I’m in the market for a titanium Imperial Landing Craft… there’s lots on ebay but all have weathered battle damage. The toy line includes action figures, vehicles, Force FX lightsabers, and collectable items. Thanks for the comments Mark. *Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) (#31) was initially a part of Wave 5 but later canceled from that wave and picked up by Italy's Gazzetta Store as an online international exclusive. In addition to the regular 3¾ figure and accessory lineup, a new 6-inch scale figure range joins the product mix. The … The titanium line features vehicles that are roughly 6-. Here you'll find news, reviews, and a whole lot more! Star Wars Titanium Series scale list Galoob started their die- cast line in the mid 90s, but they weren’t as popular next to the smaller Micro Machines and the larger Action Fleet . Nearly every vehicle comes with a stand, with most being a derivation of the Action Fleet battle pack stands. I’m planning to get a 1/144 bandai falcon to go with a squadron of 1/160 titanium t70 xwings. Star Wars Black Series 6" Toy Line. Here is a list of Star Wars figures from the 2015/2016 The Black Series which were exclusives. There are so, so many minor details that have gone into this figure. Jonathan's Star Wars models, kit-bashes, scratch-builds, hovertanks, armor models, scale lists, & more. This a non-profit fan page dedicated to promoting this new line. This website is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Hasbro Inc. or the "Star Wars" franchise. The titanium line features vehicles that are roughly 6-8 cm, made of a hard cast metal. Star Wars Black Series List With such a variety of figures available, it's easy to forget some of the more hidden gems the Black Series houses. Movable features and small detail parts are plastic. Please do not direct link to any of the content on this web site. The one in your photos is a cleaner finish which I prefer. Our Visual Guide Database: Star Wars is a Copyright and Trademark of LucasFilm LTD. Now, a 1/144 vs 1/160 Falcon or AT-AT would be more noticeable. Exclusives are items that were only sold in specific stores and are usually harder to find. The very first 6-inch Star Wars figure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was a The First Order Stormtrooper, was released as an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con 2015. Hi Jonathan, excellent site!! Lt__Brenn_Tantor at Rebelscum made a visual guide of the Titanium series, and it's probably the best resource out there for collectors. The 6" Black series Orange Wave started the Black Series line by Hasbro in 2013. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity and essence of the color black in the Star Wars universe, the Hasbro team designed The Black Series' minimalist packaging style to convey a message of elegance and quality. But if you can mask the canopy, a few shots of white go a long way to make it look better. The Star Wars trademarks and logos are all owned by their respective copyright holders. The AT-RT Driver (#30) was also cancelled from this wave but has not yet been made available. Now streaming, only on Disney+. With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees Top Loader cardback and loose bubble display technique, LightSword's Corner: A Tour of my Collection, Grand Moff Tarkin Mini Bust - 2019 PGM Gift. *#13 Chewbacca has been moved to The Black Series [Phase II] #04, Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite (2013 SDCC). It's insane. 668 figures are tracked daily! The Black Series General Grievous is one of the best Star Wars Black Series figures ever made. They are all held together with screws, and you can easily disassemble them if you wish. In 2004, Hasbro resurrected the line, re-branding them as the Titanum Line, desktop display pieces. 6-inch Star Wars Action Figures : Orange Packaging Series (2013-2014) #1 Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) #2 Darth Maul #3 Sand Trooper (Orange Pauldron) #4 R2-D2 #5 Leia Organa #6 Boba Fett #7 Greedo #8 Han Solo #9 Storm Trooper #10 Obi-Wan Kenobi And it’s really got some great detail for what is essentially a toy. Black Series 6" (Fall 2020 - Today) Black Series 6" (2013 - Fall 2020 Vintage Collection Retro Collection Celebrate The Saga Solo: A Star Wars Story The Last Jedi Rogue One All Toy Lines. Galoob started their die-cast line in the mid 90s, but they weren’t as popular next to the smaller Micro Machines and the larger Action Fleet.

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