If you have not been there yet, and you should have visited because of its close proximity to the Shrine of the Sage, start out at Atlasdam. Personally found chapter 1 pretty easy but after Orlick I'm looking forward to future bosses. I have Cyrus, H’aanit, Therion, and Primrose all between level 21 and 25. I had a 65% chance. Focused on taking one goon out at a time, then used boosts and defend to break Orlick and spammed Armor Corrosive and Peacock Strut for Cyrus. I cant snag this guards for the battle :(. I have a hard time with Orlick and feel disappointed. The powerful elemental attacks almost wiped out my party! Therion arrives in Wellspring in search of the second of the three dragonstones, the emerald stone at the black market. Cyrus is only barely scraping 1000 damage? Just got Orlick on my second attempt last night. I just figured out why. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough of Chapter 2 of H'aanit's Story. Does anyone have a list of the character interactions on Therion’s chapters? It might just be an ordering thing. Edit: I did miss Olberick god damn T.T so its Tressa, Olberick and then the rest in the order I put but it's easy to miss Olberick because you go back to the tavern to switch but that's when the next phase begins and suddenly it's Prims Banter! This fight was waaaay easier than Ophilia's chapter 2 fight. Extremely useful, But Ophelia need to be on level 30. I have therion and alfyn level 22 and the warrior and scholar at 18 and I get trounced. Orlick's ranting and raving and mockingly imitating Barham had me cackling. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough of Chapter 2 of Therion's Story.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cyrus and Prim are subclassed as merchant and cleric respectively. I can't steal that Wyvern scale for the quest. Below you will find information on how her story progresses, maps of areas and … Prim's Lion dance was great with Therion's HP thief and SP steal. Speaking to the Pauper nearby, you see he … I allured one of them and he kept buffing my defenses throughout the fight. Don’t bother fighting it - it’s got 8 shields so it can suck up a bunch of your attention, meanwhile Orlick gets extra powerful at this point. Ok I need some help. You need to level up Therion. Thanks in advance.

Wierd. Are you sure you've been improving your gear? That isn't normal, especially since you have H'aanit in your party, who can deal a tom of damage through her Pokémon captured beasts. I do okay with the first phase, keeping my health up with Prim and taking out the goons so that the boss’s weaknesses unlock, but then I just can’t seem to hit hard enough between his first set of goons and his second, and the second guy he summons can easily two-shot my party. Cant start therion chapter 2? Don't have a second job on any character yet. One buffs your damage while the other buffs your defenses. My team is Therion (26) , Alfyn (26) , H'aanit (25) and Tressa (18). I have a 15% chance to steal but I've tried at least 20 times and it fails every time. He remarks that a guard has a stronger bark than bite, and refuses to settle in a partnership with two other thieves as he believes them to be unnecessary. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The robe has a 3% chance of success. That voice actor clearly had a lot of fun chewing the scenery.

Both discussion of the primary game and upcoming Mobile prequel are permitted here! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the octopathtraveler community. I missed Olberick at some point I think but Ive gotten Tressa First then Prim then Hannit Alfyn Cyrus and finally Ophelia and thats after each ohase just going back to the inn and checking but at some point I missed Olberick I believe...will try again to make sure! Therion is cocky and cynical, as made evident through his interactions with other characters.

Any multipliers you get will be applied to the full battle, and if you get any backfire effects, they will be manageable because you’re only dealing with the golem at this point. Do I need to level up my characters inside the mansion? Olberic is just a shield break bot and just a good all round tank. The first chapter 2 boss fight will probably be the hardest as you just get stronger as you progress through different chapter 2s. Reclassing H’aanit to dancer for an extra dagger helped a lot. I’m having the absolute worst time with the boss. Am I missing something? Does he do novels or manga/anime? Reflective veil was good utility throughout the fight and is useful against Orlick's nukes and the Golem's lightning bolts.

Any tips for power leveling the enemies in the mansion I can beat but they take a while.

You can keep applying it to your party members while Orlick is broken and it scales with BP. Do I need a second job like dancer to tackle this boss fight? No secondary jobs. Once you have him beat, you can easily finish off the golem. For my first chapter 2 Boss it was an amazing battle! Instead, focus on finishing off Orlick. Discussion for Chapter Two of Therion's story. Hey! I also used to Therion keep Ophilia's SP reserves up with share SP. Some tips for fighting Orlick, the boss of this chapter: Guide/allure one or both of the guards standing outside the mansion. If you have Primrose in the party, cast Bewlidering Grace after Orlick is dead but before you beat the golem. Got it on the first try. 10/10 would allure again. Definitively a good challenging boss. The only character capable of getting 1000+ damage is Cyrus, fully boosted. Therion is quite sarcastic as well, and has a dry sense of humor. Update: I worked it out. I just finished beating him up. Ophila was slightly overlevelled at 26 coz she is my main, the rest were around 19 to 25. After watching that last scene with Cordelia, I've decided that Therion is basically a Rumiko Takahashi protagonist. cyren 2 years ago #1.

The guards outside Orlick's Manse are great. Anyone have any tips for Orlick? Press J to jump to the feed.

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