteract its effects if it jammed. The failure of the Soviet armor plate industry to build cemented armor plates thicker than 230 millimeters (9.1 in) would have negated any advantages from the Sovetsky Soyuz class's thicker armor in combat. Also, you might consider escorting a fellow Soyuz due to its lackluster secondaries and below average AA. Bereits 1932 waren diesbezüglich enge Kontakte zum faschistischen Italien geknüpft worden: Die UdSSR bestellte bei Ansaldo in Genua zwei Wachschiffe und 1935 bei Odero-Terni-Orlando in Livorno den Flottillenführer Taschkent. The main part of the armored citadel was closed off by a 230 mm forward bulkhead and a 180 mm (7.1 in) rear bulkhead, both of homogeneous armor. Die Panzerung war demgegenüber abgeschwächt und die Bewaffnung auf 10×40,6-cm Geschütze (in zwei Drillingstürmen achtern und einem Vierlingsturm vorn) sowie 20×12,7-cm Flak-Geschütze verstärkt worden. Three SPN-300 stabilized directors, each with a 4-meter rangefinder, controlled the heavy anti-aircraft guns. 100 rounds per gun were carried. Also, the turret shop at Nikolaev proved to be too poorly equipped to assemble the 406 mm mountings and the propeller shafts had to be ordered in 1940 from Germany and the Netherlands as the domestic plants were already overburdened with orders. The ship, which is named after the Soviet Union, was built by Baltic Shipyard in Leningrad and entered service in 1990. The Italian firm of Gio.

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