Look under the said stairs for the briefcase and the Research Point. Research Point 13 – Using your RC Jumper, open the door of the building located in the southern side of the red area. After you hack all four, use the Quadcopter to hack the security breach on the roof. Now, use the RC Jumper and rush towards the briefcase which is located under the Tidis Corporation sign. medianet_height = "250"; Drive the truck in front of the main gate and lower its platform to create a ramp. Research Point 1 – For the first collectible marked on our Watch Dogs 2 Silicon Valley Research Points map, start by hacking the nearby forklift and load a crate on it. Research Point 46 – South-east of Lombard Street you will find another Research Point you can collect using only the Quadcopter. Research Point 4 – For this Research Point check the alley between the buildings and look for a solar panel on top of some stairs. Check the rooftop of the house we have marked on our Watch Dogs 2 map above. During your time with Watch Dogs 2 you’re going to have a few run-ins with the police protecting San Francisco no matter how hard you try to avoid getting seen while hacking. These allow you to unlock new abilities (both passive and active) for Marcus to use in the field that further increase his capabilities.

Go back to Marcus and open the grate that allows you to enter the air duct. When you start the game, first finish the Driver SF missions to get more followers and level up. I can’t get 18 and 19 Use the RC Jumper to enter the premise, turn right, jump on the blue barrels and enter the air duct. Research Point 2 – The second Research Point on our map is under the highway and to get it you need to hack a CCTV. Cross the roof between the buildings, turn right and drop on the lower roof where you will see an air duct. Research Point 14 – For this Research Point use your RC Jumper, enter the restricted area through the front gate, and hide behind the trailer on the right side. Research Point 22 – The briefcase containing the Research Point is on the ground, inside a restricted area. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Research Point 29 – This Research Point is north from Transbay Center and it requires a motorcycle. Jump close to it and grab it. Once inside, hack the CCTV to open the gate, then enter and pick up the briefcase. You should see a dumpster and above it the entrance to the air duct. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Research Point 8 – Use the Quadcopter to reach the Wi-Fi sniffer inside the beacon on the water. Research Point 13 – This Research Point is probably the most difficult to get. Check the parking lot for a scissor lift and use it to get the collectable. Hack the elevator on the roof and go up to find the Watch Dogs 2 Research Point resting on another air conditioning box. Notice the mattress on the wall, and jump over it. Marcus comes with an expansive toolset that enables him to fight, stealth, and hack his way through a variety of scenarios. If used properly though, this ability can cause massive distractions to blanket an entire area. Place the lift in front of the fast-food restaurant (notice the hamburger on the billboard), and get inside. After you hack the CCTV, fly your Quadcopter to the ctOS security breach you have unlocked and hack it. Make a hole near the stairs and use the RC Jumper to access an air duct where you will find the sniffer. Why does it say Los Angeles in some of the San Francisco locations? Research Point 7 – The Research Point at this location is inside another air duct. Now, distract and stun the guard on the alley. Fly through the air duct and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer. Research Point 8 – This research point is inside an air duct and it’s secured by two CCTVs. Research Point 50 – This Research Point is inside a room used to grow marijuana, behind a blue house. Take control of the platform and move it to the main street.

Research Point 42 – This Research Point is inside an underground garage.
After you gain access, open the door and get the briefcase. These Watch Dogs 2 cheats are designed to … Now, that we have cleared things out, let’s see how to get all Research Points in Watch Dogs 2 and make you the most powerful hacker in San Francisco. Put the RC Jumper inside, then go back to the red zone and get the RC Jumper on the upper platform. Research Point 32 – To get this Research Point marked on our map, use an IED to destroy the grated wooden fence under the porch of the restaurant. Those that require hacking can be collected from distance using your phone or the Quadcopter.

Go up, and when you reach the exit, carefully drop on the roof where the collectable is waiting for you. Stick to the right-side wall and distract the guard near the CCTV box, then hack the ctOS security breach on the roof using the Quadcopter. Two of them are very easy to access since they are not obstructed. Drive it close to the lower wall, just behind the van. Research Point 47 – For this Research Point, deploy your Quadcopter and fly up above a blue building. Research Point 23 – Just use your Quadcopter to get to the roof and hack the sniffer we have marked on our map. Research Point 13 – For this Research Point you need to solve a puzzle on the Christ the Light building. (function() { Research Point 17 – You can get this Research Point by boosting and jumping with your RC Jumper from the porch of the green house nearby. This guide will show the best way to obtain research points to help out on their adventure. Born and raised in Texas, Jason has been an avid pop-culture junkie for over three decades. Research Point 14 – The final Research Point in Marin area, is on Alcatraz Island. Deploy the RC Jumper and drop close to the stairs when the guards are not looking. Research Point 1 – For the first collectible marked on our Watch Dogs 2 Silicon Valley Research Points map, start by hacking the nearby forklift and load a crate on it. The sniffer is on an air duct. Research Points are used to craft upgrades in ./Research … The more followers Marcus has, the more skills he can unlock through accumulated Research Points. To get it, check the lower area close to the green bushes for a grate and an air duct. In other words, the 13th Research Point in San Francisco for example, is also the 13th Research Point in our video and the 13th Research Point in our text guide. Hack it with your Quadcopter to get the Research Point. There is a hole in the wall and you can use it to fly inside, or you can hack the sniffer while being outside. I wish Watch Dogs 2 included the ability to view your progress for collectibles & things. Check the roof for the ctOS security breach which is now unlocked.

Send your RC Jumper over the small wall after you distract the patrolling guard with a phone hack. Furthermore, you should know that some Research Points are inside cases which must be picked up, while others can be collected by hacking specific devices. Grand Theft Auto V Prostitutes Locations Guide, Watch Dogs 2 Research Points Locations Guide, Sniper Elite 4 | All 75 Miscellaneous Documents Collectibles Locations Guide, Sniper Elite 4 | All 50 Letters to Home Collectibles Locations Guide. Jump on the rocks and over the bench on the terrace because the guards won’t see you. Research Point 48 – Place Marcus north-east from the restricted area, and use the RC Jumper to get the collectible. Research Point 39 – Remain on the alley north of the restricted area and send the RC Jumper to retrieve the briefcase.

Research Point 3 – To get the next Research Point, position Marcus in front of the main gate, and use the RC Jumper to infiltrate the area. You don’t have to enter the restricted area. Research Point 10 – This Research Point is inside a pipe under the pier.

Research Point 11 – Similar to the previous one, this Research Point is under the pier and inside a pipe, but you can’t reach it without the explosive upgrade. Go around the balcony, hop on the boxes on the other side and hack the Blume CCT box. Thusly, the city is rich with vehicles that Marcus can steal and use to his own amusement. Deploy the RC Jumper, and from the corner of the roof jump on the balcony on the other side. We also suggest using the Fast Travel system to move between areas, or a Unique Vehicle such as the Dangerzone which is quite fast and it’s free. The third is behind some planks you can smash with the car nearby, while the fourth is behind some shelves, and can be reached with the RC Jumper. Research Point 12 – When you reach the location on our map, you will notice that it’s a playground. Cross the said roof and enter the air duct you have unlocked. If you haven’t unlocked it already, the Quadcopter is easily the best tool you have at your disposal in Watch Dogs 2 for scouting out objectives and sneaking into buildings undetected. Move towards the collectible and continue to drop inside the air duct until you get close to it so you can hack it. Research Point 4 – Approach this Research Point from the backyard, behind the large silos. Using the RC Jumper, distract the guards, especially the one guarding the CCTV you must unlock on the ground floor.
var mnSrc = (isSSL ? Throughout the San Fransico bay area, finding all the Research Points can be a grind since they're tucked away in some tricky spots.

Everything from; buses, boats, cars, motorcycles, and even cable cars are ripe for the picking.

From here hop on the roof, turn left, boost your speed, and hop on the next house.

Watch Dogs 2 takes players into a venture that explores all the nooks and crannies in San Fransico. Now, send your RC Jumper inside, and stay close to the rocky wall. If players can't find anyone to join, these activities can be done solo, if needed.

Stay on the right side, after you enter and you won’t be seen. Since walking everywhere isn’t the most ideal situation and vehicles are quite expensive in the game, you may be tempted to borrow a stranger’s car for the afternoon. Research Point 3 – For this Research Point, first you have to hack the CCTV box using your RC Jumper. Stay on the ground, and use the small walls in the courtyard for cover.

Research Point 6 – Check the south part of the restricted area to see a hole in the fence. Now, head upstairs and quickly grab the Research Point, then recall your Jumper. Watch Dogs 2 is a game focused on hacking into just about anything you can get your digital hands on. Research Point 41 – The Wi-Fi sniffer we have marked on our map is behind a large billboard showing a blue car. Research Point 35 – For this Watch Dogs 2 Research Point use the RC Jumper and enter the air duct located under the front stairs of the restaurant in the corner of the street.

It should be inside a ditch. Hack the CCTV box on the next roof, then use the wooden ramp to reach the roof where the Research Point is located. Follow this air duct and you will exit through the hole you just discovered. It's a follow-up to 2014 original that centers on the new protagonist Marcus Holloway that resides in a re-imagined bay area of San Francisco. From there go right, and around the corner, jump on the air conditioning boxes to reach the upper roof. There is a robust upgrade system with Watch Dogs 2 that's broken up into; Ghost, Aggressor, and Trickster categories.

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