Watch Queue Queue Star Wars Planets: Tatooine – Background and Importance, Simu Liu Wants To Play A Grey Jedi In A Star Wars Movie (And What That Means), The Top Genre Authors To Read For Black History Month And Beyond, Series 12 Finale Answers the Biggest Mystery About Doctor Who and Delivers Best Ep of Chibnall Run, CBS All Access Will Become Paramount+ in Rebranding News, Battlestar Galactica Reboot: All Of This Has Happened Before, All Of This Will Happen Again, Spider-Man Back In the MCU as Sony and Disney Reach New Deal to Share Character, ‘Superworld’ Movie in the Works by Jason Bateman and Mark Perez, “Pal, You’re a Hero!” Captain America Tells 6-Year-Old Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for PC Releases via Game Pass, Death Stranding Reviews are All Over the Place, Telltale Batman Games are Back with Noir Makeover in Shadows Edition, Best Rebuilds for NBA 2K20 – MyLeague Tips, Xbox One Black Friday Deals 2019 – The Best Savings, PS Now May 2020 Additions Include RS: Siege, Evil Within 2, 1991 Kingdom Of The Vampire Movie: Sent To Drain, Squadrons Mandalorian Supply Drop – New In-Game Items, Minecraft for Beginners: Your First Few Hours, Spider-Man 3 Is Set To Begin Filming In Atlanta According to Tom Holland, Report: Oscar Isaac Tapped To Star In Marvel Moon Knight Series For Disney+, The History of Call of Duty 3 – Establishing an Iconic Series. By the time of the events in the prequel trilogy, a massive city, Mos Espa, emerged on Tatooine. 742 Pages. After celebrating the victory over the First Order, she returns to Tatooine to bury Leia and Luke’s lightsabers at the Lars farm. During the galaxy's main expansion period, at the dawn of the Old Republic, Tatooine was thought to be a sun until further research revealed it to be a world covered with light-reflecting crystal sands. The home to gamblers, traders, and a black market for things and human slaves, the city operated under the ownership of Jabba the Hutt. He’s always got headphones in, and he’s a diehard Cubs fan. But perhaps the greatest dangers of all in the Jundland Wastes are the Tusken Raiders. Various theories of this moisture's origin were disputed by meteorologists and geologists, like water suspended in sandstone veins beneath the sand and complex chemical reactions which made it rise when the ground cooled, then fall underground again with the double sunrise. Comic Years is your go-to place to learn all there is to know about Star Wars. Luke, Leia, and their fellow fighter Han Solo work to undermine the efforts of Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader. Kenobi leaves the child with Shmi Skywalker’s stepson, Owen Lars, and his wife. Tatooine is one of three planets which orbit the twin suns of Tatoo I and II. The Sand People are principally known as Tusken Raiders because of their devastating attack on Tusken Fort in the days of early human re-colonization. Leaving his ship with repair facility owner Peli Motto, the Mandalorian looks to join a guild for work. Tatooine's obscurity has also attracted a small but significant criminal population, here to hide from galactic authorities. Sadly these early colonists also disrupted the Ghorfas and their interference is cited as the cause of the race's transformation into the xenophobic Sand People, who are now feared throughout Tatooine's desert.

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