Do you know the end of your story, Meggie?

I really really enjoyed the reckless series, and can't wait for 'The islands of the Fox' to come out! Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty. [3] It will also tie in to Funke's MirrorWorld series. [14] Funke calls the picture book her "Inkheart for kindergartners" and also illustrated the book herself. As to the fourth Inkworld book, it is too early to announce a possible date. I'm not sure I can reach 2019 without EXPLODING! [4] The family lived in Hamburg for 24 years,[4] until they moved to Beverly Hills in May 2005. Cornelia Maria Funke[1] (German: [kɔʁˈneːli̯a ˈfʊŋ.kə] (listen)) is a German author of children's fiction.

And suddenly I knew that there still had to be a book about the power of images versus the power of words. Each book has information about the first publication date, the publishers, the number of pages, and a foreword by Cornelia.

In her picture book, The Book No One Ever Read, Funke starts: "Every book longs to tell its story.

I love the Inkheart trilogy and can't wait till The Colour Of Revenge!

When will The colour of Revenge come out? I finally found some time to finish the third book of the Reckless saga, and I am thrilled.
Do you have any idea when it will?

Thank you.

One thought on “ The Color of Revenge ” Aug 23, 2020 - 02:05 AM Dana Salman.

Please? Keep it up!

I've read the Inkheart series more than I can count, and I just, today actually, finished up book three in the Mirror world....super excited to hear about the fourth book cause....It was a very abrupt ending haha. It will be published as a physical book, but may potentially be distributed in audio form. Dear Meghan, Reckless 4 will come out around autumn 2020. [10] The trilogy was concluded in Inkdeath (published in Germany in 2007, English version Spring 2008, American version Fall 2008). I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, does the next Inkheart book come out in March, or is that when Cornelia will start working on it as her main project?

Oh, thank you! There is a bibilography about the books Cornelia has written.

HI, Love the books, so glad your doing an Inkheart sequel One of the most original ideas I'd read at the time... and might still be.

She lives in Beverly Hills, California.

The novel will be called Auf silberner Fährte (On Silver Trail) and be published by October 2020 in Germany.

As a child, she wanted to become an astronaut and/or a pilot, but then she decided to study pedagogy at the University of Hamburg. Cornelia Maria Funke (German: [kɔʁˈneːli̯a ˈfʊŋ.kə] ()) is a German author of children's fiction.She was born on 10 December 1958 in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia.Funke is best known for her Inkheart trilogy (originally in German: Tintenwelt-Trilogie), published in the United Kingdom between 2004–2008.Many of her books have now been translated into English. We'll keep you posted. [9] Inkheart was the first part of a trilogy which was continued with Inkspell (2005), which won Funke her second BookSense Book of the Year Children's Literature award (2006).

I'm certain The Color of Revenge will be radiant.

Ich bin mal wieder krank und höre jetzt schon zum 4 mal alle drei Reckless Teile durch!

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