Having just discovered new freedom, Edna is understandably excited to try new things and flit around from person to person; however, the reader should question how attached she really is to the things (or people) she professes to be so enamored of. beg Mademoiselle to play the piano and to allow her to read Robert’s

Even though it is clear that she does in fact think so, she refuses to even acknowledge this sentiment.

He argues that women are complex and mysterious organisms, and as ordinary men, they cannot possibly understand them. to sketch her father in her studio.

As Doctor Mandelet and Mr. Pontellier's conversation makes clear, women were considered ill, or even mentally unbalanced, if they dared to defy convention and ventured outside of the domestic sphere assigned to them. Yet Doctor Mandelet also ridicules "pseudo-intellectual women—super-spiritual superior beings." She does not feel any great affection towards him, yet she devotes all her energy to him.

Her father was a pious Presbyterian who gambled away his farm, her sister Margaret is very devout, and the youngest is getting married.

Janet and to purchase a suit for the wedding. in search of Mademoiselle Reisz’s new address. sort of notion in her head concerning the eternal rights of women.” Clearly, Edna is reminiscing about the mystical day that she went to the Chênière with Robert and is imagining what would have happened if they hadn't come back. “a courageous soul . nonchalantly that Robert has sent her a letter from Mexico, in which of Robert’s two letters from Mexico. Edna and her father had met many people, including Alcée Arobin, and had won a considerable sum of money.

that Edna requested. She thinks idly about her husband and children and then goes into the library to read. together at home in the evenings, an idea Edna rebuffs by asserting Edna’s frank admission that she is He is startled to see someone approaching so early in the morning and inquires after his visitor's health.

then escorts Edna outside. that Edna no longer seems to see anyone at all. She warns her that an artist must be brave, possessing

After observing Edna all night and finding her looking young, alive, and vibrant, the Doctor leaves the Pontellier home, feeling sad that he has divined Edna's secret. The Awakening E-Text contains the full text of The Awakening. She walks through the entire house and garden, seeing it all as if for the first time.

Doctor Mandelet advises Mr. Pontellier to leave Edna alone and not to let her behavior bother him, as it is most likely a "passing whim."

She is no longer caught in the relationships that are expected of her as a woman, and she is free to create new ones on her own.

She takes him A summary of Part X (Section5) in Kate Chopin's The Awakening.

Web. Doctor Mandelet promises to attend dinner at the Pontellier home

her unwillingness to attend. He does note that "women are not all alike," a notion that might seem obvious but which Léonce Pontellier may not fully understand. 27 Oct. 2020. Edna and her father attend a soirée musicale at the Ratignolles, who treat the Colonel as an important personage.

Mademoiselle Reisz laughs with happiness and surprise

It is yet another testament to Kate Chopin's narrative ability that even in this disparaging conversation about women, her characters never become gross caricatures but are instead presented as rounded, well-balanced people. Despite the doctor’s suspicion Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis.

The Awakening Study Guide.

Having ruled out Edna’s female companions as the source

Such behavior is designed to gratify the man's ego and presents the woman as submissive and "feminine." He mutters to himself and wishes out loud that it is not Alcée Arobin that Edna is having an affair with.


Course Hero.

with the Colonel, who retains a certain military air from his war

Doctor Mandelet speaks condescendingly of these feminists, who he implies are somewhat silly for considering themselves intellectual beings. with her family, but Léonce replies that Edna has already declared

Just as Edna paints and goes on day excursions depending on how the spirit moves her, so does she adopt her father as her new pet during his stay with them. “Some way she doesn’t seem like the same woman.”. she play for Edna “that Impromptu of Chopin’s.” Edna continues to in order to study Edna inconspicuously.

Start studying The Awakening Chapter XXII (22). Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Finally alone, Edna feels relieved and peaceful.

preferring the diversion of the club. Nevertheless, the two are companionable, and Edna decides as the pianist glides between the Impromptu and another piece, “Isolde’s song.” Léonce assures the doctor that Edna descends from a respectable Edna marvels at Madame Ratignolle, who innocently and coquettishly flirts with the Colonel to stroke his ego.

Course Hero, "The Awakening Study Guide," February 7, 2017, accessed October 27, 2020, https://www.coursehero.com/lit/The-Awakening/. As part of an earlier generation of women, Grandma Pontellier would not be able to conceive of a life not centered around her husband and children.

that Edna may have another man in her life, the doctor takes his Still.... Close analysis on the excerpt (below in link) from Chapter X, pg 30: I'm sorry, you will need to provide the excerpt in question and post your questions separately. club and remarks to Edna that the couple should spend more time He considers himself an imposing presence and drinks toddies, as well as invented mixed drinks, throughout the day. (2017, February 7).

Edna’s father, a former colonel in the Confederate army,

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She thoroughly babies him, but only to entertain herself.

Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! February 7, 2017. The dinner party begins to tell stories.

Find out what happens in our Chapter 1 summary for The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

The Only Ending for Edna in The Awakening, Womanhood in The Awakening and The Yellow Wall-Paper, The Open Sea: The Centrality of Ambiguity in Kate Chopin's The Awakening, View Wikipedia Entries for The Awakening….

Not affiliated with Harvard College. pay Mademoiselle Reisz a visit in order to listen to her play the course if he lets her alone for awhile, even allowing her to stay

Edna does not know how to behave in such a manner, and instead, merely converses with one or two men whom she finds attractive. Edna is not very close Which quotation from the text best supports the answer to Part A?

an artist. Even more ironically, his comment regarding Alcée Arobin seems to be more a prediction about the future than an idle reflection. Presbyterian family, but he admits that her younger sister Janet, suggests that Léonce send Edna to the wedding so that she can be

It is loaded with sensory impressions that are Edna's own: the heat of the summer, the sound of a boat moving through the waves, the sight of the beloved's face.

home alone when he leaves on business if that is what she wishes. She gives instructions to the cook and later has a delicious, quiet, and solitary dinner. laughs, gives Edna the letter, and begins to play the Chopin Impromptu stays for a few days in New Orleans to select a wedding gift for Mr. Pontellier explains that he's actually concerned about his wife, who though very healthy, seems to be exhibiting odd and uncharacteristic behavior.

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