Fight scenes amateurish at best. A young woman wakes up in a deserted factory where she is hunted by an invisible force. Can they work together and get out alive? The beginning setup is of a tough lady with some fighting ability. Stalked is available in the UK via Central City Media. The main character leaves her five month old baby alone, that's burning up with a fever, so she can go out for a jog - because she's a fitness fanatic. A solid idea that loses steam towards the end, Stalked taps into every mother's worst nightmare and dwells on it for as much tension as it can get. The effects applied to the killer’s voice make him impossible to understand what he’s saying. and the Terms and Policies, And he’s enjoying playing with and tormenting his victims. Awards Instead of a quick trip, however, she ends up in a warehouse and stalked by something or someone she can’t see. She must fight the invisible man to get out and save her child. It also helps that Stalked runs a fast 82 minutes so there isn’t a lot of time for things to become stale.

Tess looks great after giving birth 5 months ago, she must be blessed to have a body that's bounced back so quickly. All of the exits have been sealed and her kidnapper is a serial killer wearing a stealth suit that makes him or her nearly invisible.

She must have missed quiet a few lessons of her military training, I hope so, if that's the best that they produce then the English are in trouble. Poorly done movie. Stalked certainly benefits from a compelling sounding premise, but unfortunately its extremely low budget restraints hinder the execution. Sam (Nathalie Buscombe) is on a hike/run in the woods. External Reviews All rights reserved. All Sam wants to do is get back to her baby, but now she must call back on her Royal Marine training and defeat whoever is stalking her. REVIEW: Written and directed by Justin Edgar (The Marker, Doctors), Stalked is an unexpected force. A lot of it is shot from the killer’s point of view. Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. …

Or to notice some of the plot holes. A female-driven action film set largely in one location, Stalked focuses on a young woman (RED 2’s Nathalie Buscombe) that wakes up in a deserted factory where she is hunted by an invisible force. Good to see a film that is solely based in England. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Technically inferior to most female heroine attempts. Sam is shown to be resourceful from the start, so we know she’ll find a way out of the warehouse eventually. With Nathalie Buscombe, Billy Cooke, Vanessa Donovan, Amber Edgar. Maybe the worst film ever made and I only watched the trailer and read the reviews. Review: STALKED (2019) January 4, 2020 June 8, 2020 Jim Morazzini British Film, British Horror, Central City Media, Horror Movie, Justin Edgar, Laurence Saunders, Movie Review, Nathalie Buscombe, Rebecca Rogers, Stalked, Thriller, Uncork’d Entertainment. All of which help to keep the budget under control. September 3, 2019 A solid idea that loses steam towards the end, Stalked taps into every mother's worst nightmare and dwells on it for as much tension as it can get. Held captive in a deserted factory, a former soldier uses her combat skills to fend off a serial killer who can render himself invisible. And that’s where the film shines, in its inventiveness. | Can it give an edge to an otherwise overly familiar plot? Sign up here. | Writer/director Justin Edgar (The Marker) makes use … Take the location for example: it never feels like a place that Sam can’t escape from, appearing more like a slightly rural storage unit with one scene even showing a car in a parking bay. Don't waste your time to watch. Opening the door to escape, she stops to enjoy the scenery, of course, gets caught again. Copyright © Fandango. Additionally, the building is guarded by military drones. The bond between mother and child is a strong and universally recognized one. Good film on a low budget. Stalked tips its hand early as to the nature of the threat, so I’m not dropping a spoiler by saying its a man (Laurence Saunders, Monochrome, The Snarling) using a prototype military invisibility suit. Not sure who hates the Royal Marines that bad to claim she is one, Sodexo wouldn't even give her a job in the galley, The RLC would have been ashamed to have her classed as one of them and they are not ashamed of anything because they are nearly just as bad as this film was. That and the repeated threats to kill her daughter keep her playing his game. And the fact she’s a combat engineer means she can use what’s available to her advantage as she fights back. Unlike a lot of films Stalked shows up, delivers some thrills and gets out.

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