Cut the rope and then perform a dash jump to grab onto it. At the north end of the room you can run over to the northwest corner and open a treasure chest to get a red rupee.

At this point, deliver a sword slash from one of the directions that is not being protected. Defeat the green bokoblin here and you’ll notice that there are two large spiders.

You want to push it near the three eye guardians and then step on top of the box to get their attention.

Simply point Link's sword in the air and energy will build up. Our guide for Skyward Sword will help you master the skies on your quest to save Zelda and fulfill your destiny as … Afterwards, go through the door that opens up. Hit it with the beetle and this will unlock a gate at the north end of this structure. Perform a horizontal sword slash to cause the skulltula to spin, revealing its weak spot. As soon as Ghirahim teleports behind you, he holds his sword in a certain direction, blocking one of the direction attacks.

Aim it back at the large structure in the center of the room and release the beetle. If you run low on health there are a couple recovery hearts along the side of the room. Slash through the spider web in this area and you’ll find a large spider known as a Skulltula. This small three-headed snake enemy has the ability to grow its heads back when they are chopped off. Head inside to take on the dungeon mini-boss, the Stalfos.

Characters:Ghirahim 13:02.

Defeat the quadro baba at the south end of the room and then head through the nearby door to get back to the main room. Both the doors on the sides are also closed, but the one on the right has a diamond switch above it. You’ll see another crystal switch so hit it with the slingshot to cause the water level to rise once again. Stand on the center platform and you’ll see an Eye Guardian staring right at you. This item is a remote controlled flying beetle, allowing you to pilot it and hit enemies or switches.

Exit the room. In Breath of the Wild, Side Quests are optional Quests given to Link by various characters.

Deliver a Skyward Strike to send the cube in the sky.

Note, there are some enemy deku babas hanging from the ceiling, but you can cut them down by their stems using the beetle. For The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii, Guide and Walkthrough by DBM11085. Items:Beetle. Use the Beetle to cut these webs and knock these wooden crates down. The door will shut behind you and once you walk forward a skulltula will appear.

Right away hit the diamond switch above the door to the left, creating a shortcut to the earlier part of the dungeon.

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Want to try your hand at these challenges? Climb the vines and make your way across this higher tree. Ghirahim will eventually jump back and will equip a sword of his own. Now run back and deliver a skyward strike to the emblem that is straight ahead. offense, and Fi lives inside of it to aid you in your quest. Back in the main room, the door that is straight ahead is chained and you’ll need a small key to progress. Fall down and you’ll then have to make your way across the tight rope once again.

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