There are numerous educational institutions throughout the world that offer courses and degrees to help you become an oceanographer. I always been at least somewhat interested in the ocean and wildlife. If you love maths and science, and would like to work in the environment, this could be the career for you.

Oceanographers conduct research and study the oceans, marine life, weather, ocean climates and ocean pollution. Oceanography schools may offer specializations like … i just need to know what route i should take i really need help? Although entry-level positions might only require a bachelor’s degree, some employers require a graduate degree. S.. in case you should bypass on for a BS, you may significant in any of the puzzling sciences (bio, chem, phys). Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? Read anything and everything by Sylvia Earle - she's amazing. Some do research, some do habitat protection, etc. What is this career like? In order for you to become an oceanographer, it typically requires that you have formal schooling and a bachelor’s or graduate degree. Some employers will also expect you to have, or be working towards, a relevant PhD. Conditions may be hazardous and physically demanding.This work often includes using diving equipment or submersible vehicles. I am an oceanographer for the U.S. Navy, and thoroughly enjoy, and have enjoyed, the different jobs I've had. Along with a classroom education, it is usually recommended that you obtain hands-on field experience. One area is biological oceanography, in which you study sea life and biological processes. Geological oceanography allows you to study the seafloor shape and materials, as well as learn how to predict geological events like seafloor volcanoes. Understanding chemical and biological oceanography will help you in determining cause and effect, but you won't be working in those fields directly. well done thanks for the help. Still have questions?

Oceanographers use their knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and geology to study the seas and oceans.

When carrying out research, you may work away from your lab or office on a ship or an offshore platform in a remote location. Typically, states license geoscientists like geologists and geophysicists; however, an oceanographer may also perform work as a geologist, in which case that license may be needed. Naval Oceanographers are also hydrographers and meteorologists, and have to answer seismological and volcanological questions as well. How come there is no place on earth to visit and see where the moon was ripped off? Geological oceanography allows you to study the seafloor shape and materials, as well as learn how to predict geological events like seafloor volcanoes. does the program teach me everything i need to know. An oceanographer is a special kind of scientist who studies the ocean. What are the best things to do in oceanography? You can specialise in one of the four branches of oceanography which are: Your hours of work can vary depending on the project you’re working on. How much longer til Time Travel gets figured out? Thank you! How Do I Become a Physical Oceanographer? Relevant degree subjects include: Skills and knowledge: As an oceanographer you will need: Read more in: Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group, Corporate Responsibility Marketing at Dell, good job and good spelling. the sun dies?

A slightly different view of it - as that is a great answer. i am currently in the 9th grade. It also seems like there would always be something to do, which would keep the job from getting boring. ... Their expanded skillset often contains additional tasks like those below: Use predictive computer models to describe various oceanic factors may respond to climate change; Most new oceanographers have a degree in oceanography or a related subject and a postgraduate master's degree. Is it possible to reintegrate the moon back to earth ?

They try to preserve the natural habitats of the oceans along with the sea life, climate and weather patterns. After you have had formal schooling and field experience, you might be ready to become an oceanographer for an employer. Math and computer classes are useful for learning how to create computer models and ocean simulations from collected field data. You could spend time in a lab or office as well as several days, or even months, at sea. is it easy to find a job? Social and environmental responsibility programs at various companies may have a tie to working with these groups or with oceanographers. i do not learn about oceanographers, yet think ofyou've got to get a minimum of a BS to be a soil scientist contained in the U. why doesn't anybody try to show me why the earth is NOT flat ? It can be advantageous to have letters of recommendation ready to submit to employers, especially from people who have worked with you in a research capacity or during hands-on experience. Also, there are a lot of things other than being an oceanographer that can keep you close to nature. Most new oceanographers have a degree in oceanography or a related subject followed by a postgraduate master's degree in oceanography. They specialize in fields like, biological oceanographer, physical oceanographer or chemical oceanographer, all of which have different oceanic work environments and habitats. The oceans are a large environment, and so the science of oceanography must be just as large. As one of the previous answers stated, you MUST speak with the Universities in question. You can search newspapers, job posting websites, or oceanography-specific websites for potential employers, or your education institution may set up an internship for you.

You might also have the option to choose physical oceanography to study ocean currents and apply physics principles to the ocean. Which is more accurate: astrology or numerology?

Universities also hire oceanographers for teaching or research opportunities.

A phone number or email address is required. How Do I Become a Chemical Oceanographer. At certain universities, you need to select a specific area of oceanography as your specialty during your graduate-level studies to become an oceanographer. Oceanographer's work is dedicated to understanding and predicting how oceans work, as well as how to best take advantage of the resources oceans provide us with. and the university (university of southern alabama) has a program. are there different parts like i wanna be hands on like getting in the water and finding stuff ummm or like finding missing ships and stuff like i just need help some one please help me please. does the program teach me everything i need to know. Anything that helps is appreciated. In the history of exploration, has anybody ever traveled to the bottom side of the Earth. The classes required vary by institution, but they generally are tailored to a specific area of study that you choose as a specialty. These sub fields directly influence safety of navigation and anti-submarine warfare, hence the Navy's focus on those in particular. Please try again. Many nonprofits work on habitat preservation.

Enter your phone number and/or email and we’ll send you a message when there’s an update to this question! Get your answers by asking now. do i get in it . In this job, you may carry out research into the effects of climate change or explore the impact of pollution and offshore engineering on marine life.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You’ll use your observational skills to collect data and track changes in the marine environment that you’re researching.

Some employers will also expect you to have, or be working towards, a relevant PhD. i just need to know what route i should take i really need help?

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