She clears her throat and rearranges her legs. Floyd said, ‘I’m leaving.

The WHSmith Blog Cookie Policy: To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. SPOILERS for THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT by Chris Bohjalian, SPOILERS for The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth, SPOILERS for The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin. Her voice was full and rich as though she was already being pumped back to full and proper life.

Just make yourself look pretty and wait here.’. I think the ending that’s in the book is more realistic than the alternative ending. I found it a suspenseful story, but too predictable. I think I was expecting something similar to the other recent mystery bestsellers like The Wife Between Usor something like that.

But then, in the closing pages of the new version of the book, as I wrote the last page of the last chapter I realised there was still a chance for Ellie to breathe, to shine, to exist just one last time. I found a loose green muslin skirt of Kate’s in a bag she’d clearly been intending for the charity shop. And as I wrote it I cried. Poppy was my creation, my muse, my angel, my universe. I’ll tell them that I lost my mind. But anyway, I’ve been busy with some life stuff and with revamping some stuff on the site, so I haven’t had a ton of time for reading. I don't think I'll continue reading the book. Her hair is combed to a shine and parted down the middle. She’s wearing it with the shoes he bought her to go with it; green suede pixie boots with a small heel. A few days later my editor and I sat together in a slightly rubbish pub in the city and she said, we have a radical suggestion. :(. Haven’t read it yet – or any books by this author. Once he realized that Noelle was telling the truth,  Floyd had planned from the very beginning to connect Poppy with her real mother's family. SPOILERS for The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner, SPOILERS for After Anna by Lisa Scottoline, SPOILERS for Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell, SPOILERS for The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie. I looked at Ellie, this person I’d known for barely three days. She was desperate to keep her boyfriend, Floyd, but couldn't keep a pregnancy.

Jewell sincerely tries to tackle the subject of the family struggling from the weight of their loss, and it gives the book a little more heft. And her mother is beautiful and her mother is there. I believed her. But If ever I’m in the mood for family drama then this looks like something to try.

My reaction to the book was an echo of yours. I’d started nodding before she’d got the last syllable out.

She was desperate to keep her boyfriend, Floyd, but couldn't keep a pregnancy. I emailed it to my editor and waited to for her response. Every other chapter of this book was slightly interesting. This is what Floyd (talking to Noelle) describes happening next: “When I brought Ellie her supper that evening, she was bristling with purpose.

He cannot afford to get the emergency services involved. I hate to disagree with what your opinion of the book was, but I just want to add my two cents on a different perspective of the book. She hears the creak of the trapdoor opening up, and then there is a foot. Like a quirky student coming home after her first term at university. I’ve read two other Lisa Jewell novels (Watching You and I Found You), and have been a bit wary about this one. In Then She Was Gone, a teenager, Ellie Mack, has been missing for over a decade. I appreciate the encouragement!

I hated it 0/10 would not recommend! I’ll take you tomorrow. She looked almost pretty. The plot sounds interesting, but there weren’t many surprises? SPOILERS for Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. ‘No,’ I heard myself saying in someone else’s voice. At first she seemed as flummoxed as me. Her own mother. Enjoyable but still…. Soon they would be back together again. as a writer, i cannot understand how someone could write something like this and get it published. oh my fucking god.

Very genteel. Follow along on Goodreads, or keep in touch via the newsletter. She cried at the mention of her mother. She’s heard footsteps overhead, the vague outline of a female voice. It’s not until she meets his younger daughter, Poppy, though that questions arise. There’s also the “ick” factor in a major component of the plot, which if you’ve read it I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about.

That’s really good. A woman’s foot, a woman’s leg, the hem of a green skirt.

And the pregnancy and Floyd having to kill himself shows a great lack of common sense.

It’s me. It all seemed very neat. Jewell writes about the original ending of the book (spoiler), which her editor steered her away from in a blog post. I am so glad you stopped by. I’m on board with her editor on this one. When Poppy’s at school. Thank you. It was almost infuriating at certain points. I’m open to reading a different book of hers in the future though!

Ellie's math tutor kidnapped Ellie and forced her to get pregnant with sperm she got off of the internet. He has a dead body in his house. To your mother.’. That the stress of my exams made me go mad for a while. If you’re looking for really big surprises, I think this one is a skip.

I don’t know that it says anything really groundbreaking, but it gave th… Laurel’s life has been on hold in many ways since her daughter’s death, but she meets a new man, Floyd, and finds herself drawn in by his charm. Laurel, her mother, along with the rest of her family was left with no answers in a case that failed to produce any leads. If you’re looking for a mystery-thriller, here’s some I liked: The Silent Patient, In the Woods, The Woman in the Window. Lisa Jewell: The Alternative Ending I Envisaged for Then She Was Gone (Warning: Contains Spoilers!) And within this stranger was the essence of everything that mattered to me and the potential to take a can of petrol to it, to blow it all to ash and rubble. And then my head began to buzz with the enormity of everything.

Faced again with the many unanswered questions about Ellie’s disappearance, Laurel finds herself looking back to the past once again. I loved the woman in the window and definitely gonna check out the other two you recommended.

For a while the house is in silence. But Ellie will not miss him. When it turns out it’s exactly what you think it sounds like, that’s a little disappointing. She stands. I guess this is just her writing style where it’s less focused on plot twists. I was terrified it was going to be something that I couldn’t do, didn’t want to do or that would be impossible to do. She’s applied a full face of makeup. Her very own mother. He feeds her good food and runs her hot baths and introduces her to Poppy as a niece of his.

We were just watching it slowly play out.

Noelle shared custody of Poppy with Floyd until Floyd tried to get permanent custody. It was more than love, it was blood and bone, fibre and matter, the beginning and the end. Because this might be it. I wrote this scene, on a cold December afternoon, after weeks of building up to it, months of knowing it was going to happen. Using means you agree to our use of cookies. Please post a comment and let me know what brought you to my corner of the web. Poppy is lovely and precocious … and looks so much like Ellie that it can’t possibly be a coincidence. She’s known it for weeks. I didn’t have a ton of expectations going into Then She Was Gone. This book is incredible and just because this is has some morbid details, doesn't make the book horrible at all, in some cases it makes it amazing. No. This is a thriller/mystery book, I didn't expect flowers and sunshine to come out of this book in the end. And they walk slowly at first towards each other and then faster and then she has her mother in her arms.

Hmmm…I mean you might like it, anyway. And I promise.’, This came from her like a stream of consciousness. Oh! Ellie's math tutor kidnapped Ellie and forced her to get pregnant with sperm she got off of the internet.

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