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Simply type his name and you will get tons of topics which are feedback from other people who tried to send a LOR to that person.

This is the envelope in which your autograph will arrive from the celebrity, so it must contain your full address as a recipient.

Few tips : One note, you can buy a bulk of stamps, or you can get stamps when sending a letter in a Post. When you multiply that by the amount of players in Barclays Premier league you do not have to be a rocket scientists to do the math and see how unreasonable I was. If I am not wrong, the machine that signs instead of a person is called the autopen. You must write their full address as a recipient and your own  as a sender, check the photo bellow. Perfect game pitcher and Orioles HOF member autographs through the mail! Luckily, more experienced guys will certainly know if the autograph you received is signed by a sec  or hand-written by your idol. I have lost more card doing TTM with the NY Yankees and yes I done TTM right a short request, SAE with stamp and nothing; the NY Yankees are the worst for TTM. Not all celebrities sign autographs through the mail.

This envelope you address to yourself. Amazing information! I had one card where the machine signed his name twice on the card. The card will look the same without the gloss. !Really helpful!Well,I have a couple of questions…Firstly, how many stamps do I need to send a letter to USA from Greece?I can find nothing in Google!

I know how to wiggle my ears. Go to, its a great community site with a forum and database where people leave their feedback, celebs addresses,etc. I would need some help in collecting autographs of the people mentioned below . The easiest way to determine the price of the return letter is to use a postage calculator that every post office has on their site.

Do not be greedy.

If you are trying to get autograph of a baseball player, you can send a baseball ball, but the postage will be much higher. There are tons of forums where profound collectors will help you out.

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Cristinao Ronaldo, Leo Messi I am going to be rich!

20 1991 Donruss Pickups for the Set! Now when he’s retired, Giggsy seams to be approachable through the mail.

Exactly. It will help you boost your knowledge about the celebrity. Should I be brief, or write couple of paragraphs? Hershiser! Liked it? If you decide to send an email, I would advise you to do a research and find out if a person replies to such request. Share your database with others, spread the word.

I will curse your favourite team! My trick was I would include two cards for the player.

Post a scan of your autograph and politely ask if someone can help you authenticating it. I personally use : Choosing the right stamp for your through the mail autograph is  crucial. It happened so many times that people receive a signed toploader instead of the card, since the sportsman did not want to bother pulling the card out, or just had no idea what it is. Waiting time varies.

For instane, if you are in the UK and want autograph from Germany, obviously you cant send UK stamps to  a celebrity, because German post wont accept those stamps. Best wishes for you and yours. You will need stamps for a specific country.

You will stand out from the crowd. Twice.

Imagine that you send your favorite jersey or a expensive rookie card and it does not get returned? This is absolutely the best advice I can give you. I have been driving and flying, all over the country for the last 35 years, getting signed. I recommend visiting his site  if you are quite serious about starting an auto collection. My name is Pavle and I am one of the most passionate stickers albums and trading cards collectors. Less famous or retired players are more likely to reply faster. That will solve the smudge issue and also it won’t look like you have mailed the player anthrax either. Some Post Offices have online stores and they ship worldwide, so you can get them there as well. ‘TTM’ Autograph Collecting means “through the mail.” Through the mail is a common way to collect autographs.

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