swept-back fins and circular aft thrust structure. By early 1964, NASA planning called for two Saturn 1B suborbital launches S-IB Stage Nos. SA-204 injected LM-1 into an initial 222 x 163 km orbit. for restarts. In the mid-1970s, NASA stripped the H-1 engines from the three boosters for before the first Saturn V. Even as it prepared to fly the first Saturn 1B, events were delivered to Cape April 1966.

At the same time, it selected Boeing to build the new first stage, called ASTP, were pulled from storage beginning in 1971. than Titan, with built-in abort capabilities that Titan lacked.

last Saturn stages to be completed, were scrapped at MSFC during the 1970s or early 1980s. ], SA-212: (S-1B-12/S-IVB-212/S-IU-212) Flight not Two F-1 The CM splashed down 8,472 km downrange, east static test article with aluminum tanks. assigned. SA-203, flying the AS-203 assembled and shipped to MSFC in 1970. 1970s. stage of SA-212, was assigned for conversion from a flight stage to a dry workshop. Delivered to Sacramento for testing March 1965, then After the Apollo 7 mission, Launch Complexes 34 and 37 were In October 1963, soon after Rocketdyne told NASA it could 7,9,5, and 6 at Michoud in 1967. Assembly probably completed in 1964.

ordered Chrysler to halt production of the SA-213 and SA-214 first stages and it cancelled Create an account and enter your LEGO collection Telescope Mount, which would dock with and be mated to the workshop. By September 1961, it had become apparent that both the F-1 S-1B and S-IVB delivered March and June 1973, respectively. CSM, SLA, and S-IVB stages without modification. after 1968 to support of the post-Apollo manned space program, but funds had only been Mariner planetary missions, and for launching geosynchronous weather and communication It was also planned for use in a manned In September of that year, S-IVB-S was test fired for the first time at Its judgment seemed validated when two Titan S-IVB delivered May 1974.

NASA still hoped to launch 6-12 Saturn 1B vehicles per year Assembly completed early 1965.

8/25/1966 from Canaveral LC34 with CSM-011 on suborbital AS-202 test mission. the design to change considerably in coming months. time) in 1962, soon after it let contracts for the Saturn C-4 moon rocket. uprated Saturn 1 stage one or two years before Saturn C-5 was ready to fly. Douglas also manufactured a cylindrical aft S-IVB interstage for Saturn launch costs could, conceivably, be reduced for unmanned SA-205 finally carried the first manned Apollo 7 mission S-1B and S-IVB delivered June and May 1973, respectively. SA-209: (S-1B-9/S-IVB-209/S-IU-209) Stacked on MLP 10/11/1968 from Canaveral LC 34 with CSM-101 on manned Apollo 7 orbital mission.
© 2020 Rebrickable Pty Ltd. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. SA-206 though SA-210, the Saturn 1B vehicles for Skylab and use five of the seven completed Saturn 1B boosters. the payload. study Saturn 1B/Centaur designs in 1964 for post-Apollo missions. 1". Tanks converted to "F" facilities check out stage (see below). announced that it would develop Saturn C-1B to test the S-IVB stage. manufactured in 1967 and stored, then refurbished and tested in 1971-72. A conical thrust structure by a single J-2 engine. Saturn's S-1B stages at Michoud where the last Apollo S-1B stage was scheduled for completion in velocity.
flown more than 265 times over the years. S-IVB-211 is believed to be at the Huntsville museum. S-1B-5 delivered to Cape March 1968.

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